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It's been one of the loudest college football stadiums since it broke ground in 1959 and it's been recognized for having one of the best student sections in the country!The "white out's" are legendary.
Because of Lane Stadium's narrow design, visiting teams have a hard time of hearing the snap. If you've ever laid your eyes on Neyland Stadium then you obviously know what it feels like to have the colour orange burned into your eyes. When it comes to dedicated fan bases in college sports, few can match the fierce pride and excitement unleashed by fans of The Ohio State University Buckeyes.
That’s why collected our favorite Ohio State University downloads – from browser themes and wallpapers to Facebook themes, mobile apps and more – to ensure that Buckeye fans are always connected to the school and properly displaying their pride.
Downloading an Ohio State theme is the best way to decorate your entire browser in Buckeye pride. If you’re getting pumped for the upcoming college sports seasons, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a brand-new, great-looking Ohio State browser theme. You probably visit Facebook a few hundred times a day like the rest of us, so why not customize that too? Of course, you can also customize the look of your mobile device, and Ohio State iPhone wallpapers offer a wide assortment of options.
Now, Ohio State students can carry everything about the school right in their pockets, from viewing their grades to finding the nearest place to eat. Whether it’s Ohio State desktop wallpaper, browser themes, iPhone wallpapers or more, there are tons of other Buckeye fans out there searching for the same thing, which means you have plenty of resources to help you find what you want. CAMERA Fellow Madelyn Grant of Ohio State University recently organized a screening of The Forgotten Refugees with a dinner and discussion. Students were thinking and talking about the event long after it happened, asking Madelyn questions after the event, and wanted more information about it. 1939This painting honors the 1939 Ohio State University football team and #9, worn by Don Scott. 1942This painting honors the 1942 Ohio State University football team and #22, worn by Leslie "Les" Horvath. 1950This painting honors the 1950 Ohio State University football team and #31, worn by Victor "Vic" Janowicz. 1954This painting honors the 1954 Ohio State University football team and #40, worn by Howard Cassady. 1968This painting honors the 1968 Ohio State University football team and #10, worn by Rex Kern. 1973This painting honors the 1973 Ohio State University football team and #45, worn by Archie Griffin. 1986This painting honors the 1986 Ohio State University football team and #2, worn by Cris Carter. 1996This painting honors the 1996 Ohio State University football team and #75, worn by Orlando Pace. 2002This painting honors the 2002 Ohio State University football team and #16, worn by Craig Krenzel. 2006The 2006 Ohio State University football team, coached by Jim Tressel, went undefeated during the regular season at 12-0.
Celebrate the Ohio State University Buckeyes football uniform history by owning a piece of history:If you love Ohio State and the history of Buckeyes football, you might really love to own an original piece of artwork celebrating the team's historic uniforms as seen in the poster at the top of this blog - you can actually own one of those original pieces of art!
If you are looking for the 12 Part blog "An Insider's Guide to the World of Licensed Sports Products: Practical lessons from the Trenches", please click here. OSU Wallpaper 117 BUCKEYE TOUGH Ohio State OSU Wallpaper 209 Buckeye Sexy THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY GO BUCKS!
The Vols pack over 100,000 fans into their home games and as the Atlanta Falcons showed this past month in the NFL, the South can get really loud. Ohio State boasts some of the best teams across many different sports, including football and basketball. They’re easy to install and some even give you instant news on your favorite teams, along with quick links to the school’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Ohio State – from the campus to Ohio Stadium – offers a limitless number of perfect photo opportunities, and displaying one as your desktop wallpaper is a great way to get excited about going to school there, to remember your favorite moments from college or to just show your support for your favorite team.
Facebook’s cover photo and sidebars offer plenty of opportunities for a great theme, and you can see that the Ohio State Facebook theme above certainly takes advantage of it.

From a flag-waving Brutus to the university’s crest, you will now be reminded of where you come from every time you use your phone (which is a lot, we’re guessing). It offers everything from news, photos and videos to real-time stats, scores, Twitter updates and more.
Over 35 students attended from various sectors of campus life, such as LGBTQ, Israel groups, and Greek life. As a result of the diversity of the students, this event can be used as a springboard for other events that can educate college students at Ohio State University about Israel. Coached by Alexander Lilley and co-captained by Jesse Jones and Paul Lincoln, the 1890 team went1-3. Coached by John Wilce, captained by Frank Sorensen and featuring All-American Halfback "Chic" Harley, the 1916 team went undefeated at 7-0, including a whopping 128-0 victory over Oberlin. Coached by John Wilce and captained by Leo Raskowski, the 1928 team went 5-2-1, outscoring opponents 135-35. Coached by Ohio legend Paul Brown and captained by George Lynn, the 1942 team went 9-1, winning its first National Championship.Though Ohio State was crowned National Champions in 1942, hey did not play in a post-season bowl game.
Coached by Buckeye staple Woody Hayes and co-captained by Richard Brubaker and John Borton, the 1954 team went 10-0.In a year of disputed championships, Ohio State was the 1954 AP National Champion and capped off their undefeated season by beating USC 20-7 in the Rose Bowl. Coached by Buckeye staple Woody Hayes and co-captained by David Foley and Dirk Worden, the 1968 team went 10-0.Ohio State was the National Champion in 1968 and they capped off their undefeated season by beating USC 27-16 in the Rose Bowl.
Coached by Buckeye staple Woody Hayes and co-captained by Greg Hare and Richard Middleton, the 1973 team went 10-0-1.The 1973 team capped off their undefeated season by beating USC 42-21 in the Rose Bowl. Coached by Earle Bruce and co-captained by Jim Karsatos and Sonny Gordon, the 1986 team went 10-3.The 1986 team played Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl and won 28-12. Coached by John Cooper and co-captained by Juan Porter and Greg Bellisari, the 1996 team went 11-1.The 1996 team played Arizona State in the Rose Bowl and won 20-17. VaTech fans do their best to make sure their teams enjoys an intimidating home field advantage.
With national championship contenders nearly every year, Buckeye fans almost always have a team to cheer on the big stage.
In just a few ridiculously easy steps, you can create your own Ohio State browser theme using BT:Engage. This Ohio State app gives you headlines and news updates, live game scoring and stats, on-demand video, photo galleries, an alert system, Twitter integration and more. Please note that all of the actual original, one-of-a-kind artwork of the Ohio State University football uniforms as seen in the poster above are actually available for sale. Schory, the 1907 team went 7-2-1, outscoring their opponents 160-49, including 6 shutout victories. With a 23-3 victory over Northwestern on November 25th, the Buckeyes captured their first Big Ten Conference Championship in front of 11,979 people at Ohio Field.
In 1950 as a Halfback, Vic was not only voted All-American, but also won college football’s Heisman Trophy - awarded to the outstanding intercollegiate football player in the United States. Here is how the 1954 team ranked in the UP (United Press) and AP (Associated Press) polls for that season:UP Rank AP Rank Team2 1 Ohio State1 2 UCLA3 3 Oklahoma4 4 Notre Dame5 5 Navy 6 6 Mississippi7 7 Army12 8 Maryland10 9 Wisconsin8 10 Arkansas9 11 Miami 12 West Virginia 13 Auburn 14 14 Duke15 15 Michigan 16 Virginia Tech 11 17 USC 18 Baylor18 19 Rice15 20 Penn State13 Georgia Tech17 SMU18 Denver20 MinnesotaHoward Cassady, also known as "Hopalong", was a Halfback for Ohio State University.
Here is how the 1968 team ranked in the UP (United Press) and AP (Associated Press) polls for that season:UP Rank *before Bowl Games AP Rank Team1 1 Ohio State3 2 Penn State5 3 Texas2 4 USC8 5 Notre Dame9 6 Arkansas6 7 Kansas4 8 Georgia17 9 Missouri 11 10 Purdue10 11 Oklahoma15 12 Michigan7 13 Tennessee16 14 SMU13 15 Oregon State 16 Auburn 12 17 Alabama20 18 Houston 19 LSU18 20 Ohio UniversityRex Kern was a Quarterback for Ohio State University.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! HD Wallpaper and background images in the Ohio State Football club tagged: ohio state osu buckeyes brutus 2012 football hd wallpaper. These watercolor paintings are truly beautiful, original watercolor paintings, and there are only 14 of them so please act quickly if you would like to buy one.
In 1941, Don was selected by the Chicago Bears as the draft’s 9th overall pick, but opted instead to serve his country as a pilot in World War II. In the 1944 season, Les would also be named the Big Ten Conference MVP and Buckeyes’ football MVP. He would also be named the Big Ten Conference MVP and Buckeyes’ football MVP (again in 1951).
In 1955, Howard was not only voted All-American (for the 2nd time), but also won college football’s Heisman Trophy - awarded to the outstanding intercollegiate football player in the United States. After quickly recovering from back surgery in June 1968, Kern would become the leader of a team dubbed the "Super Sophomores" - due to the fact that 13 sophomores (10 starters) were played by Coach Hayes.

During his Buckeye playing days, he not only set a Rose Bowl record on January 1, 1985 with 9 receptions for 172 yards, but was also voted All-American after his junior year. These would make a wonderfully memorable, beautiful and completely unique gift for someone who loves Ohio State football. Tragically, on October 1, 1943, Captain Don Scott was killed when his bomber crashed during training in England. Following his career at Ohio State, Les served his country as an Ensign in the United States Navy - discharged in 1947. Following his career at Ohio State, Vic played professional baseball, appearing in 81 games with the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1953-54, before returning to football late in 1954 with the Washington Redskins. He was also named the Big Ten Conference MVP and selected as Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press. The "Super Sophomores" would not only shut out the top-ranked Purdue Boilermakers early in the 1968 season, but would finish the season undefeated, win a Big Ten Conference Championship and would be ultimately crowned as National Champions.
Throughout his college (and later professional football career), Cris was acknowledged for his great hands, precise routes, great body control and astounding footwork - especially when making catches along the sidelines.
Following his career at Ohio State, Orlando was the first Offensive Lineman since Ron Yary (1968) to be taken #1 overall in the NFL draft - when he was selected by the St. It is given to the American college football player with "the best combination of academics, community service and on-field performance".Following his career at Ohio State, Craig was drafted by the Chicago Bears and also played briefly with the Cincinnati Bengals.
OSU Wallpaper 405 OSU Wallpaper 333 OSU Wallpaper 404A OSU Wallpaper 204 OSU Wallpaper 202 six legends of the leaders OSU Wallpaper 411 OSU Wallpaper 45 OSU Facebook Cover OSU Tournament Champs 03 2013 OSU Wallpaper 195 BRUTUS ohio state univ OSU Wallpaper 423 Osu Desktop Wallpaper 65 ohio state buckeyes OSU Wallpaper 521 OSU Wallpaper 445 BRUTUS BUCKEYE AT MIDFIELD SHOCK THE WORLD !!!
He played for the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL before joining the Cleveland Browns of the All-American Football Conference (AAFC). Following his career at Ohio State, Howard played the majority of his professional football career with the Detroit Lions, playing 7 of 8 seasons with them.
Following his career at Ohio State, Cris played for the Philadelphia Eagles before becoming a mainstay in the Minnesota Vikings’ offense. Following his release from the Bengals in May 2006, Craig went back to Ohio State to become a Commentator for the Buckeyes.
A summary of his four year NFL career can be found here.Here is what our friends at Wikipedia have to say about Troy Smith. THE: ENOUGH SAID OSU Wallpaper 447 OHIO STATE 12-0 2012 OSU Wallpaper 675 RED BLOCK O DOUBLE LAYERED james THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES 3D BLOCK O osu OSU Wallpaper 650 OHIO STATE RED BLOCK O Ohio State Buckeyes OSU Phone Wallpaper 89 OSU Wallpaper 451 COMPLETION OF AN URBAN LEGEND OVAL OHIO STATE RED BLOCK O THE URBAN LEGEND RETURNS IT'S MILLER TIME ohio state football OSU BUCKEYE NATION FOOTBALL C U in Miami OSU Phone Wallpaper 150 OSU Facebook Cover 127 OSU Facebook Cover 423 BUCKEYES FOOTBALL WILL GO ON Believe OSU ipad 2 Wallpaper 41 OSU Wallpaper 200. He would split 1962 between the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles, before returning to the Lions for his final NFL season in 1963. Then-Eagles coach, Buddy Ryan, would be famously quoted as saying "all he does is catch touchdowns" - a quote that would be often referenced by broadcasters (especially famed ESPN commentator Chris Berman) during Carter’s prolific Viking years. During his career, he was voted to 7-straight Pro Bowls (dating back to 1999), won a Super Bowl on January 30, 2000 and was regarded as one of the best tackles in the sport - especially noted for his effective pass-protection. A summary of his NFL career can be found here.Here is what our friends at Wikipedia have to say about Craig Krenzel. I have tried to ensure the accuracy of the information, but I am human and can make mistakes. General Information about the Ohio State University Football TeamOhio State University, a state-related land-grant university, is a coeducational, public research university. In 1969, Kern would be voted All-American and would finish 3rd in Heisman Trophy balloting (in 1970, he would finish 5th). Founded in 1870 and located in Columbus, Ohio, it is regarded as one of the largest universities in the United States. Following his career at Ohio State, Rex played for the Baltimore Colts and the Buffalo Bills. A recurrence of his back injury impeded his NFL career - forcing him to retire following the 1974 season. 2011 OSU BUCKEYES FOOTBALL TEAM WE'RE COMMIN' FOR YA PREPARE TO BE BUCKEYED Block O Nation Brutus Says BUCKEYES WILL ROAST MICHIGAN. There have been various other polls over the years, but we have chosen to show the results of two polls.1.

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