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From High School activities to your favorite team or brand, Mary’s Quilted Memories can convert your old t-shirts into a useful and durable keepsake. Need a special gift for someone?  A T-Shirt quilt makes a thoughtful and personal gift for nearly any occasion– Christmas, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Memory Quilts as GiftsT Shirt Memory Quilts are a unique gift idea for Mother's Day, graduation, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or most any gift giving occasion. November 3rd, 2010Do you have a large collection of t-shirts that you don't wear much - but they feel too sentimental to discard?
How much would they treasure a gift made from articles of clothing that reflect their interests?

Let our website help you design, build, and order a t-shirt quilt, then let Mary turn it into a keepsake. You could have them made into a t-shirt quilt.I've written about this before - see point #2 in this older post - but since then I've found many more companies making the quilts.
A t-shirt quilt is the perfect way to preserve your memories from the past or interests of today.
The photos in this post just show one style of quilt from each provider - but many of them do multiple styles, so if you're serious about having a quilt made, you may want to check out the web sites to see the full range of options.The one at the top of this post comes from Custom Memory Quilts.
These quilts have a 6-8 weeks lead time, so if you'd like one for the holidays, order soon!Here's just part of a quilt done by Katy T-Shirt Quilts.

I wanted to show you the detail, which doesn't show up in a larger picture.As a University of Michigan graduate, I hesitated a bit about posting this Ohio State themed t-shirt quilt - but it sure is cool.

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