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After changing my major 3 times, I finally graduated with a BA in Psychology from The Ohio State University in 1996. When I retire, I intend on returning to school, yet again, and becoming a part-time computer science teacher. Here is my degree from Franklin University in Columbus, OH, Bachelor of Science, major: Computer Science.
OverviewOur undergraduate Environmental Health Sciences program was re-accredited by the National Environmental Health and Protection Accreditation Council in 2012. Students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health Science are broadly educated for work in Public Health, Industrial Hygiene or Environmental Protection. The EES-BS-Environmental Health Sciences Concentration is designed to provide the skills and training required to understand and solve environmental problems that can affect both human and ecosystem health. Students graduating from our program get jobs in four primary areas: public health, industrial hygiene, environmental protection, and natural resource management.
The field of public health encompasses those responsibilities of scientists who help ensure a healthful environment for general public under the public health statutes. The field of industrial hygiene encompasses those responsibilities of scientists working in industrial settings who help ensure a healthful environment for employees. The field of environmental protection covers those responsibilities of scientists who help ensure a healthful environmental for the general public under the environmental statutes. Excellence in the Environmental Health Sciences program has been a hallmark of undergraduate education at Wright State for over three decades. The internship is an essential part of the EHS program, and provides experiences unavailable in the classroom. In addition, the internship also qualifies as one of the two Writing Intensive Courses or WIC required of EHS students (the other WIC is EES 3600). The goal of the internship program is to provide a practical work experience for students like you who are enrolled in the EHS baccalaureate program. The program requires coordination between you, the Environmental Health Sciences Intern Director, Wright State Office of Career Services, and the potential employer.
Students who have completed at least two years of college course work and who have taken three of the core environmental courses are encouraged to seek an internship.
The internship site needs to ensure you a suitable experience in the environmental health sciences. On your part, you should acquaint your field counselor with the relevant courses you have completed and your particular interests. In varying degrees work assignments will attempt to accommodate your interests, but you must recognize that the field institution must carry on with its normal work routine.
A department faculty member is available to visit the institution for the purpose of helping the counselors and students plan activities and assess the progress of the experience.
After the internship is over, you will have the opportunity to share your experience with other students as part of EES 4700.
You are required to submit (mail or fax) activity reports during each week of the internship to Dr. In addition, you must prepare a complete written report of your entire field experience, including a personal assessment of its value toward career development.
The field counselor, acting as your mentor, has the primary responsibility for evaluating your performance during the entire period of field placement. The project is to be a worthwhile effort to effectively study a "real world" problem that needs solution by the institution or which provides it with further beneficial information. The title of the project and the assignment is to be determined between the student, the field counselor, and the Environmental Health Sciences Intern Director.

You are expected to develop a comprehensive outline of the project and present it to your field counselor for review. Title page: Name of project, name of institution, name of Environmental Health Science Intern Director, name of student, and date.
Presentation of results, including data tabulation and analysis, followed by a discussion of what the data shows.
A draft of the report must be submitted for instructor comment two weeks before the end of the semester. The draft must be at least 2,250 words, not counting: title page, table of contents, bibliography, figures, tables, or appendix. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Both it and our Graduate Programs offer interdisciplinary environmental training for students majoring in biology, chemistry and earth sciences.
A field internship program, operated in cooperation with participating environmental health agencies or industries, gives students an opportunity to gain practical work experience. A primary focus on the coursework in the program is on the transport, fate, and effects of contaminants and other stressors in the home, workplace, and natural environment. Specifically, the duties of public health officials include community health and epidemiology, restaurant and swimming pool inspections, hazard protection (e.g. Specifically, the duties include measuring employee exposure to hazards, evaluating those exposures, and where appropriate, recommending procedures to reduce risks resulting from exposures.
Specifically, the duties of environmental protection officials include monitoring air, soil, and water, plants and animals, assessing impacts that chemicals have on individuals, populations, or ecosystems, and investigating the sources of those chemicals. This reputation developed in large part through a group of environmental specialists from a wide range of government agencies and industries working together with Wright State scientists, first to create the program and then to keep it current. Only the internship provides you with exposure to real world environmental problems and their solutions, and you are the one who decides where you gain this experience. To be given credit for a WIC, your writing for this course must conform to certain guidelines. The specifics of your internship will depend on your specific interests, matching those interests with an employer, and satisfying the program criteria. The number of hours worked per week, and the salary earned, are negotiated by agreement between you and the employer. It is best not to wait until you are almost ready to graduate, because then it may be too late to get any internship, much less the one you would prefer. First, you can take your own initiative, which could include examining a list of employers that the program has dealt with in the past. And, even if you do not use Career Services as a source of internship, the Career Services staff will be happy to help with resume writing and interviewing skills. To ensure this, your internship organization must designate a field counselor from its staff to act as your mentor, instructing and advising you during your entire period with them. In turn, the field counselor should familiarize you with personnel, organization, resources, and office procedures. We hope that Wright State University's objectives for field training can be met with no disruption to regular program undertakings and that your participation will further help the institution accomplish its goals.
A department evaluation form is provided for this purpose, but we invite additional information on the student or the program generally.
The report will further develop the student's ability to handle a special problem and how to prepare a well written and documented report.
The project may focus on one focused study or a combination of several environmental activities.

Briefly summarize why you did your project, how you did your project, what you found out, and your conclusions.
Said another way, the 2,250 word minimum encompasses only the abstract and the main body of the report. Send Us An EmailCheck Out Our FAQs Page SERVICING OVER 100,000 SCHOOLS WORLDWIDE  Contact Us Need Help!
Students should consult with their advisor when planning a program to ensure it meets their needs and interests.
The program includes an internship in which students can “try on for size” an area of work that may interest them. Typically, employers understand that students have multiple responsibilities, and are flexible about when students put in their time.
David Schmidt in the EES department, or staff at Career Services to get a better understanding of how the program operates. Regardless of the term that you will work on your internship, you should begin the process 6 months in advance. A carefully planned orientation period at the outset can provide an easy adjustment and smooth working relationship between all parties, and greatly aid you in identifying the general roles and responsibilities for work at the site. You'll need to take EES 4700 your senior year whether or not you have completed your internship. In addition, you must present a verbal report of all or portions of your field experience as part of your work in EES 4700. The corrected outline is then submitted to the Environmental Health Sciences Intern Director for evaluation and review. They direct active research programs that provide students practical training in current techniques addressing applied environmental problems.
A grade of C or above is required in each course used to fulfill the Environmental Health Sciences Core, required supporting courses in basic sciences and mathematics, environmental specialty courses, and supporting electives units of this degree. Employment opportunities usually are in the environmental consulting firms, industry, or in government. Exceptions are noted on the list, and these employers should only be contacted by Career Services. We strongly encourage you begin this process no later than after 80 hours of the intern period. Our graduates enjoy the benefits of an excellent education and have an excellent first-time pass rate on the State of Ohio Registered Sanitarian examination. You may wish to register with Career Services to take advantage of Wright Search®, an online resume database.
In order to place your resume in Wright Search you must attend an orientation at the Career Services office, E334 Student Union. Our Graduation Hood and Academic Hood departments include bachelor academic hoods, masters academic hoods, doctorate academic hoods for your college and university. Browse through our complete selection of graduation academic hoods to find the graduation hood that best suits you for your collegiate graduation commencement.

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