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It’s a sign of respect that he has already shared with, among others, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, and Colin Kaepernick, throughout his breakout rookie campaign. Under Armour has taken the visor game up a notch with the technology to put logos and designs on the front of the visor.
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The cleats were painted by the usual for Beckham, a shoe customizer who goes by the name of Kickasso, who’s been painting shoes for the WR since last season.

Because of the strict NFL uniform rules, wearing these cleats would be a finable offense and not well received from Nike, the NFL’s uniform sponsor, so the pair switched to another pair of custom cleats which are allowed due to the presence of team colors. But, recently, the ultimate trade partner came around looking for Beckham’s threads: the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
The Under Armour Logo visor was first shown to us in the All American High School game and Senior Bowl. While becoming the first rookie in NFL history to record at least 90 receiving yards in six consecutive games, the first-round draft choice out of LSU took himself to another level with his one-handed touchdown grab against Dallas in Week 12.
The visor allows for fans looking on from the outside of the helmet to view an off centered Under Armour Logo on a blue tinted visor, but the player has no obstructions while wearing it, the visor acts just like any other tinted visor. The play set off a million comments on social media from NBA superstars to Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and entered the conversation as the greatest catch ever made in the history of the sport.

Under Armour even made some designs for a handful of NFL teams like the Bills that was reviewed earlier. To make it even cooler, his college counterpart and best friend, Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry is wearing Batman cleats on the other end of the field.
This is a trend that will I feel will spread very quickly on all levels of football and even some other sports like hockey and motocross.
While earning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month honors for November, Beckham has 59 receptions for 829 yards and six touchdowns with three games left in his first professional season.

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