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Those are the nights that we’ll replay over and over in our minds for weeks and months. As Ohio State fans we sometimes take it for granted just how fortunate we are that every season starts the same way: Who do they open with?
During this seasons improbable championship run, I don’t think the signs were even painted and posted until November 8th at Michigan State.
The team that showed up that night and put an exclamation point beating on the Spartans left no doubt that if given a shot they could quite possibly make some noise. Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship was the statement that this team was going to be a force to be reckoned with. As the season wound down and the stakes got higher, I continued to hear doubters among our own ranks that this couldn’t be the year or that next season would be the time to shine.
I get it, nobody likes to have their heart ripped out and after 06, 07 and several other recent catastrophes we built up a pretty good wall to defend ourselves. They play for the moments that matter most, to chase those championship dreams and to ultimately achieve greatness. In the moments leading up to kickoff, ESPN used a song that I have loved literally my entire life as the teams walked to the field from the locker rooms. We watch to go along for the ride, to invest in something that we have no impact on the outcome and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable knowing full well that if the goal is met we will feel the highest of highs.
Born and raised in Northeastern Ohio and extremely proud to call Struthers (Youngstown) his hometown, Jason has taken his talents to the Columbus area but his heart will always be by the lake.
The Ohio State Buckeyes football team is an intercollegiate varsity sports team of The Ohio State University.
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Those are the stories we’ll tell for years and years and reminisce about where we were and who we were sitting next to or what so and so said as it happened. We have this innate want to somehow know how it will all shake out before it actually even gets going. In fact, it took 34 years of dreaming before the reality of the 2002 championship season occurred. We all knew somewhere around Penn State or Purdue that the potential was there, but we still kept wondering when the other shoe would drop and the clock would strike midnight. After the loss to Virginia Tech we spoke weekly about the progress they needed to show before the battle with Sparty to even begin thinking of inclusion in talks about the Big Ten Championship let alone the College Football Playoff. That was the night young men that had faced huge adversity at the quarterback spot, the loss of an All-Big Ten defensive end and, horrifically, the loss of a teammates life, somehow began to hit its peak. For moments like Monday night, that is why we watch, why we’re willing to on those rare occasions move the guards from the wall.

You put yourselves out there and your heroes rewarded you with a triumph that can incite story tellers around the world to grab a pen and script a Hollywood movie.
The team is a member of the Big Ten Conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, playing at the Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) level.
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Other times it’s a thrill ride, and you hoped for it but never realized it was possible until it was over.
That, to me, is what will make 2002, among many reasons, forever special: The shoe never dropped and the thrills were endless. Can you imagine Meyer standing on the podium in Jerry World holding up the trophy while Saban sulks and walks back to the locker room?!
They get to the pinnacle only to be mauled by an upstart coach and his hungry, disrespected squad.
We knew the players had the potential but each week down the stretch seemed like it was a knock-out prize fight that went 15 rounds. In their 118-year-history, the Buckeyes have been consensus Division IA National Champions five times, and claim a total of 7 national championships.
On September 6, 2008, the Buckeyes defeated Ohio University 26-14 for their 800th win, becoming the fifth FBS-team to reach the mark.

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