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According to Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange, Bradshaw will be suspended for the first game of the 2015 regular season for a violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy. Bradshaw rushed for 425 yards on 90 carries and caught 38 passes for 300 yards and six touchdowns in 10 games for the Indianapolis Colts last season. Do you really think writing a letter to Goodell about partying with Irsay is going to get him off the hook? Well, look at the bright side: maybe now his season ending injury will be postponed until week four. I wonder if he will hire a lawyer and try suing and making a mockery of himself and the nfl or if he will just accept he punishment. If only Ahmad Bradshaw drank himself silly and then vomited all over the backseat of a cab. Was he the cause of them playing with clearly illegal balls also because he was blowing smoke into the balls? This is an unofficial and independent source of news and information not affiliated with any team(s) or the National Football League (NFL).
Getty ImagesAt the start of the week, the Steelers were expecting to have safety Troy Polamalu, cornerback Ike Taylor and linebacker Ryan Shazier back in the lineup for Sunday’s game against the Saints. Vince Williams has started the last two games for the Steelers, who also have Sean Spence as an option on the inside alongside Lawrence Timmons.
Odell Beckham Jr.  will only get better this season as so far, he has been one of the brightest spots for the New York Giants.
Due to the inconsistent offense of the Giants, Beckham has had to do so much more than what was expected of him in his rookie year. One of the best traits about Beckham is how mature he is and how incredible well he handles himself.
During pre-game warmups, one will always find Beckham making his patented one-handed catches without even breaking a sweat.
With his incredible speed, great route-running and the fact that he has the skills to become one of the top receivers in the NFL, he will only get better over time.
The sky is the limit with what he brings to the table as his future looks like it’ll be incredibly bright.
Beckham has evolved with each passing week considering how he’s doing a much better job at protecting the football. Despite the Giants recent 38-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Beckham had an incredible game. Considering he got a 44-yard play against one of the top cornerbacks playing today in Sherman speaks about the kind of athlete Beckham is and will develop even further over time.
Make no mistake about it, he will end up being one of the best at his position as once his career really starts to take off in just a few years, he should be the next big thing to hit the city that never sleeps! Tamba Hali (knee) was one of two Chiefs player to sit out on Thursday, with rookie right tackle Eric Fisher (groin, shoulder) also not practicing. Rookie Josh Martin started in Hali’s right outside linebacker spot in the season finale at San Diego. Every other player on the Chiefs’ injury report practiced without limitation on Thursday, with left tackle Branden Albert (knee), wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (concussion) and outside linebacker Justin Houston (elbow) among the full participants. Houston has missed the last five games with his injury, but he has practiced in full this week.
Getty ImagesAfter two days of sitting out practice, the Lions’ go-to receiver was back on the field Friday. According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, wideout Calvin Johnson (ankle) was seen practicing today as the Lions (3-1) worked in advance of Sunday’s game vs. Last week, Johnson missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday, put in a limited workout Friday, then played in Sunday’s win vs. On Friday, coach Jim Caldwell indicated it was possible the team could elect sit Johnson if needed.
The Lions’ other starting wide receiver, Golden Tate, took part in practice on Friday, the Free Press reported.
APThe NFL is usually so strict about wearing only authorized apparel that players get fined for infractions as innocuous as wearing socks of the wrong color, or even for trying to bring attention to a good cause with a particular color of shoes. Arians wore a Kangol hat, rather than an NFL-licensed cap, during Thursday night’s game against the Vikings. Arians said he wore the hat to bring attention to Voices for CASA Children, a charitable organization that the Arians Family Foundation awarded a $150,000 donation. Declining to fine Arians is the right move, but it would be nice to see the NFL extend that common-sense approach to players who have asked to do things like wear purple shoes for domestic violence awareness. I like this quirky dude but the facts are if his team wasn’t winning, his aging hipster schtick wouldnt play nearly as well. I read a story a few days ago that he sought out and received special permission for a one time charitable thing. Since Goodell is inconsistent in how he applies the rules, it’s no wonder the officials are equally as inconsistent. Had your dumb puppets called the face mask penalty on Arizona for grabbing Bridgewater’s, we would be talking about a Vikings win when they were missing 4 defensive starters, 3 of which are big time players.

Goodell’s treatment towards the players and Arians is as different as black and white. Does anyone else remember that time the NFL said that coaches and front office personnel had to be held to a higher standard than players? Maybe it’s because coaches don’t wear uniforms and uniforms are supposed to be uniform? Pop Warner football has announced that coaches will be required to make at least two-thirds of their practice time non-contact, and during the one-third of the time with contact, there will be no full-speed, head-on blocking or tackling drills in which players line up more than three yards apart. This makes sense from a safety perspective, and it also makes sense from a football perspective: Coaches can still teach their young players proper form in blocking and tackling without allowing players to get a full head of steam by lining up more than three yards apart and running straight into each other. Some may see this initiative as making football more soft, but the reality is it makes football more safe. You’ll have a better chance of seeing proper tackling technique on the playground when those kids start seeing it on TV. I have been involved in Pop Warner and I,ll tell you this new rule will be virtually IMPOSSIBLE to enforce. Pop Warner is not a hands on organization.Leagues and teams are filtered down to the local level.
Yes, some coaches will now do less contact but the entire new rule will likely never be implemented on many teams. Those who say there will be little to no enforcement are correct – there will be emphasis in communications to coaches, but no monitoring on a daily basis. Odds are that the ignorant cynical comments critical of Pop Warner’s decision will come predominantly from people who don’t yet have children.
When I played youth football there was a weight limit, so there was no fat players, our o-lineman in 4th grade were our RB’s in HS.
I had a crazy coach, grabbed me by the facemask and said what the F*** are you guys doing when we were losing the championship game, we had all the hitting drills, kids would cry when they got layed out, but never injured. Fear of lawsuits, thanks to money hungry lawyers, will have the game disappearing within 10 years.
Getty ImagesThe Metrodome is no longer and the Minnesota Vikings will have a temporary home for the next two seasons while their new stadium is being constructed. TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota will host the team for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.
According to Rochelle Olson of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the process of removing the turf field from the stadium has already begun and is expected to be completed by the end of the week.
The stadium has previously hosted the Vikings on a temporary basis after the roof collapsed at the Metrodome in December 2010.
Favre left the game after suffering a concussion being slammed to the turf by Chicago Bears’ lineman Corey Wooten. The cost of the upgrades comes from the pie allocated for the construction of the Vikings’ new stadium, which is set to open in the fall of 2016.
That will be nice, but it’s not as exciting as the big renovation news coming from Wisconsin.
So Corey Wooton gets to play 16 games at the site of his greatest moment as a football player, maybe that’s why he chose the Vikes, well that or the cash. Interestingly, the Gophers have more national and big ten championships than the Badgers, so at least the stadium houses more such trophies than the college stadium to the east.
That result will keep him from being available to play during the opening week of the NFL season. Obviously he failed more than one drug test, but how do they measure if he “abused” it?
He’s not signed with any team, so, in this scenario, he is a non-employee serving a one-game suspension from a non-team during a non-existent game on a non-existent schedule. Imagine if you were laid off from your job, got caught with a joint and when you went back to work were disciplined for something you did when you didn’t work for them. Polamalu and Taylor are both active for the contest after missing two and eight games, respectively, with injuries, but Shazier kept them from making a clean sweep. 3 of the 4 first comments on this Pittsburgh story are from (1st) a Vikings troll, (3rd) a Bears troll and (4th) a Packers troll. He had to fill in for wide receiver Victor Cruz since he’s out for the year due to a devastating knee injury and also learn an incredible hard new offensive system in the West Coast offense.
You won’t hear anything about him fighting with teammates, being late to team meetings or even getting altercations with fans, all he cares about is doing whatever is best for his team to win. His talents and skills will only improve with the more playing time he gets and if one thinks ahead to the future, imagine what kind of impact he’ll have with Cruz by his side next season? Considering that he’s getting a good rhythm with Eli Manning, he will benefit tremendously from developing a solid relationship with one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in franchise history. It goes to show his head is in the right state of mind to adjust accordingly based on what he’s being trained on by his coaches. He contributed 108 yards with a team-high seven catches and played so well, even cornerback Richard Sherman spoke highly about the rookie he defended against all game long.
Tate was limited with a hamstring injury on Thursday, but Caldwell has indicated he will play.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic previously reported that the NFL won’t fine Arians for wearing the cap.
Some of the players who have been fined for uniform violations may wonder why Arians is getting a pass.
It was a New Era cap, and it was licenced NFL apparel (though not sideline approved) As stated earlier, it was for a charity situation.
Instead they are to busy making phantom calls to give Erin Munn and his sisters in Green Bay a win on a silver platter by calling a face mask on Detroit that never happened. This is outrageous that an NFL Head Coach has the cheek and audacity to wear any apparel that’s unauthorized by the Commissioner. It speaks to the fact that they trust the coaches to dress like adults and make good decisions. Players can still line up more than three yards apart for blocking and tackling drills that involve approaching an opponent from an angle, just not to run straight into each other. My coach literally had us do a tackling drill where we line up 10 yards apart and one guy knocks the crap out of another. It’s a lot like chess -player one states his move to Player two and player two must counter.
With the Golden Gophers spring game now in the rear-view mirror, renovations to the facility have begun as part of $6.6 million worth of improvements to the site. It shall be called the palace of mediocrity, and ne’er shall a championship be celebrated there. Fleet Farm is doubling the size of their Green Bay location in order to double the width of each isle in the store. There are people who have a few drinks or beers every night, but do we say they are “abusing”?
He was able to practice every day this week and got in full workouts on both Wednesday and Friday, but was listed as questionable so the team clearly had some doubts before Sunday. Yet with all that on his shoulders, he handles everything with precision and ease, as if he’s been playing professional football all his life.
His mentality of being the best translates to his on-the-field performance very nicely because every time he plays, he usually puts on a show.
The results could be incredibly huge once both athletes are healthy and executing their roles flawlessly. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox. If that is the case, start fining your inept officials for blowing call after call in every game! Coach make a deal, offer to pay a fine if they give you a 5% cut of each Cardinal golf hat sold!
It’s also easier to trust 32 men than to trust nearly 1700 men when some of them act like adults and some of them act like spoiled teenagers. Get safeties and linebackers to tackle properly instead of going for the highlight-style knock-out blow and the game instantly becomes safer- and what it was supposed to be to begin with. With limited practice time there is no sense in running any drills that don’t simulate game conditions, and you will never see two kids run straight at each other with no attempt to evade a tackle or block. High and High School levels, also makes the game more dangerous at those levels not knowing the feeling of contact, how to make and just as important how to take a hit.
Adding a new heated playing surface is among the list of improvements to the stadium to make it suitable for play in December, and theoretically January. The end result will finally allow shopper traffic to flow both ways at once throughout each isle. So far at this point, he has 370 yards with three touchdowns on the year and continues to make big plays on a consistent basis. I can imagine one guy wearing a T shirt during a presser to raise awareness about domestic violence while another wears a shirt depicting domestic violence with a funny slogan.
Any coach who runs that type of drill is getting his nuts off by reliving what he did in high school. Might get the wind knocked out of you but I wouldn’t have even have been worried about being blindsided by the 6th grade version of Ray Lewis, I would have been fine.
Most of the time, however, the parents have no clue as to what we are doing, and absent any video, a complaint by a parent can put a coach unduly under the microscope. If the kids learn how to do it right when they start it’s just a matter of repetition. The problem is you have all of these Pop Warner coaches trying to teach these kids how to run the option, play action pass, and other complicated sets and formations.

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