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Public relations manager was listed as one of the best career choices for women in 2015, according to a new CareerCast report. In the report, CareerCast claimed PR managers have an annual median wage of $95,450 and currently boast a projected growth outlook of 13%.
Dental hygienist, biomedical engineer, market research analyst, human resources manager, and advertising and promotions manager were other top career options for women that made the list this year.

Possibly highlighting a labor trend, this is the second consecutive CareerCast report showcasing careers involving mathematics as among the nation’s most successful.
The best career for women in 2015, according to the report, is an actuary, which offers an annual median wage of $93,680. Education & human ecology, Ehe trains the next generation of teachers, financial advisors, dietitians, exercise scientists, hospitality managers, researchers and more who improve the human.

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