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It was pretty obvious that sophomore second baseman L Grant Davis had won the game for Ohio State when he hit a belt-high slider to right field as if it had been launched out of a mortar.Ohio State teammates were ready to storm the field. But there have been quite a few walk-ons who have made an impact, either as starters, key backups or even just as scout team players. On the current team, OSU coach Urban Meyer elevated senior linebackers Craig Fada and Joe Burger to scholarship level for the just-ended spring semester because of everything they have done for the program. Today, we will share a look at some of the memorable walk-ons from OSU football over the last 25 years.
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Entering this season, the Ohio State senior walk-on had given his heart and soul to the program for four seasons, including a redshirt year, putting himself deep in debt for the privilege. Then, before the start of fall camp, Jackson was summoned to the OSU compliance office to sign some forms meant for scholarship players. To those in the program who understand how much a guy who plays so little could mean so much to the team, it was a well-deserved reward. Jackson is listed as a linebacker, but his playing time comes on kickoff returns and coverage. Jackson said he has a 3.75 grade point average in marketing and would like to pursue a career in sales, which is what his father does.

Make sure you're in the loop -- take five seconds to sign up for our FREE Buckeyes newsletter now! At a time when players are accused of having a sense of entitlement, Jackson is just grateful for the opportunity he has. He was born as the last of Barry and Gladys Jackson’s six children at Ohio State University Hospital.

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