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The New York Giants  jersey has always been dark blue, dating back to their inception in 1925. With home jerseys traditionally sticking to the dark blue, or sometimes red, their pants alternated between white and gray.
For the road, they wear a white jersey with red block numbering, Northwestern stripes on the sleeves, gray pants with red and blue stripes on the pant leg, and solid red socks. Currently the New York Giants' uniforms are solid blue with white block numbering, gray pants with blue and red stripes on the legs, and solid blue socks.
They were staring down bankruptcy as early as their inception year due to a shaky beginning (0-3) into the professional football league.

They also have had some pretty impressive names on their roster including: The great Jim Thorpe, Larry Csonka, Phil Simms, Tiki Barber, Pete Gogolak, and Frank Gifford. The home uniform of a blue jersey and gray pants stayed the same until the 70's when the Giants changed to white pants and a variety of stripes on the sleeves of the jersey.
The New York Giants'  heated rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles dates all the way back to 1933 and is the oldest of the NFC east conference rivalries. They retained that look until the 90's when they reverted back to their most popular uniform, as a throwback to the 60's, where the logo had been changed along with some other minor alterations in 1961.
Wellington Mara became the youngest owner ever of a football team and began his notable career as a key player within the Giants franchise.

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