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D-row was established in 1979 to provide a training ground for hopeful Drum Majors to refine their skills and to carry on the tradition of innovative and inspiring OSU Drum Majors.
Thanks to former D-Row member, the talented Nate MacMaster, for creating this awesome 2012 OSUMB Trailer, featuring 2010-2011 Drum Major Jason Stuckert. After 28 years as Director of The Ohio State University Marching Band, and 38 years with the band, Dr. HEBRON a€” Little did Scott Coffey know that asking Kyle West to try out for drum major at Lakewood High School in 2006 would lead to West earning the state’s most prominent drum major position six years later. And this won’t be the first time a Lakewood graduate will lead the Ohio State University Marching Band. West, 21, was named the band’s 58th drum major Tuesday and will lead the band during the 2012 football season. Josh Halter was the first Lakewood graduate to earn the drum major spot at OSU and spent two years, 2008-09, strutting his stuff.
There was not even a drum major position at Lakewood until Halter approached Coffey, who was the band director at the time, about the possibility. He didn’t want to do that two years in a row, so he tried out and was named to the sousaphone line during his sophomore year.
Coffey was in attendance for the recent tryouts and felt a great deal of pride when West’s name was called. The Ohio State University Marching Band and The High School Drum Major Training Program hosted the 21st Annual Spring Drum Major Clinic this April. The attending students then spent the afternoon learning the traditional Drum Major ramp entrance (including strutting) and basic to advanced twirling from the assembled current and alumni Drum Majors. If you are interested in learning more about participating in the High School Drum Major Training program, please contact us here.
The past three years, TP Mechanical has held multiple mechanical systems contracts for plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection with The Ohio State University for projects known as the South High Rise buildings.
For this massive undertaking at one of the country’s largest universities, TP Mechanical utilized fabrication in our ISO-registered shop to deliver critical cost reductions and shorten construction schedules. 2016 Online Education Trends Report: Learn how online programs are changing the face of higher education. This year 3 students were selected to be part of the Drum Major Training Squad (also known as D-row). The tryouts took place at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center in front of family and friends, as well as former and current Lancer Band staff. Coffey was impressed with his work ethic, so he asked West if he would be interested in becoming drum major. That gives West the unique possibility as a future alumnus to lead an alumni script and also dot an alumni script. The first clinic was held in 1992, with only one student (who turned out to become future OSUMB Drum Major, Karl Neudorfer, 94-95). We successfully completed demolition and total remodel of all five buildings over the past three years.
Every 13 minutes, an emergency room in the United States treats a sports-related eye injury.
The methodology used to determine this list included surveys sent to current students and interviews of experienced professionals in the industry.
Today, they have more than 10 libraries that create some of the finest resources in academia. Students, researchers, faculty and alumni are the focus at each of the local and international branches of Georgetown libraries.

Much more than a single branch, there are several specific collections disbursed into 10 different university libraries. Ford Library, Transportation Research Institute Library, and the Bentley Historical Library. In addition, this university system library operates award-winning facilities including their Motion Picture Archive and the genealogy libraries. Like major universities throughout the United States, most of their periodicals are in digital format and they have extensive computer research capabilities.
Their Shiprock main branch is a stunning work of art that reflects their architecture leanings and Navajo historic background.
Students can enjoy digitalized access to important resources and eclectic presentations as well. Currently, they are the recipients of several grants that make this one of the most technologically advanced library systems.
They also have collections of notoriety including the Gothic Reading Room and displays such as the Botanical Treasures from Duke’s Hidden Library. As a university that frequently publishes, one of the benefits of their facilities for students is Stanford’s extensive research support staff. Popular branches include the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Goizueta Business Library, Robert W. This solid academic research is fully supported by its library system, and students reap the benefits.
In addition to all the basics, special libraries at this campus include the Irish Music Center and the Irish Music Archives at the John J. For students, they can access information in special collections through the five main campus library branches including the D'Angelo Law Library, Eckhart, Regenstein, Mansueto, and SSA. This focus on technology includes Baylor’s exclusive archive collections such as the Institute for Oral History.
Students attending this school will have access to art-related academic resources such as the Ruth Laxson Artist Book Archive and the RISD Visual Resources Library.
Students can enjoy the same benefits found at major universities such as access to computers and a digitized collection of library resources.
While their system is centered around the Sheridan Libraries, they also have facilities that are focused on music, earth sciences, and international affairs. In addition to their fully digitized and computer accessible main library, Vassar also has a separate building for the art, digital, and music libraries. In addition to their main campus branch, they have over 30 special reading rooms, collections, and learning support centers.
Dr Woods, thank you for the amazing work you have done leading this band, teaching and inspiring so many students to perform at their best, and reach for perfection. Today, the clinic has grown to over 30 students from more than a dozen different school districts across Ohio. Additionally, the number of books, digital resources, computer labs, and other statistics were considered.
Popular names that you have the likely heard before include the Mendel Music Library, Furth Plasma Physics Library, East Asian Library, and the Mudd Manuscript Library. Adding to previous goals, this library wants to be known around the world for being the “icon of transformation” by 2020. Locations of notoriety include the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Center for Advanced Judaic Studies Library, and the Dental Medicine Library. Staff from this library system are also associated with initiatives co-authored by Harvard such as the 2010 Digital Library Project.

One interesting note is that the Federal Depository government document collection is housed at this campus. They also have satellite branches in Tuba City, Kayenta, Chinle, Window Rock, and Ganado to meet their students’ needs. Along with several library branches that include standards such as health sciences, engineering and the humanities, they also have unique libraries. Duke libraries with a notable reputation are the Pearse Marine Lab Memorial Library, the Bostock Library, and the David Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Military Academy at West Point is a premiere library facility in many subjects, and it has a special focus on military document collections. While most major research universities boast about 25 branches or less, there are over 50 special libraries and collections at Yale. This library system is actively engaged in popular culture and has recently hosted events focused on zines. Other unique things about this library system are the extensive JFK archives, the Southern Baptist Annuals Collection, the Crouch Fine Arts Library’s Collection of American Popular Sheet Music, and the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project found in the Royce-Darden Collection. With over 12,000 pieces of rare printed media, the Special Collections section of the Fleet Library also has ephemera such as the Jack Lenor Larsen Collection of Textile Swatches and the Stanley Moss Collection of Pop-up Books. In addition to the basic services, there are also five special collections including the Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection and the Julian W. Unique facilities include the American Indian Studies Library, the Hasler Laboratory of Limnology, the Wisconsin Water Library, and the Schwerdtfeger Space Sciences Library.
We are amazed at the wonderful way you have balanced keeping the traditions alive, while being an innovator as well.
This year students and parents had the opportunity to attend the Ohio State University Spring Football Game and watch the 2011 Assistant Drum Major, Kyle West, perform at halftime with the Spring Athletic Band.
Seventy-five percent of the piping for the building remodels, including materials required for new semi-private bathrooms, public ADA and family restrooms, was fabricated in the TP Mechanical fabrication shop.
Popular libraries housed at Columbia University include the Teachers College Library, Columbia Center for Oral History, Journalism Library, and the Jewish Theological Seminary Library. Odd libraries that you only find en masse at Cornell are the Hotel Library, Africana Library, Ornithology Library and The Geneva Experiment Library.
Along with standard digitalized university library access, students are also allowed to use special collections. Other notable points of interest are the Pitts Theology Library, Emory Women Writers Resource Project, and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. Facilities of notoriety include the Babylonian Collection, Astronomy Library, the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, and the Benjamin Franklin Collection.
Other notable institutions are the Theology and Ministry Library and the Weston Observatory Houses.
On Sunday, participants met to learn valuable lessons about leadership and drum majoring from TBDBITL Alumni Drum Majors. This piping was installed in the mechanical room, the risers for each floor, and sanitary piping. For example, the Sylvanus Thayer Collection is an archive found exclusively in West Point libraries.

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