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As the final component of the recent remodeling of the Centralia College Health & Wellness Center (the old college gym), the athletics program is working with the Centralia College Foundation to acquire state of the art training equipment for Trailblazer athletes. The concept for the new weight room is to create multi-purpose stations that maximize space and provide athletes with the ability to perform multiple exercises at a single station. Floor PlanUsing multi-purpose stations also enables the college to make the greatest use of limited training space.
Research and analysis conducted by the college indicates that the equipment and training floor tiles needed to complete the project can be purchased for under $50,000.

For questions, comments, or suggestions about the project please contact Bob Peters, Athletic Director at (360) 736-9391 ext.
For information about giving to support this project please contact Julie Johnson, Director of Donor and Alumni Relations for the Centralia College Foundation at (360) 736-9391 ext. ASCC students who present their student identification card are admitted free to all men's and women's regular season athletic events. According to the Ass Whisperer George Iloka (that is the name he gave himself according to TMZ), the bros should stop checking out IG legend Jen Salter’s booty and focus on Fitness Model Caitlin Rice.

No doubt about it, this chick is more attractive than all of the American female sports reporters.
Much of the equipment our athletes presently use is extremely old and out-dated and acquiring new training equipment will provide all of our sports programs the training tools they need to succeed.

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