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We've been anxiously awaiting the possibility of Ohio State unveiling either new uniforms or tweaks to the existing look for the forthcoming Buckeye football season (hello, offseason boredom) for sometime now. Ohio State sent The Buckeye Times a news release on Wednesday morning about the new Nike Pro Combat uniforms they will wear against Michigan this November.
Nike convened distinguished representatives associated with each university to deliver the uniforms' unique stories.
The uniforms will be worn  during the Buckeyes home game against Michigan on November 27.
View DetailsOne side has Buckeyes and Ducks 42 - 20 Final Score, Ohio State Logo, and Buckeyes. On the Fourth of July, we got some direction as to some possible tweaks to the existing uniforms for the coming fall.

The modification to the collars on the back of the jersey tops would appear to be one of the more notable alterations we've seen in a number of years. Other than the Buckeye Leaves sewn into the collars, it doesn't necessarily mean the team will be implementing a change to the newest jersey cut, like Alabama or Oregon, for the actual football team's. Decorated WWII veteran and the father of digital art and animation, Csuri first made history as part of the 1942 Buckeyes National Championship team. We value your shopping experience, we are always trying to do better.2010 Ohio State University Buckeyes National Championship Rings Great Gift For !
We value your shopping experience, we are always trying to do better.Set(4Pcs) 2015 2014 2010 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes Championship Rings Gift Men ! NFL teams that didn't change the cut of their jersey (Raiders, Packers, Eagles, Panthers, Falcons) still sold limited (screened) and game (sewn on) jerseys to the general public.

Since then, The Buckeye Times has expanded its coverage to the web, giving readers insight on Ohio State football year round.
The Buckeye Times website, as well as all print publications, are not affiliated with the Ohio State University, the Big Ten or any other school, team, or league.

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