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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Founded in 1948 as an institution that could educate clergy for the Churches of Christ in Christian Union, Ohio Christian University (OCU) maintains its goal of providing complete education founded on intellectual, professional, and spiritual values. Because of how difficult it can be for adults to attend college with busy work or family schedules, Ohio Christian University reached out to the distance learners with online degree programs. In addition to biblical studies, Ohio Christian University provides several notable degree programs. Admission requirements for entry to Ohio Christian University vary by degree level and in some cases, by type as well.
If a student applies to the ministry programs, they will need to have at least six semester credits in Bible and three in theology. University of MaryStudents interested in enrolling in an online program that emphasizes Benedictine values may find what they’re looking for at the University of Mary.
Continue ReadingSaint Francis UniversitySaint Francis University is one of the oldest Catholic colleges in the U.S. Continue ReadingSaint Leo UniversitySaint Leo University was established on a Catholic set of foundation beliefs, and strives to pass that on to its students through the curriculum.
Continue ReadingLiberty UniversityWith its goal to educate students from a Christian worldview, Liberty University’s programs focus on educational quality as well as Christian principles. Continue ReadingConcordia University - TexasConcordia University gives distance learners the opportunity to pursue higher education through their seven online degree and certificate programs. Continue ReadingCentral Christian College of KansasCentral Christian College of Kansas is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America, but is open to students of any religious preference.

NPR published a compelling investigative piece that not only looks at the disturbing number of nurses who are injured, but also how well they are taken care of, how much hospitals are actually doing to protect their staff, and why certain laws haven’t been passed to ensure their safety. A case study within the story focuses primarily on nurses employed by Kaiser Permanente, which owns 38 hospitals in three states.
Regardless, nurses continue to get injured and more provisions could be put in place to prevent injuries that are technically unnecessary if equipment and sufficient staff are available. Read the entire story here with all of the personal details from nurses surrounding their unfortunate injuries. Telemedicine rollouts in rural areas may be expensive and complex, but one tech company claims to have a simple and inexpensive solution for rural hospitals. OCU has an impressive number of adult students enrolled in the non-traditional programs as well. Offered at the undergraduate, graduate, and certificate levels, these courses can be completed entirely without the student ever setting foot on a campus. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) are both available in the online format, giving students at both levels of study the opportunity to enter the work force with a meaningful degree worth the investment. Certificate programs may require students to have 12 semester credit hours or 1 year of experience to be eligible to enroll. But it’s shocking to know how many injuries they endure that can end up leaving them without a job in some cases, primarily due to lifting patients. They chose Kaiser because they were able to get some internal documents demonstrating nurse injury records and even acknowledge that nurses often have to shout to get help. 1, 2012 when the state of California put into effect the Hospital Patient and Health Care Worker Injury Protection Act that the nurses could actually file a complaint with the state, alleging that Kaiser was violating the law.

And despite the fact that they claimed conditions were fine and that they cared about their staff, they apparently have made some changes and provide more lifting machinery. In 2012, those adult students accounted for more than 3,000 of the 3,668 students attending. In 2012, OCU was named a Military Friendly School by GI Jobs thanks to its flexible programs, affordability, and quality.
Some injuries were so extreme they required surgery, disability leave and even early retirement. Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
The institution offers a variety of degree programs online to distance learners at nearly every education level.
Because of the format and nature of these distance learning programs, students find college can be a convenient, affordable, and valuable option no matter what their work schedule.
Though learning and testing are completed remotely, students will still have the chance to connect with fellow classmates and faculty as the courses are conducted in a cohort manner, allowing collaboration between students and instructors.

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