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This Air Jordan 8 Retro Low was made exclusive for Jared Jeffries for the 2007-08 NBA season. Enjoy the images of the Jared Jeffries "New York Knicks Home" Player exclusive Air Jordan 8 Retro Low in white, orange flash and blue ribbon below. Jeremy Lin #17 of the New York Knicks looks on against the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden on February 10, 2012 in New York City. The NBA’s newest sensation canned the game-winning 3-pointer with less than a second left to rally the New York Knicks to their sixth straight victory, 90-87 in Toronto. The season-high crowd of 20,092 roared as the NBA’s first American-Taiwanese player drained a pull-up jumper from the top of the key with half a second to play, giving the Knicks their first lead since the opening quarter.
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So much sad and disheartening news floating around on my longer-than-usual evening browse through Facebook tonight: Bobbie Smith of The Spinners died.
In contrast to these stories I took a modicum of delight in news that Michelle Shocked spouted off on some hateful anti-gay rant at a recent show in San Francisco, I believe.
The musical discussion that really made me stop and think, however, came from Crystal, the wife of a Townsman, and a former contributor herself, in fact.
This past Sunday the over-35 men’s baseball team I joined with 16 other guys from my town had its first outdoor practice after a few weeks of indoor batting and pitching practice.
As I got older and fatter and calmer, I realized I could throw a decent knuckleball, better than the knuckleballs other guys in their 30s could throw while having a catch for fun or warming up for the yearly Fathers Day game. The coming problem with the eventual deaths of McCartney and Jagger will be people’s difficulties with feeling warm to those legends. Among R&B artists, I think the losses of Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder will be felt deeply. And, speaking of oldies stations, I’ve noticed something interesting about the one here in Hartford. You don’t keep a transistor radio in the bathroom for your increasingly frequent need to pee?
I use a beat up Radio Shack transistor radio for any and all beach listening, and digital be damned. Also, a pince-nez regarding la petite morte, which refers to the act of orgasm, not the post-coital state.

Are you suggesting that thinner people don’t burn or that Patrick Ewing was embarrassed about his back and shoulder acne?
The other night at our music trivia game, the host played the Flamin’ Groovies Shake Some Action. Or I’ve had a couple-a pops too many and will simply crash out rather than continue to complicate your rather straight-forward happiness! Mod, further to your point about college sports uniform issues, remember back in the 70s when some college football players sported those super-short, cut-off shirts, baring their mid-sections? I was the wild left-hander who would gesture at the umps, stomp around the mound, and occasionally manage to get kids out solely because I was left-handed, kind of crazy, and fearless.
When I turned 40, my wife and the wife of Andyr sent the 2 of us to Phillies Phantasy Camp, where we spent 4 or 5 days doing nothing but playing baseball under the watchful, ball-busting eyes of phavorite Phillies phrom our youth.
Their musical achievements are undeniable, but they’ve spent the last 30+ years squandering whatever role they might have played in the culture.
Coming in a New York Knicks "Home" edition, Jeffries wore these throughout the 2007-08 NBA season while he played for the Knicks at home. Just this evening, in fact, while driving home from a long client presentation through a wintry mix on the New Jersey Turnpike, one of their songs came on the radio. At first I thought he was one of those bearded, mediocre folk-rock dudes who manage to appear on The Tonight Show and other major outlets despite seeming to have generated no organic buzz. For the first time ever I wore a batting glove on my glove hand while taking fielding practice.
I wanted to be nasty and over-powering like Bob Gibson, who flew off the mound after every pitch. Jagger has contributed exactly NOTHING to the soul of our culture since the early ’80s. It was the late-70s, I lived in Chicagoland…it was all about Bruce Sutter, Wilbur Wood be damned).
They come in his personal size of 17 and, feature his jersey number at the time, "20" stitched on the back heels. That’s right, I was listening to sports-talk radio, got sick of hearing people talk about stinking college kids wearing t-shirts under their tank tops and their basketball tournament, which dudes who barely graduated from high school foam at the mouth over in hopes of winning $200 in an office pool. The club shut down her performance, and 8 of her next 11 scheduled venues canceled her coming appearance. I was merely nasty and incapable of following through without falling toward the third base line.

It also generated a lot of laughs, which was a relief, because I was afraid my teenage hothead self would re-emerge in my then-40-year-old body. McCartney has spread a little more good will, but it always seems calculated to help him catch up to all that Lennon left by the natural power of his personality and then his early death. But because I never learned to release it properly with the thumb giving it that forward spin, it came out just as dead as a knuckler. As with all player exclusive's, these were never sold in stores or available to the public. My mild sense of delight was in no means related to the content of her shocking new beliefs but in the fact that I never liked her music, her entire schtick, and all the people who bought into that schtick in the mid-’80s or so.
Regardless, 10 minutes after my triumphant return home to a wife and 2 sons who couldn’t care less about my on-field exploits the muscles in my legs just went dead, like guitar strings snapping. Upon further investigation I was reminded that Molina was the man behind Songs:Ohia, an actually good folky band I first learned about through a contribution to a tribute album on which my band appeared.
Too many of those artists struck me as being props for people who couldn’t take a stand of their own. After an hour of fielding practice we split up in teams and played an intra-squad scrimmage, just a couple of innings.
This story was especially sad, sadder than the fat kid jumping into the pool in his sopping wet, skin-tight t-shirt. Last night I popped Tylenol like Tug McGraw did for weeks during the Phillies’ 1980 postseason.
I knew at that moment that no matter what else would happen that I would sleep like a baby, with visions of that knuckleball dancing into the catcher’s mitt.
The next 2 batters, including their most feared hitter, lunged at knuckleballs and both popped up to the shortstop. If getting through that inning on pure slop wasn’t enough, I also went 2-for-2 at the plate, twice singling with 2 strikes on me. The Spinners played, and I sang along to whatever old Spinners tune it was the oldies station was playing.
The early successes felt sweet, even knowing that they were setting me up for some spirit-crushing failure later in the season, when the games count.

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