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Grand Valley State University (locally referred to as Grand Valley, GVSU or Grand Valley State ) is a public education institution that resides in Allendale, Michigan. Description: United States involvement in the Vietnam Conflict (1964 - 1973) was one of the most controversial events in American history. June 8, 2015:  The reading list and agenda have been updated!  Be sure to check them to stay up-to-date as we get close to the start of the Summer Institute! March 30, 2015:  Congratulations to those chosen to participate in the upcoming Summer Institute! As New Zealand’s largest university, the University of Auckland is also the country’s highest ranked institution as well. Listed in top 50 schools in the world for civil engineering, education, accounting and finance, psychology and more.
Program DetailsOrientationHit the ground running with our Auckland-based Orientation Program. New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world – and so we throw you straight into the mix with activities ranging from zorbing to rappelling alongside waterfalls. With the new friendships and knowledge gained, you will leave the Orientation with a strong support structure and foundation on which to build your semester in New Zealand. University housing consists of shared, apartment-style lodging with local and international students. Founded in 1883, the University of Auckland is the country’s largest university with more than 40,000 students. Ranked in the top 100 universities in the world, and number one in New Zealand by the QS World University Rankings. Our local staff arrange various activities during the semester designed to help immerse you in the local culture. In addition to the TEAN-organized events, to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, our local staff send out frequent emails letting you know what is happening in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Take the ferry across to Rangitoto Island and spend the afternoon hiking this volcanic island with gorgeous views over Auckland. Optional ExcursionsTEAN’s mid-semester (spring break) trips allow you to explore as much as possible on your semester abroad. New Zealand’s South Island offers some of the most magnificent natural surroundings this planet has to offer!
Take advantage of your ideal location in the South Pacific and explore exotic Asian destinations. ScholarshipsTEAN ScholarshipsIn addition to the current financial aid you receive, you may want to consider one of our many scholarships.

We encourage our students to apply for the scholarship opportunities offered through Education New Zealand. Students Say"After settling in to Auckland, I was completely immersed in the New Zealand life and school.
Albert Park, next to the University of Auckland, is an awesome study spot during the summer when the weather is great.
For cheap eats the K Road kebab shops in Auckland offer some awesome Mediterranean food for around the NZ$10-$15 mark.
Great fish and chips can be found everywhere in New Zealand, but one of my favorite spots is The Local on Waiheke Island.
Many people disagreed with the motives and rationale for the war, and with the institution of the draft, people resented the heavy death toll the war had on young men sent to combat.
While academics here are of the highest standard, the school’s incredible location allows students not only to focus on their studies but explore all the country has to offer as well. Its Business School holds leading international accreditations from AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA.
After this action-packed five-day program, you’ll feel confident navigating all things Kiwi – from the country’s academic structure to settling in and meeting the locals.
There are few places more scenic than your new home, and we take you to some of the most picturesque spots on the North Island. Spend time with our Maori guides, who provide a fun and interactive introduction to their history and culture as well as insight into how Maori culture influences contemporary New Zealand life. Ranging from community events to music festivals, we tap you into the local culture right from the start.
Cheer on the local team, the Blues, or when available TEAN students are treated to an All Blacks rugby game.
These mid-semester break excursions are an optional extra so you can choose to participate based on your interests.
With TEAN’s exclusive 9-day excursion to Thailand, you’ll find yourself hanging with Southeast Asia’s majestic giants - the elephants, introducing your tastebuds to tropical fruits, and lounging on a white sand beach. On our weekend trip to this uber cool city you’ll explore hidden alleys and be introduced to the sporting culture of Aussie Rules Football. They have awards up to $2,000 to put toward flights, plus $500 scholarships toward tuition. I was attending class with local students and learning from local professors."Haley Degnan, College of CharlestonStudents Say"Being able to understand the Maori culture was vital while living in Auckland because I was constantly surrounded by it.
For something a bit more adventurous, Korean BBQ and Chinese restaurants along Upper Queen Street are a sure way to feed the beast while maximizing bang for your buck.

Make sure you get the kumara (sweet potato) chips with your fresh fish and enjoy your meal sitting out on the deck of this small shop overlooking gorgeous Oneroa Beach.
Young men who were enrolled at a university or those who declared themselves as conscientious objectors (pacifists) could get deferments and avoid conscription. With big city attractions just steps away from campus and gorgeous natural surroundings perfect for hiking and spending the afternoon at the beach just a short drive or ferry ride away, there’s always something to do! More information on location and the pros and cons of each housing option is provided to TEAN students upon application to help students decide on their preferred housing. The University of Auckland’s main campus is bordered by two city parks and is adjacent to the bustling city center, which provides convenient access to shops, entertainment venues and museums. In addition, if you have a specific interest or hobby, your Auckland-based Resident Director will be able to point you in the right direction. From the Southern Hemisphere's highest (and original) bungee jump, to jet boating through ravines, white water rafting the raging rapids, and hiking glaciers, you won't be disappointed or bored! With the culture of the north and the beaches of the south, this excursion is not to be missed. In the winter it’s hard to beat one of the quaint cafes on High Street or, for a slightly quirkier twist, K Road cafes such as Verona, where you can warm up with a fantastic coffee or hot chocolate while you get your work done. This led to large numbers of poor and working class young men filling the ranks in the army.
The city’s pace and energy spill onto Auckland’s campus, where historically significant buildings and landmarks meet modern architecture and state-of-the-art research facilities. This means you’ll save on average 15% - 30% off comparable itineraries because there are no travel agent commissions or profit margins involved.
Those who opposed the draft, but did not attend college or conscientiously object were left with little option. And our excursions are specifically designed for study abroad students, and since we have been working with students for a long time we know just what to include. Many burned their draft cards to avoid conscription, while others fled to Canada as fugitives from the draft - so-called "draft dodgers." This cartoon depicts the border control officers on the Canadian side of the US border anticipating an influx of draft-dodgers.

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