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There is a new official’s training class being offered by Michigan Lacrosse Officials Association (“MichLOA”). It will also behoove you to register with US Lacrosse as a boy’s official as soon as possible.
Growth of the game in the state is one of the big missions around here, so get ready to help meet that end of you’re willing and able. The US Lacrosse Michigan Chapter Is pleased to announce the 2016 class of the  Michigan Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
During his collegiate career, he was a 3-year starter, selected a team captain in his senior year, helped take Hopkins to the Final Four in 1992, and received All-American honors for his outstanding season.
Michigan Lacrosse is honored to name Nick Shevillo as one of this year’s distinguished inductees into the Michigan Lacrosse Hall of Fame. A walk-on to the University of Pennsylvania’s lacrosse program, she earned a starting position as a freshman and soon became a part of the resurgence of Penn Lacrosse; taking them to the Final Four in 2007 and the Championship game in 2008. After graduating, Alison has given back by coaching lacrosse for BearLax for 4 years and helping to start the first Women’s team for the renowned Olympic Club in San Francisco. US Lacrosse Michigan is proud to honor and recognize Alison Ambrozy for her achievements on the lacrosse field and efforts off the field. Following college, Paul played for Team Under Amour at the Vail Shootout for ten years and most notably, Team Michigan, when they gave Team USA the best game of the year in the summer of 1994.
US Lacrosse – Michigan is pleased to honor Paul Cosgrove for his stellar playing career and continued support of the game and welcome him into the Michigan Hall of Fame. So, how much is one-year hiccup and how much is the program reaching a bit of a plateau early in its existence? Thanks almost entirely to faceoff specialist Brad Lott, Michigan had a slight advantage in the possession game on the year (clears were almost dead even). Unfortunately, a lot of things in this section are going to be in the departing category, including Lott. Moving Kyle Jackson to attack, where his skillset seems a bit more natural, and where he could share a line with Ian King (on the rare occasion both were healthy) worked very well.
After a few years of playing a very conservative defense style (which didn’t go particularly well), Michigan played a relatively aggressive scheme this year (which, to be fair, went worse). In that regard, the amount of playing time for youngsters in general was something that helps going forward. For 2017 in specific, there are a couple personnel questions to be answered, and some that could have a major impact.
Faceoffs will be a question mark after Michigan’s non-Lott players struggled, and Lott exhausting his own eligibility. The Wolverines’ 2016 was a poor season, but may have actually been what was needed for 2017 to be a major step forward for the program. UDM certainly didn’t have a banner year, finishing with just a 2-10 record and missing out on the MAAC playoffs. Detroit was exceptional in fourth quarters, at least as it compares to the rest of the game. Ben Gjokaj earned the starting gig on faceoffs about halfway through the year, and turned the Titans from a very poor team at the dot into a pretty good one. Although the offense wasn’t good this year, the Titans have found a comfort in running it through Mark Anstead, which is a building block for more consistency (and quality) going forward. Even though they finished on the negative end in the faceoff game, Detroit was one ground ball short of even for the season. Other than Anstead’s contributions (and there were a handful of other nice offensive performers) the offense was very, very bad. One thing that has been a problem in the past is a penalty-prone squad, and it wasn’t this year, with the Titans committing only 33 infractions all season. For a program that (rightfully) takes pride in its city, Detroit probably had its worst performances at home.
Detroit loses second-leading scorer Andy Hebden (a full-time attackman after spending most of his career in the midfield), but returns eight of the top nine scorers on the season.
UDM also found an answer on faceoffs with Gjokaj over the course of the year, which should help in the possession game if he can maintain (or improve) form.
Until Detroit isn’t the type of team that turns it over a bunch, there will always be questions about recruiting strategy. This was a (very) down year for Detroit, but there’s plenty of reason for optimism going forward despite it. One thing that stopped when I didn’t have the time to blog regularly was the daily schedule of all in-state teams from high school through the college level. All regional finals are at the host site listed above on Friday (though Region 1’s final could move to Grandville if both Grand Rapids teams win). MIssionTo provide the most up to date news, images, and opinions on today's top sneaker company. The Tar Heels received four first-place votes and 60 points in the balloting among the ACC's eight head coaches. These three individuals proved themselves to be some of the best Lacrosse players to come from our state.  Beyond that they have given back to the game.
From there, he went on the play at Brother Rice High School where he was a 3-time varsity letterman and received: All-State honors all three years and All-Midwest honors his junior and senior years. After his playing career, Nick went on to coach youth and high school lacrosse at various levels until his last coaching position as an assistance coach for Naples High School for 6 years.
For the past 3 seasons, Alison has coached for the Oakland Lacrosse Club in California, a group that uses lacrosse to help Inner-city youths reach their full potential.
Following high school, Paul played at Michigan State in 1989 where he was honored with Outstanding Rookie of the Year. Transferring to Ohio Wesleyan, he helped OWU get to the National Championship game in 1993.

He has given back to the game by coaching in Michigan for high school and youth teams for many years.
The obvious, reasonable answer is that the majority is the former (don’t tell the message boarders that, of course), but the coaching staff has some serious answers to find for 2017, as well.
However, while the offense was decent, the defense was simply bad, thus the Wolverines didn’t have a great year. He struggled a couple years ago when the faceoff rules changed, but was outstanding in this, his final year in the winged helmet.
The U-M offense was particularly good when that duo was able to see the field together, and though it struggled at other times, we got a glimpse of what can be when Michigan has not just a good starting lineup, but full depth to overcome some of those losses.
That had its downsides, no doubt, but did result in a fair number of caused turnovers defensively. It could probably fit into any of the three headings in this post though, since it certainly stunk for the outcome of the 2016 season, but portends bright things for the future.
They turned it over 185 times on the year (.420), well over their number of goals, whereas opponents saw exactly the same number of offensive opportunities end in a goal as in a turnover. U-M played one of the toughest schedules in the country (three of four final four teams, including both finalists), but there were chances in there to get some wins, and too many of those chances fell by the wayside. The number of freshman contributors (in addition to the defenders mentioned above, 18 other man-games were started by freshmen) was crappy for the outcome of the 2016 season, but should pay dividends in 2017 and beyond. The sophomore class that was on the field this spring was probably the first full, Division-1 recruiting class that this staff brought in.
Goalie Gerald Logan, defenseman Charlie Keady, and midfielder Brendan Gaughan all mised a full season due to injury at some point during their careers (2014 for Logan and Keady, 2013 for Gaughan), and could return as redshirt seniors next spring. Kyle Jackson is the first NCAA-era pro (Brekan Kohlitz and Trevor Yealy, both primarily from the club days, had opportunities with MLL and NLL teams, respectively) from this program, picked up by the Boston Cannons.
There should be bullets in the chamber (incoming freshman Matt Dellacroce is highly-regarded, players on the roster can improve, and there may be a high-profile transfer or two available), but Life Without Lott will be something for the program to adjust to. This time of year is when the team has to capitalize on what they learned this spring to forget all about it in less than nine months’ time. The NCAA’s inexplicable vendetta against TFL and good statistical analysis in lacrosse continues, so the opponent-adjusted data shall remain a mystery, but per the LaxPower numbers, the Titans were the No.
Detroit had consistently been one of the top four teams in the league, with five straight MAAC tournament appearances, and the gap isn’t large to get back there.
With a more consistent defense in front of him, he has a chance to bounce back up as a senior next spring. His arrival didn’t come quickly enough for the season-long stats to reflect a good faceoff team, but by the end of the year, that was the case for UDM. A year of adjusting to life without Shayne Adams was a struggle, but probably sets the Titans up to make big strides on offense. Good athletes come from the state of Michigan, no doubt, but have the stick skills been part of the problem. If the team plays to its potential next spring, this will look like a blip, rather than the program falling off.
While that’s not coming back until next spring (fingers crossed), the Boys state playoffs are getting into serious territory with plenty of big games in the next two days.
For their prowess on the field and their generosity off, we are proud to induct them into the Michigan Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  Their induction will be celebrated on January 14th, 2017. His career at Brother Rice included: two state championships (1986 -first state championship for Brother Rice and 1988), and a Midwest championship in 1987. GPS went to the Michigan State Finals from 2002-2004, winning the championships in 2003 and 2004.
Her personal accolades include: Ivy League Offensive Player of the week, first team all-region, and 2nd team All-Ivy. He was an assistant coach for the 1999 D1 State Champs, Detroit Country Day, and the 2006 D2 State Champs, Cranbrook. If the Wolverines simply take care of business in those two, the amount that this season leaves a bad taste in the mouth is reduced in a major way. Reducing the number of possessions that are simply wasted goes a long way to straightening things out. No official announcements have been made as to whether any of the three are returning, but current expectation is that Gaughan is the only of the three to return. 61 team nationally, the worst (in absolute terms and percentile-wise, given the growth of Division-1) since 2010. Almost a third of their shots on the year and well more than a third of their shots on goal also came in the fourth. A well-rounded attackman through two years at Detroit, the trajectory should continue upwards. Margins like that can help teams make up for other areas in which they don’t stack up to the opposition.
UDM fell to Mercer, Bellarmine, and Siena by a single goal, and NCAA Tournament participants Marquette and Air Force by just a pair. UDM committed 193 in 344 possessions, so 56% of their opportunities with the ball ended with a giveaway. Just the normal growth that comes with maturity and experience of players should see a boost there. Junior Greg Marzec Freshman Mike Sforza showed some good things at times, and can be nice secondary options. The side facing Touchdown Jesus won't be changed.The buildings on the east and west sides of the stadium will rise nine stories and include premium seating, increasing the capacity of Notre Dame Stadium from 80,795 to more than 84,000, although widening seats on the benches could cut down the number of seats. The game at Arlotta Stadium turned historic when the Irish shutout out the Buckeyes and won 9-0.

ACC newcomer and 2013 final four participant Syracuse was third with two first-place votes and 53 points. She achieved All-State 3 years, MVP of the state tournament in 2003, All-American in 2004 and Academic All-American 2003 and 2004. They should be able to steal one themselves against Ohio State (a three-goal loss), Penn (a two-goal loss), and Maryland (a one-goal loss – and what could have been a signature moment over the eventual national runner-up). While he’ll almost certainly be passed by Ian King if the rising senior can remain healthy next spring, Jackson leaves a big void. There are caveats, of course: they were often down by so much that opponents let off the gas (and emptied the bench) to close the game, and only one of those fourth quarter explosions turned into a victory. A moral victory is also known as a loss, but that does demonstrate that Detroit wasn’t far from having a much better season, and even incremental improvement could flip some of those results. It’s the one thing that is consistent across the seasons, and if the Titans can take more care of the ball (only 84 of those turnovers were forced by opponents), a mini-leap forward awaits. With a very good goalie, that probably speaks to a need for improvement from the field players. They’re more self-win guys, whereas wing play is key for Gjokaj (though he won more GBs himself as the year went on).
You can win with players from Michigan, but a sloppy style of play may be the tradeoff until the game continues to improve at the high school level within our borders. The press box will also move from the west to the east side.The south building will be six stories high and include a hospitality area. Duke (34) was picked to finish fourth, Virginia (29) fifth, Notre Dame (27) sixth, Boston College (23) seventh and Virginia Tech (8) eighth.
After high school, Nick distinguished himself at Johns Hopkins University where he was a 4-year letterman.  . Add in that a potential win against Detroit was canceled due to weather, and this season should have looked better than it did.
Peter Kraus and Mike Hernandez will also leave a sizable void offensively, while all the talented up-and-comers in the world won’t make Michigan forget about LSM Chase Brown. Still, the never-say-die attitude can pay off in the long run, as long as the team makes incremental improvement. Fortunately, there are some key contributors (LSM Austin Polson-McCannon, D Will Kane, and of course Weber) who have a chance to take a step forward and achieve that goal. The student center will include a recreation center and allow the university to turn the existing Rolfs Sports Recreation Center into the practice home for the men's and women's basketball teams.Jenkins said the university will seek donations to fund the project. Wherever people are walking on the beautiful campus of Notre Dame, they can almost always look up to see the Dome shining in good weather and in bad. North Carolina, Maryland and Syracuse also are ranked 1-2-3 in the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association poll. New grass had to be installed three times last year.The stadium opened in 1930, when Knute Rockne was coach, and had a capacity of 59,075 until it was expanded in 1997.
The team’s helmets are now covered from top to bottom with the same color that graces the world-famous Golden Dome.
Notre Dame football started this tradition, followed by the hockey team and now Notre Dame men’s lacrosse is in on the tradition as well. Another planned new building will house the departments of economics, political science and sociology, as well as the Nanovic Institute for European Studies. Friedgen was head coach at Maryland from 2001 to 2010 and previously was offensive coordinator for both a national college champion (Georgia Tech in 1990) and a Super Bowl team (the San Diego Chargers in 1994). Pit these two teams together with a packed house at Arlotta Stadium and air the game on national television and you have a recipe for something special to ensue. The Irish got on the scoreboard first with an unassisted goal from senior midfielder Nick Ossello. Conor Doyle had two goals of his own, while four other Irish players each netted a goal for Notre Dame.
It shut out the Buckeyes on Saturday, marking the first time in 31 years that the Notre Dame men’s lacrosse team won in a shutout.
He made 11 saves and helped the Irish defense stop four man-up opportunities in 55:35 in addition to picking up his fourth win of the season. Senior goalie Conor Kelly came in and played the final 4:25 to preserve the shutout with two saves of his own. Johns Hopkins senior Kylie Ternes was named Bluegrass Mountain Conference women's Swimmer of the Week. After the game, I asked Ossello a question with a very obvious answer: How do you think Shane Doss played today? He will head up the sales and sponsorship efforts for the Tigers athletics program.Et ceteraRavens try out CFL linebacker Henoc MuambaThe Ravens tried out Canadian Football League middle linebacker Henoc Muamba on Monday, according to an NFL source. With Notre Dame now added to this list, Ossello knows what this victory meant to the Irish.
Muamba, 24, is a 6-foot, 230-pound player who was drafted first overall by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 2011 CFL draft out of St.
These three foundational values guide the promise of the program, which is to provide its student-athletes with the most compelling and enriching experience in all of college athletics.

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