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Prior to becoming an Ohio State Drum Major Cory Thompson had very little experience with being a Drum Major. At the beginning of Thompsona€™s senior year, he had decided that Ohio State was the college he would attend and fulfill his life long dream of becoming an accountant, a profession he had decided in the third grade. Since Thompson did not go to the Drum Major, his stepfather brought the Drum Major and the Assistant Drum Major, Karl Neudorfer over to meet him.
After his first meeting with the Berendts and Neudorfer, Thompson attended a spring session and at D-Row (the drum major squad) tryouts, he was successful. In 1996 the football team went the Rose Bowl, and it had been a long time since their last visit to Pasadena. During the time away from the Rose Bowl the marching band had forgotten what a demanding schedule the Rose Bowl trip could be.
After the parade, Thompson was not sure his health was going to allow him to make it through the performance. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. Jungle Island was the proud host of the AvMed Orange Bowl Coaches Luncheon presented by Deloitte. The cheerleading squad and marching band from each school performed in the main plaza on Jungle Island before heading upstairs to the park’s Treetop Ballroom where interviews were conducted with the coaches and players and the annual Hall of Fame class was honored.
A bird’s eye view of Clemson University cheerleading squad and marching band performance on Jungle Island. The cheerleading squad and marching band from Ohio State University perform on Jungle Island.

Ohio State University head coach, Urban Meyer, waves to attendees of the AvMed Orange Bowl Coaches Luncheon presented by Deloitte.
Clemson University head coach, Dabo Sweeney (R), shares a laugh with Orange Bowl CEO Eric Poms and AvMed representative, Jim Repp. That day was the day Thompsona€™s family traveled to Ohio State and to tour campus and learn more about registering the college itself.
From there, Thompson became Assistant Drum Major underneath Karl Neudorfer for two years and then Drum Major the next two years.
In contrast to the Sugar Bowl the year earlier, we had practiced a€?like there was no tomorrowa€™. It had taught me responsibility, commitment, perseverance, leadership, and what it means to be part of a team. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. The head coaches from Clemson and Ohio State, along with star players and boosters were on hand for the event. The qualifications for that position were nowhere near that of becoming an Ohio State Drum Major.
We had performance after performance and even taped a commercial to be shown on national television on game day, which I thought was pretty cool.
Traditionally, Drum Majors allowed the Assistant Drum Major to perform the six-mile long parade immediately before kick-off, so the Drum Major could rest for the performance at the game. Some of my closest friends have come from the band and being Drum Major even had a part in bring my wife and I together.

I was simply asked by my high school band director if I would be interested in being the drum major for Elyria High.
That year the team would have had a perfect season record if it had not been for that a€?othera€? team up north, Michigan State University. Meanwhile, the grueling schedule made at least half of the band sick- including myself; I lost almost ten pounds that week. I was so pumped when it came time to do pregame, and I never came down from that game high until the flight home. I believe that being Drum Major has helped me obtain every job that I have had from that point in time until now.
Strutting out to the fifty-yard line and knelling on the painted rose which left a red stain on my uniform that is still there day. It was the first and only time I had to perform on a football field around a television cameraman walking around and recording our show live. My first twirling lesson was in February of 1993 by my high school band director Doug Benford, and the current drum major at the time.a€? said Thompson.
When we had come over from Skull Session and were waiting on the ramp under the Stadium it seem like an eternity before we actually started Pregame.

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