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RB Leipzig would go on to add another, from the penalty spot in the second half of extra time, ensuring the overall victory and promotion to the third tier of German Football for the latest addition to Red Bull’s football project. The major difference here is that Bayer AG and Volkswagen were a fundamental part in the inception of their two respective clubs and have been a key part of their clubs ever since. The clubs traditional colours of violet and white were replaced by the red and white of Red Bull while the long-standing club logo was scrapped, to be replaced by two raging, crimson bulls. Red Bull’s entry into football has drawn attention and criticism in almost equal amounts. Football clubs foster a special sense of community and togetherness between fans that is encapsulated in the history and identity of the club. It’s hard to argue with the criticism directed towards Red Bull, but nevertheless, what they have done thus far and look set to do in the near future deserves attention. The two are shaped in almost a completely different mould when compared to the other Red Bull-owned clubs. However, the relationship between Red Bull and their clubs is one of mutualism; offering great economic and social benefits to their local communities, but more importantly, a platform for local talent to make their way into the game.
To an extent, it’s quite surprising that Red Bull are the first to attempt this sort of thing.
Graham Zusi of the United States looks on prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Round of 16 match between Belgium and the United States at Arena Fonte Nova on July 1, 2014 in Salvador, Brazil. The Bull throws his athletic, muscular frame between the enemy and the ball, touches the ball out of reach, and with explosive power and elegance that belies such a powerful beast, he ghosts past two more and stabs the ball goalwards. RB Leipzig, along with FC Red Bull Salzburg, New York Red Bulls, Red Bull Brasil and Red Bull Ghana make up Red Bull’s portfolio of football teams, giving Red Bull a foothold in some of the biggest football markets across the world.
Within five years, Red Bull had added teams from Germany, Brazil, the United States and Ghana to their domain. In addition, a majority of staff and management were replaced, removing virtually all trace of the old club.
No two clubs had ever been under the same ownership before, (although Udinese’s owner Giampaolo Pozzo recently purchased both Granada (2009) and Watford (2012) let alone five, each a member of a league in a different country.
There can be no doubting Red Bull’s success either, with four promotions, four Austrian Bundesliga titles and an Eastern Conference MLS title to their name in little over eight years.

History and identity lives through the clubs logo and the traditional club colours, a beloved link to past glories and club heroes of old. Both clubs were founded by Red Bull themselves and help to shine a new light on Red Bull’s ownership strategy. Red Bull’s ownership of a Ghanaian club in particular, provides levels of investment and stability never seen in the country before, which should allow Red Bull to nurture and develop talent to a very high level.
Football clubs are not money-making machines, even Red Bull will know that; but they are big business. He may have been isolated, but luck is on the Bull’s side as an opposition defender inadvertently nods the airborne ball inside the near post and past the hapless goalkeeper, undoing ninety-five minutes of hard work.
Red Bull, the energy drink manufacturer founded in 1987, have a massive presence in the sports industry, having founded popular sporting events such as Flugtag and Red Bull X-Fighters (and many, many more extreme sporting events all over the world), in addition to owning numerous sports teams including EC Red Bull Salzburg (an Austrian Ice Hockey team) and the very successful Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing (and its sister team Toro Rosso).
The buying and selling of football clubs is nothing new, with a significant number of the world’s top clubs now owned by multi-billionaire businessman looking for a new plaything, bored of their luxury yachts and sports cars. SV Austria Salzburg, for example, could boast a 53 year existence during which the club had been successful both domestically and on the European stage. Questions have been raised in regards to the rationale behind Red Bull’s acquisition of these football clubs. Their treatment of SV Austria Salzburg not only enraged a large number of Salzburg supporters, but also evoked the fury of a huge section of the footballing world who see it as a step too far in the commercialization of football.
Red Bull’s ambition and financial investment to match makes it all the more impressive, especially considering their successful record thus far.
Of course, first and foremost, creating football clubs in Ghana and Brazil is a marketing tool, a way of instantly projecting their brand across these new markets.
Ownership of football clubs is, however, reasonably novel territory for businesses, with Red Bull being among a very select group of current club owners. With the club suffering from financial difficulty following the turn of the century, Red Bull saw an opportunity, and in the spring of 2005, purchased the club. Red Bull’s two lesser known clubs, Red Bull Brasil and Red Bull Ghana, are perhaps the hidden gems amongst their portfolio of clubs.
Association with sporting success, a grouping of loyal supporters, brand enhancement, and even debate over the sheer notion of corporate ownership will all benefit Red Bull as a drink business.

Il est presque confirme, les nouveaux maillots des ?tats-Unis en 2016 et en Angleterre en 2016 vient d'etre divulgue sur le web, le tricotage fran?ais sera base sur le meme modele, il est egalement le cas du Portugal Euro 2016 maillot et peut-etre aux Pays-Bas.maillot france 2017, maillot france euro 2016 maillot equipe de france 2017, maillot equipe de france pas cherApres les nombreuses revolutions sur les chaussures, c’est au tour du textile. German sides Bayer Leverkusen and VfL Wolfsburg are the most notable members of this group, partially owned by Bayer AG and Volkswagen respectively. The Red Bull company have had a positive impact on the world of extreme sports, and their successful business means they have a lot of cash to throw at their football ambitions. Even still, what Red Bull are doing is markedly different to anything that has ever been done before in football.
The ill-handled take-over of SV Austria Salzburg aside, they have handled their entry into football relatively well and their presence in Ghana and Brazil have been a benefaction for the two respective countries. Nous n’avons plus besoin de vous rappeler que cet ete, la France sera le centre du football mondial puisqu’elle accueillera l’elite du football europeen. Bayer Leverkusen started out as a sports club for workers at Bayer AG, and understandably, Bayer have supported and financed the team since its inception. Moderne, jeune et multiculturelle, voici les mots qui representent bien ces deux nouveaux maillots. Wolfsburg, itself a worker’s town built in 1938 to house workers from Volkswagens factory, gave birth to a works team that led to the formation of VfL Wolfsburg in 1945.
Red Bull’s approach, on the other hand, has largely involved the purchasing of, and subsequent investment in existing teams. Il est dote d’un col V moderne, d’une bordure noire dans la nuque et d’un nouvel ecusson gris metallise de la Federation Fran?aise de Football.
Thus far, SV Austria Salzburg, New York MetroStars and SSV Markranstädt have all been rebranded to fit the guise of their new owners.

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