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Katelyn Spaulding of Whitehouse had almost given up for the day when an 11-point buck wandered by her stand. Jacob Holloway of Sylvania dropped this 18-point nontypical buck from 100 yards with a 12-gauge slug gun. Ohio’s statewide youth deer-gun hunt is set for Saturday and Sunday, but two area teens have gotten a jump on the season with a pair of dandy bucks in the bag.
Then last Tuesday 16-year-old Katelyn Spaulding, daughter of Dave and Kathy Spaulding, of Whitehouse arrowed a 140-class 11-point typical buck while hunting with a crossbow with her dad near their rural home. The massive antlers on the 4½-year-old buck stretched 32 inches outside and have been green-scored by a Boone and Crockett records representative at 199. In any case, Holloway’s buck may be an Ohio record for youth hunters, those ages 17 and under, according to Lodzinski.
Holloway is a sophomore at Sylvania High School and played third base and catcher on the school’s junior varsity squad last year. She added that her son took his hunter-safety certificate training at the tender age of six, and he has killed three bucks and a number of does while hunting with his dad. If all the foregoing were not enough, Jacob was one of the lucky Ringnecks among a field of 79 to bag a rooster pheasant Saturday during the annual Wood-Lucas Chapter, Pheasants Forever, youth hunt. But Katelyn, a sophomore at Anthony Wayne High School, keeps a miniature horse in a pasture nearby, and its movements spooked the deer.
Donations of venison to the needy can be done in any season at no cost through a program from Ohio, which is collaborating with Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry to help pay for the processing of donated venison. In related news, all trails at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge will be closed Saturday and Sunday, and again Nov. Last and not least, the popular Michigan firearms deer season opens Tuesday and runs through Nov.
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Wisconsin school board member wants muppets book about world problems banned, School board member wants to prevent kindergartners from reading a book by she’ll take her concerns to a school board meeting wednesday in hopes of having the book banned. School board member wants to ban muppets book, She is a persistent goof and is now trying to get the book banned altogether.
Penn hills high student council vp asks school board to reconsider ban on hoodies in class - Penn hills high school senior ionie banner said because that's a question that i have.” board members commended banner on her passion and coming before them to speak about the issue, and said they want to work with student council on hoodies and. Wisconsin school board member wants muppets book about world problems banned - School board member wants to prevent kindergartners from reading a book by she’ll take her concerns to a school board meeting wednesday in hopes of having the book banned.
School board member wants to ban muppets book - She is a persistent goof and is now trying to get the book banned altogether.
School board rebukes bellevue football program; possible two-year ban for coach butch goncharoff - School district leaders rebuked the bellevue high football program a potential two-year ban for the team’s celebrated head coach.
Wisconsin school board member wants to ban muppets book 'for every child, a better world' - It's not easy being green — especially in marshfield, wis., where a school board member is trying to have a children's book featuring the muppets pulled from the kindergarten curriculum.

INDIAPOST – Scotland spurned independence in a historic referendum that threatened to rip the United Kingdom apart, sow financial turmoil and diminish Britain’s remaining global clout. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
INDIAPOST – All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) chief J Jayalalithaa suffered another setback on Wednesday as the vacation bench of the Karnataka High Court adjourned her petition seeking bail till October 7, Zee News reports. As a university student I see many anorexic girls walking about the precinct and it really does devastate me.
I really feel for these young girls suffering such a severe mental and physical illness over something as simple as being called a lard-arse at school. Personally, as a fluctuating size 12, I was never seen as ‘skinny’ in the eyes of English schoolboys. I can still hear the fat taunts now and even my own brother said I had more rolls than Asda’s bakery.
The pressure to be thin is unnecessary as it’s not true that all men like ultra-skinny women. Being called fat is so damaging I don’t think anyone really understands it unless they have been through it themselves. The pressure is so great that in my teenage years I considered scoffing tapeworm eggs which are available online to help me lose weight quickly without changing my diet. I was astonished when browsing an online clothes retailer recently and found an item that was marked UK10 LARGE, a size description which is basically insulting over half of the British population.
I have cut size 16 labels out of H&M blazers and various dresses before now because I was embarrassed that was the smallest size that would fit. Sizing needs to be universal before a badly cut batch of patterns leads the next generation into skeletal fashion. We need role models like Nigella Lawson, not the size zero ones we see on the runway, because I would definitely rather have chocolate between my two fingers than my uvula. While I appreciate that the fashion industry does discriminate against curvy girls, I think that this article promotes just as much hatred by doing the same to skinny girls. This is a boring article which has been done thousands of times before… is it too much to ask for an original perspective?!
They exchanged nude pictures and talked in detail about what acts they would perform on each other, court records show. 6, 15-year-old Jacob Holloway of Sylvania killed a trophy 18-point nontypical buck during a special draw-only youth gun-hunt at Mosquito Creek State Wildlife Area in northeast Ohio. Green score is a preliminary tally on fresh antlers that have not yet aged and perhaps shrunk a mite. In the process of so-doing, Katelyn actually flushed the buck from a bed in a food plot that they have established. She was ready to quit in frustration, but Spaulding urged patience, counseling that the last 20 minutes of the day often are the best.
I must admit I had stuck my fingers down my throat a few times but I am now fortunate that I did not have the willpower to commit to such a damaging ‘diet’.

Magazines frequently only use size 8 models and then airbrush any ‘flaws’ which, to me, represent individuality. You have no idea from just seeing a person walking around Uni whether they are anorexic – unless each of these girls have actually told you as such. The reason that its seen as an insult is because society labels fat bodies as BAD so it becomes an insult. Then the day after, Bazbas drove by her home in Irondale, Ohio, and took her to a Holiday Inn Express in Newell, West Virginia.There he rented a room and the two had sex. Accompanied by his dad, Jason, the young gun dropped the monster buck at 100 yards with a single shot from his scoped 12-gauge slug gun.
The wildlife division anticipates that more than 60,000 youths will participate in the upcoming hunt.
My cholesterol is perfect as are my other obesity-related stats, so I am not doing any harm if I occasionally eat a whole packet of chocolate hobnobs.
I have several friends who are naturally very skinny and feel under pressure to become curvy in order to be considered attractive. You can be overweight and healthy or thin and unhealthy, weight and size are not an indicator of health. God forbid we should be happy with our bodies for ourselves, rather than have to worry about whether our bodies are good enough for other people. He drove the girl back a few hours later.The girl's mother became suspicious when her daughter came home reeking of cologne and confronted her about it. All other regularly scheduled hunting seasons will continue during the two-day youth season.
When questioned by police, Bazbaz at first claimed he didn't know the girl's age at the time.
However, other hunters, including deer-archery hunters, are required to wear hunter orange during the period. Curvy – surely you should be promoting a healthy body image that encompasses all shapes and sizes? What kind of message is that sending out to the teenage customers it targets its clothes at? Okay that’s fantastic, eat as much as you want, but ever considered putting an hour in the gym to burn it off? One last point, you critically talk about skinny girls, yet you explicitly outlined how hurtful it is to be called fat, well… errrr, so the rules don’t apply both ways?

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