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Gronkowski is one of the most explosive players in the NFL having racked up just about a touchdown a game over a 4 year span. Gronk has a high risk of getting injured this year (Rob Gronkowski’s injury history here). It is rare for ACL’s to reoccur, however his ACL tear happened right at the end of 2013 which means he is in the early part of the 6-9 month recovery window that most athletes need to rehab before getting back on the field. In trying to understand what his performance will look like we are going to base our projections on the research study titled: Outcomes of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries to Running Backs and Wide Receivers in the National Football League.
For the sake of this article we will consider the TE position to be the same as the WR by focusing our comparative analysis on TEs who are used primarily as receivers and not inline blockers.
As you can see on a per game basis Gronk absolutely dominated the position whenever he took the field. A caveat to these numbers are that this study was done on injuries and surgery that was done over 10 years ago. The biggest question that will need to be answered on draft day is what your strategy is with regard to risk. YouTube videos started popping up by the minute of Katy Perry’s 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show. It’s no surprise that Katy Perry, arguably one of the biggest pop-stars of the 2000s, rocked the stage at the 2015 NFL Superbowl, featuring the Seattle Seahawks, and the New England Patriots. Katy Perry’s performance was approximately 11 minutes long and featured Lenny Kravitz, and surprise performer Missy Elliot. Right after the performance, social media lit up with a flurry of reaction to Katy Perry’s performance, and of course, YouTube started filling up with halftime show reactions and uploads of the performance in full or in part.
This again is just another way of showing the power of YouTube and it’s effect on pop culture.

It’s always sad to see someone you love and care about pass away. The YouTubers on this list represent those individuals that many have come to love. FOXBORO (CBS) – It may have been Drew Bledsoe getting hurt that changed the face of New England Patriots history, but the quarterback’s effect on the franchise goes much deeper than just that. Bledsoe made sure to thank all that played with him over the years, from his offensive linemen to wide receivers, his defense to coaches.
One that stood out to Bledsoe was Troy Brown, who will take his spot in the Patriots Hall of Fame very soon.
Bledsoe was traded to the Buffalo Bills after Tom Brady took over in 2001 and led the team to their first Super Bowl Championship. Also inducted on Saturday was offensive lineman Jon Morris, the Patriots first-ever Pro Bowler. Robert Kraft introduced both Morris and Bledsoe, and called it a mix of two men that helped shape the franchise. The fact that the back surgery he had last year was to relieve symptoms of a similar injury that laid him out in college is red flag.
The probability of injury arrow is definitely pointing up and there is a good chance that he will get injured this season. This paper was written in 2006 and studied a group of 24 NFL athletes (14 RBs and 10 WRs) who suffered from ACL injuries from 1998 to 2002. The study used 3 year averages to establish a baseline so for the table below we look at TEs who were active in the same period to get an idea of power ranking and we also included some TEs who broke out last year to give an idea of context where the Gronk post ACL would fall.
Surgery practices along with the science of rehab have improved to a large extent since then allowing for players like Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles to return to the game and pick up as dominant as they left off.
Never before as now can the average comment and join in the conversation of this magnitude and reach so many people.

And for that reason, he donned a red jacket on Saturday, taking his spot in the New England Patriots Hall of Fame. What he is doing on the field is truly special, so make sure you continue to appreciate,” Bledsoe said of Brady.
Without them, the Patriots would never be as big as they are, and may not have drafted Bledsoe. Five prime-time matchups are on the schedule, including three in a four-week span from late September into October. Any time a player has plates and screws in his body it increases risk of injury as well – especially in a body part like the forearm that is used by Tight Ends for blocking and swatting off 300lb linebackers.
How severe it will be is hard to say but you should count on him missing a few games this season. According to Dr Klapper who hosts the ESPN Weekend Warrior show Adrian Peterson has changed the bar for recovery from ACL surgery and we may see another version of that if Gronk comes back to dominate this season. However if you’re open to risking a 3rd round pick on the return of the old, pre-ACL Gronk you should make plans on hedging that risk elsewhere by avoiding risky Running Backs and Wide Receivers. He led the Patriots to the 1996 Super Bowl, just the second time in franchise history that New England made it to the big game. Knee swelling, pulled hamstrings and ankle injuries are usually what follow the year after an ACL injury and this is heightened by the shortened recovery period he has had.

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