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College Football Fan Index presented by Degree is a cumulative data-based ranking of America’s most engaged fan bases in 2014. For someone who’s been going to like, Major League Baseball games or to NFL games, an SEC football game would look and feel a lot different. So it’s more like a party, but do you guys take losses harder than say, a Red Sox or Yankees fan?
Two hours before the game, an estimated 20,000 fans, nearly one-quarter of the 85,319 (a record that stood for 12 years), gathered on the east and west sides of Donahue Drive.
Michigan fans don’t have a lot to be happy about these days, but they never lack passion.
Notre Dame hasn’t won a national championship in 26 years, but the Irish have one of the biggest, most loyal fan bases in America. These are the home versions of the digs these teams will wear in the Rose, Sugar, and championship games. As ESPN points out, 14 of the 16 BCS titles were won by Nike schools, so the all-Nike playoff lineup isn't unusual. Running back Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State leaps over Alabamaa€™s Landon Collins on a 54-yard run in the first quarter of the Sugar Bowl. No longer does an Ohio State player have to wait until after the game to see his highlights, as running back Ezekiel Elliott can attest. Ohio State's quest for a second straight National Championship will go through Rutgers in 2015. Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott kisses the trophy as head coach Urban Meyer hands it to him after their win over Oregon in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Ohio State, the newly minted champion after cruising past Oregon 42-20 in the College Football Playoff National Championship game Monday night in Arlington, Texas, will visit Rutgers for a Big Ten clash on Oct.
Ohio State is expected to return eight starters on each side of the ball next season, including Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year Joey Bosa and a superstar quarterback in either Braxton Miller or J.T.
Also expected to return is junior Ezekiel Elliott, an emerging star who toppled the 200-yard rushing plateau in each of Ohio State's final three wins (220 vs.
While Rutgers' 2015 season ticket packages are already for sale, the school won't begin selling individual game tickets until this summer. Derrick Henry #27 of the Alabama Crimson Tide runs with the ball against the Oklahoma Sooners during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 2, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. There have been rumors of a new Ohio State helmet this season; a special one-off lid for a big game (presumably The Game with Michigan). MIssionTo provide the most up to date news, images, and opinions on today's top sneaker company.
Support your school by voting in the poll and come back Thursday to see which program finishes No. How would you say Alabama fandom — and really SEC fandom — is different than any other kind of fandom in the United States?
One thing an NFL fan will tell you is that there are a lot more women in the stands at an SEC football game than at your typical NFL game or even Major League Baseball game.

Bear Bryant the man, he was almost like a Hollywood version of what a coach was supposed to be like.
What’s the craziest Alabama fan or craziest expression of Alabama fandom that you’ve come across?
A writer from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and I stood on the west side, about two-thirds of the way down the hill. Despite that sanctions that hampered Nittany Lions over the last few years, PSU fans still came to games in huge numbers. For the most part, all of the teams' uniforms look pretty close to their normal get-ups, with the addition of that diamond swoosh. The sophomore has taken off on several runs in recent games that figure to be replayed for years, but Elliott has watched himself in real time. With a game to go, he has Ohio State’s fourth highest rushing season with 1,632 yards on 237 carries.
Barrett #16 of the Ohio State Buckeyes hands the ball to teammate Ezekiel Elliott #15 during the first quarter of the game on November 15, 2014 at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Geoff Brown, chief marketing officer for athletics, told NJ Advance Media that he expects the Ohio State game to be in demand next season.
I think there probably ought to be a rule against bronze figures of people who are still alive, but that clearly got tossed out the window. The Auburn fans roared, their eyes glazed with a mixture of fervor, pride, passion, and perhaps a touch of the Jack Daniels.
There are hundreds of thousands of hardcore OSU fans, but Larry Lokai might be the most intense. Around his neck, he drapes seven necklaces for a total of 110 buckeyes, or 7 pounds of nuts. For the last nine years, Texas has earned the most royalties from merchandise of any Division 1 school. Alabama has a base layer (aka undershirt) with "mantras, quotes, and team inspirations" that also happens to look like an elephant's skin.
In 2002, Rutgers led, 17-14, heading into the fourth quarter before top-ranked Miami rallied with 28 unanswered points to win the Big East contest, 42-17. For his book Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, he spent a season traveling to Crimson Tide games in an RV.
There are lots of kids, which might be less odd for a baseball fan, but there probably aren’t nearly as many kids and families at NFL games as there are at SEC games.
First of all, it is still college football where a single loss or two losses can kind of wreck your whole season.
Whereas in Alabama, you can be sure that at your insurance agency or whatever, everyone’s completely bummed out.
Ohio State's base layer and gloves include handwritten notes from former head coach Woody Hayes. The two shirts that seem to be helmet-inspired are actually already discontinued, despite being identified as part of the 2012 Rivalry series, perhaps meaning they were designed around a now-scrapped special uniform.

X-rays revealed a broken bone and he had surgery to insert a screw to stabilize the fracture.
I just remember it being really, really quiet, even though there were probably 10,000 people there. It’s probably more akin to the World Cup soccer mentality, where everyone around you is in the exact same emotional space. So his impact on the emotional lives of people, it felt more kind of from the scoreboard maybe than from the rostrum. Elliott acknowledged that after the season he’ll have another surgery for a permanent fix.“It's kind of reached a point where it won't get any better,” Elliott told media on Saturday. And then afterwards, I went up to the kind of canopy that was over the grave site and it had a little index card on it that had the name of the funeral [home], the name of the deceased, and what plot in the cemetery the canopy was supposed to go [over].
And I think that reinforces and intensifies the reaction and it makes it so you don’t question it. In the meantime, check them out over at Fanatics, which also has plenty of other tOSU t-shirts.
There’s a sort of reinforcing quality to the emotional reality that people in the South, particularly Alabama, inhabit, which is that if everyone around is equally bummed out over a loss than it kind of reinforces your own emotional reality. Big pass plays bring the crowd to their feet, but they are a function of anything from a well-thrown ball finding a barely open receiver to a receiver simply outrunning a stumbling defender. More often than not, they are one-on-one competitions.But a big-time run from scrimmage is different.
Elliott has topped 200 yards in each of the past two games and has four rushing touchdowns.One of those touchdowns was a dynamic 85-yard score against the Crimson Tide. If these are your formative years and you get conditioned to think that this is how it always is, you’re in for a rude awakening. On that score, Elliott cut through the line on the left and went streaking down the left side. It just feels a little more festive and a little bit more like a big party than like a guys day out or something. Ninety-nine percent of the time, if you can run the ball consistently, you’re going to win that game. While most players would tell you that you should always carry the ball in the outside hand, Elliott knows his right hand is much safer. So, just to be safe, Elliott adapted to only using his right arm to make sure he didn’t give defenders the option.“It's something I had to get used to as the season went on,” Elliott said about only using his right hand.

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