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Cleveland Indians: 11 Bold Second-Half Predictions For The Tribe by Joe RussoCleveland Cavaliers: Does A Blake Griffin Celtics Team Tip The Scales In The East? The LeBron James ESPYS edition was capped off by the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the Best Team award…and it was fun to watch.
The Cavaliers NBA Finals victory is poised to change that, as the Cleveland Indians look like a strong candidate to represent the AL Central in this fall’s postseason. But before we can truly start thinking about baseball, the Cavs had some more hardware to collect. The Cavaliers cleaned up at Wednesday’s ESPYS award show, which air nationally on ABC.
On a much more serious note, James joined friends Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul opened up the show to address the crowd, and the nation, about racial tensions currently impacting the country. This was not an idea from ESPN, as the quartet took it upon themselves to ask the network for a platform to talk to a national audience, according to the LA Times T.J.

But while players like teammate Cardale Jones are weighing whether or not to enter the NFL draft, Elliot cannot.
Florio compares Elliot’s situation to that of former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore who was projected to be a first-round pick before a devastating knee injury.
Elliot can protect himself with insurance and recent changes to NCAA rules allow Ohio State to cover the cost of the insurance. Clearly the NFL draft rule, designed to protect players, hurts those that are risking the most.
You can dish it out on national TV, and your subjects have no choice but to laugh and take it. How an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary was recognized over the biggest block in NBA History (James on Andre Iguodala), which happened in a Game 7 mind you, is something I can’t compute. To be eligible for the draft, a player must be three years removed from high school and Elliot is just a sophomore and cannot turn pro until the 2016 draft.

But the fact remains, as a running back, Elliot plays one of the most dangerous positions in a dangerous sport and the shelf-life for an NFL running back is very short. Lattimore stands to collect $1.7 million from his policy, in addition to a $300,000 signing bonus he got after being drafted. It seems crazy, but for some players like Elliot, it may be better to just drop out and wait. However, that pales in comparison to the $8.3 million contract he was projected to sign before the injury and the unfulfilled dream of playing professional football.

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