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Faces of those who once called this hospital home have been seen in the windows of Athens Asylum. Parks, Cemeteries and other locations have specific hours of operation which may vary and change so we do not list them - many from dawn to dusk.
There is so much going on here I cannot list it all, but here is an interesting tower in the planning stages.
In two words, this development sums up the spirit of projects happening in the East Main and Market district. When Todd Blue, chairman and CEO of Cobalt Ventures LLC, decided to build The Hub as an apartment complex at the corner of Floyd and Main streets, he said he had not realized there was such a heightened demand for condominiums in this part of the city.
Public interest in The Mercantile Gallery Lofts, a separate condominium project Blue is involved in changed everything. The Hub will offer single-story high-end condominiums priced between $500,000 and $600,000. It might sound like a gamble, but Blue said the project is a sure bet because young people are flocking back to downtown Louisville. If Henry Potter, founder and president of Potter & Associates Architects PLLC, believes anything, it's that young professionals are flocking to downtown Louisville. That's why he decided to create Fleur-de-lis Condominiums, a 200,000-square-foot condominium project that will place 84 families and three retailers in the heart of the East Business District in the 300 block of East Main Street.
Potter said the units, which will cost anywhere from $200,000 to $360,000, will have glass bays that cantilever out over the street. Potter expects to sign a restaurant and a couple of other retailers to take up the 18,000 square feet of commercial space included in the project. Another condominium project in this area is relying on the power of partnerships to come to fruition. The $10 million, five-story project will include 47 single-story condominiums, ranging in size from 700 square feet to 1,500 square feet.
To create the lofts, Blue said he is rehabilitating four buildings that once were part of the old Brinly Hardy warehouse property. Blue said the new developments along East Main and Market streets are not the result of actions the city has taken, but instead spring from the natural ebb and flow of supply and demand. Complete with a parking garage and an indoor pool, the $15 million Marriott hotel will provide 140 rooms, priced between $89 and $169 per night. Developed by LHD East Main LLC, the 50,000-square-foot Park Place Lofts condominium project is located at 400 E. Exterior features include brick masonry, large openings and a contemporary industrial look.

Leis said the city of Louisville chose his partnership, which includes Rick Kremer, also a partner in Louis & Henry, from a group of several prospective developers to rehabilitate the property. But you might want to add some renderings if you can, that'll make the thread get more attention. University of Louisville officials received strong assurances yesterday that the school's financial interest will be protected if a $349 million arena is built downtown.
The arena will not hurt either U of L's income from sports or its general fund, Jim Host, chairman of the new Louisville Arena Authority, told U of L trustees and the U of L Athletic Association's board during a joint meeting. He pledged that the arena will produce enough income from taxes, commercial leases, the sale of club seats and corporate boxes, and other sources to cover the bond debt.
In an interview before the meeting, he said he had recently received calls from representatives of two National Basketball Association franchises, which he declined to identify, expressing interest in making the new Louisville arena their home. And he promised that U of L will have final approval of what the arena is called, to be determined by the sale of naming rights.
U of L's basketball income is about $15 million a year, athletics spokesman Kenny Klein said. Ramsey told Host and school officials that U of L wants to ensure that the arena will not be built at the expense of funding for U of L's academic programs. Host said he expects to negotiate a memorandum of understanding with U of L covering the school's rights and obligations, including money matters, related to the arena.
He said he also expects a similar agreement with the Kentucky State Fair Board, which will run the facility.
The project could be put up for bids later this year, with the earliest opening date in the fall of 2009, he said. Dayton is a great city with similarities, but it is much smalller with almost 400,000 less residents in its metro.
Regardless, it was pointless and insecure to bring up an SSC arguement to begin with especially talking about Jeff-in-Dayton, knowing damn well he's not going to read this. The one person who mentions Louisville, Jeff-In-Dayton, seems to have his view of the city stuck in its stagnant days of the 1970's when he lived there briefly. A few pictures I found of the Museum Plaza and other Louisville developments to put on here.
This is just a rendering of what could happen with the University of Louisville's downtown Health Sciences Campus. Department of Clinical Radiology of the Leopoldina Krankenhaus Schweinfurt, Gustav-Adolf-Str. Just because they are listed here does not mean you can go there without permission, checking hours of operation or without checking for hazards first.

If you have a Haunted Ohio area you would like the Haunted Hocking Team to check out, please contact us here. But earlier projects, including Louisville Slugger Field, Preston Pointe and Waterfront Park, began the domino effect that now is rippling along the East Main and Market corridors. As for the residential units, Potter said he's having no trouble finding candidates eager to sign up. Partners Todd Blue, Jim Walters and Rowland Miller have created CobaltBravura City Lofts LLC to oversee the development of The Mercantile Gallery Lofts condominium club and community at 301 E.
In addition to the residential units, the project will include a theater, a game room, a workout facility, a parking garage and a separate bike garage. The site had been part of the former Brinly Hardy property that was bought by the city when Louisville Slugger Field was constructed. But like other developers, he believes young professionals are naturally migrating back to cities. But the school's trustees have a responsibility to protect U of L's financial interest, he added. U of L officials said that comes primarily from tickets, along with a share of Freedom Hall parking and concessions, and that it pays for all of the school's other sports except football.
Always check with local authorities, land owners and law enforcement agencies for times you may enter properties and that they are safe to enter. And developers say that while the general increase of traffic is a factor -- the stronger interest from young people has been a palpable fuel for new residential and commercial spaces.
The project, which still is in the planning stages, is expected to have about 85,000 square feet. Some balconies will face the street and others will face interior courtyards, with flower gardens and elaborate fountains. Steve Poe, a partner in Icon and president of Poe Investments LLC, said the decision to locate in downtown Louisville was a no-brainer. Each of the residential units features ceiling heights of between 9 and 20 feet, as well as a large atrium space that can be seen from the master bedroom. 22-23K seats and its primary tenant will be the Louisville Cardinal's men's and women's basketball teams. Blue said construction is expected to begin at the end of 2006 (after The Mercantile Gallery Lofts open) and the targeted completion date will be toward the end of 2007.

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