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The Buckeyes experienced a series of well-documented roadblocks this season – for a quick recap, see my chart below. How does a team face this many obstacles in one season and still come out the undisputed National Champions of the first NCAA College Football Playoff? The Buckeyes: In a majority of articles and interviews, one of the messages you’ll almost always hear or read is that this is a team that plays for each other. Overall, even if I didn’t inspire you to root for the Buckeyes, there are lessons to be learned from the “E + R = O” formula that took underdogs to top dogs. And now for my Buckeye brag – a shot of my family celebrating the 2014 College Football Playoff National Champions, our Ohio State Buckeyes. OSU Wallpaper 117 BUCKEYE TOUGH Ohio State OSU Wallpaper 209 Buckeye Sexy THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY GO BUCKS! The formula comes from Ohio State Leadership Coach (a position unique to the Buckeyes), Tim Kight.

In planning meetings, we discuss likely scenarios and potential responses in order to secure the most positive outcomes for clients.
Coach Urban Meyer will tell you it’s “The Brotherhood of Trust.” The team’s success is a direct result of the responsibility each player feels for the guy next to him. As you prepare with your teams to overcome potential speed bumps, I encourage you to keep Kight’s formula and Coach Urban’s “brotherhood of trust” concepts in mind. Kight told The Wall Street Journal that the team thinks through all possible events to harness the power of positive responses to each event. We know that every event and response – big or small – has an outcome, so we determine the best response for each event in order to achieve the best possible outcome. The trust we build within our teams and our desire to deliver the best possible work on behalf of our clients is what leads to great results. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Ohio State Football club tagged: ohio state buckeyes football.

Rather, it is a post about how preparation and teamwork can lead to amazing results – a theme that happens to tie very well into winning the first-ever NCAA College Football Playoff National Championship against all odds.
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