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Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron 1998 New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron New York Knicks Logo Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Knicks Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Welcome 'Mello! Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Welcome 'Mello! Insanity is defined by doing the same thing the same way, but expecting a different result. The Knicks had this game, a big game at home, but limited offense and terrible shooting in the second half led to their downfall. Two years ago, when Anthony had his injuries, a young Asian guard, came in and Linsanity was created. The same Knicks that worry so much about draft picks allowed two young talents to just walk away with not even a coveted draft pick in return. With Anthony out with a sprained ankle, for the second straight game, Bargnani displayed much-needed offense and rebounding from the outset, putting up 14 points, nine rebounds and two blocks in the first half.
In the last Knick win, Bargnani made two key baskets at games end with Anthony on the bench.
Bargnani is not a selfish player, he is still trying to fit in and does not have 100% of the coach’s confidence.
Bargnani said after the game: “I’m part of the team, so I played like the team played, very good in the first half, and in the second half, I’m not happy about it… I don’t think it’s just one thing. There is a ton of talent on this Knick team, but they are unorganized and play poor defense.
There is the story of legendary baseball player Ralph Kiner, (who announced for the New York Mets) when he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Anthony is coddled by Dolan and Dolan does whatever Anthony and his team of managers and agents tell him to do. Nevertheless, there are some silver linings to the Knicks being so inconsistent; a few years ago, after a middle school basketball game where my team played in two overtimes before losing by a point to the other intramural team, my dad and I went to a Knicks game. So, if any Knicks fan is feeling sad about having a team that brings in more losses than wins, just think about all of the middle school children who are feeling relieved to know that the professionals can lose, too. So for now, instead of thinking about how bad the Knicks are, I listen to my dad reminisce about the last time they won a championship (like when he was two), and think about all of the ways that the Knicks not being the best team is a good thing. The New York Knicks didn’t have much success as a team in Vegas during Summer League action, dropping all five games as a team. However, despite the winless trip to Vegas, it wasn’t a total loss as the franchise got a look at evaluating several young players.
White did average 4.3 rebounds per game, but he shot the ball miserably, connecting only 29 percent of the time. He scored 17 points on two different occasions and was the only Knicks player who played in at least three games to average double figures in scoring. Thompson did do a little on the defensive end, recording three steals in a game against Denver.
While Chandler hasn’t been quite himself this year, in part because of his fractured leg and then upper repertory infection, his history as an elite defender and as the leader in offensive rating the last three years in the NBA are enough of a reason to still place a lot of value on him.
So when pondering whether the Knicks should trade Chandler the bigger question is, should the Knicks rebuild?
Based on the Knicks having everything go their way last season from above average shooting to injury luck both on their team and others and the team still failed to get out of the second round, the answer is likely that this roster has already maximized its potential.
If that is the case then the Knicks should look to deal Tyson if they also entertain deals on Carmelo Anthony.

I’ve already detailed a number of trades the Knicks can make for Anthony that could get them either young talent or draft picks back and coupling that with a Tyson Chandler trade for one solid young player and maybe a future pick could really make the future seem a lot brighter. Teams such as the Thunder (who agreed to a deal to acquire Chandler but he then failed his physical), Clippers, and Hawks among others could be possible trade partners if Chandler is made available.
The Thunder especially could use Chandler as their offense clearly isn’t the same with Kendrick Perkins on the floor. Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron Carmelo Anthony's Biggest 4 year old Fan Cameron then and now This is New York New York Knicks Logo awesome Welcome 'Mello! James Dolan met with the New York Knicks the other day and promised the team no changes in the foreseeable future. Last year, during Anthony’s absence of 18 games, a bright, young rookie named Chris Copeland stepped in and provided a scoring punch. Toronto made the necessary adjustments in the second half, limiting Bargnani to only four points while shooting 1-of-5 from the field, and grabbing only three rebounds.
It is a coach’s job to give players confidence and trust, Woodson has failed in this area with many players.
They continually switch, play defense with their hands and never fight through screens on defense.
The right message should have been to ask the player, tell the players either step it up, or I will make whatever changes are necessary. They have everything from NBA fashion and female fit jerseys of your favorite player, to jewelry and accessories adorned with your team’s logo, to ice chests, blankets & pillows, drinkware, and much more!
If you click on a product link, you will be taken to a third party website where the item is available for purchase. I was feeling pretty bummed out about the loss, but then I watched my Knicks fight for the win, too, and lose to some other team. If that perspective doesn’t float your boat, here’s another thing to think about: for teams that are having good seasons, tickets tend to be super expensive. Tap it here!By tapping into native intelligence on all things New York, we help you discover what the heart of this city really is. He scored only four points in his first two games, but ended up scoring 11 against the Denver Nuggets, but did so shooting only 4-of-12 from the floor. In addition, he shot only 29 percent from the floor and  62.5 percent at the free-throw line. Unlike the rest of the unrestricted free agents that were on this team, I can see some team inviting Parkhouski to training camp.
Lauded as the most valuable Knick by some fans since he signed with the team, Tyson Chandler has been an offensive linchpin and one of the only reasons the Knicks defense isn’t ranked thirtieth for most of his time here.
Anthony has very little without a guarantee to resign with the team trading for him and the other choices, Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr.
If Chandler is moved for youth or picks, the Knicks have essentially forfeited all title aspirations they may have had in the near future. Is this 41 game sample size indicative of the roster’s current state or can this team bounce back and be a title contender with a few tweaks? Bringing him back on a 5 year $129 million contract when the team is looking to rebuild in some form would just be silly and quite honestly make rebuilding nearly impossible. While getting Reggie Jackson is unlikely, players like Jeremy Lamb on OKC, Lou Williams from Atlanta, and Darren Collison from the Clippers could all be key parts of a deal that hopefully for the Knicks, included at least a future first rounder too. Having a far superior offensive center in Chandler who can still provide great rim protection, especially next to Serge Ibaka, would make them even scarier to the rest of the Western Conference.

They have to decide and commit to either blowing this thing up or hoping that this is a salvageable roster. HD Wallpaper and background images in the New York Knicks club tagged: new york knicks anthony logo emblem.
The rewarded their owner with no changes last night in a 95-83 loss to the Toronto Raptors. Many reporters blame the loss on Carmelo Anthony and his ankle injury and the loss of Raymond Felton.
Management allowed them to leave, by never making a legitimate offer until it was too late. Chandler scored 7 points while the opposing center Jonas Valanciunas had 16 points and 18 rebounds. If a product is not found at the other end of a link, or if the link to the specific item has been removed, this is due to the product being sold out by the seller.
Don’t get me wrong, there were a few stretches in there where it looked like they could really get it together and get some wins. At certain points in Knicks history, tickets could go for thousands of dollars, but now, even people who couldn’t afford to get really good seats at games can. He showed no ability to run an offense consistently and shot the ball very poorly throughout. This team can not reasonably compete on even a playoff level with Andrea Bargnani, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Kenyon Martin holding down the fort at the center position.
Even if the Knicks took Perkins back, he would come off the books after next year and if the Knicks decide to rebuild having him around to try and get as high a pick as possible may not be a bad idea. If they go the prior than yes, they should absolutely see what is out there in terms of a Tyson Chandler trade. The Knicks once again blew a lead late in the game and got out-scored by the Raptors in the fourth quarter to lose the game.
The coach has never treated him like a star, he is trying his hardest to just fit in to an Anthony-based offense. Toronto played tough defense, double teaming the Knicks the entire fourth quarter and holding the Knicks to 12 points while they scored 29.
In Oklahoma, their top point guard Russell Westbrook just had knee surgery and is out until the All Star game. The owner responded, “No, because I could just as easily come in last place without you. Woodson again did not do his job of maneuvering his players and making the appropriate changes. Statistically, it was a close game, the difference is Toronto made big shots at the end of the game.
If the Knicks had a true offensive set, which they don’t, the coach could call plays to get him the ball. This did not happen; they forgot what got them the lead and instead hoisted a bunch of poor shots.

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