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New York Giants Sign WR Ben Edwards: The New York Giants have officially signed free agent wide receiver Ben Edwards (University of Richmond). Edwards was eligible to play in the NFL in 2014, but sat out the year recovering from an ACL knee injury. The Giants also confirmed the signings of rookie free agent tryout players running back Kenneth Harper (Temple University), tight end Will Tye (Stony Brook University), and defensive tackle Carlif Taylor (Southern Connecticut State University).
Because of this move, we have updated the Transactions, Roster, and Depth Chart sections of the website.
New York Giants Cut Three Players: The New York Giants announced on Monday that they have terminated the contract of running back Chris Ogbonnaya and waived linebacker James Davidson and safety Thomas Gordon.
Davidson was originally signed by the Cincinnati Bengals as a rookie free agent after the 2014 NFL Draft, but waived in August.
Gordon was originally signed by the Giants as an undrafted rookie free agent after the 2014 NFL Draft.
Because of these moves, we have updated the Transactions, Roster, and Depth Chart sections of the website. For the first time since Antrel Rolle signed with the Giants in 2010, the 31-year-old safety played, well, primarily safety. Earlier, Brooks named Giants’ cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie the seventh-best coverage safety. The cagey veteran remains one of the top playmakers in the game despite entering his 10th season in the league.
Connor Hughes has been working in both the broadcasting and journalism fields for the last seven years. A: We’ve got scouts who did a nice job with our board and the board came off very similar…the names came off very similar to how we had them stacked up. A: Everybody has to come in and earn their spot for the New York Giants, but we think he has starter caliber tools. Q: I know you don’t want to speak specifics about players you might take of the board, but you said “the highest player on our board, beyond the guys with issues.
Q: Because Vernon Hargreaves plays the same position and went one pick later, can you explain to us from a scouting perspective the difference in the two players? Q: If teams were willing to deal tonight, perhaps if you got another first round pick, would you entertain the offer?
Q: Eli Apple was talked about recently in the last 24-48 hours and referred to by an anonymous scout questioning his life skills.
Q: Can you clear up the perception about whether you could have gotten him further down in the round?
A: You can always say that and you’ll say, “We’ll be cute and we’ll move back,” and the next pick is the guy you want.
A: All that’s part of the equation, but what he does on the field, how he played, he’s a big time player, big time program. A: We plan out scenarios basically the last couple of days leading up to the draft with how we think it will play out and who we’ll be comfortable drafting.
Q: Did you think there were going to be a couple of teams that would trade up ahead of you before you picked?
A: In the fall, when you go to Ohio State, you know you’re coming there for some seniors, but you’re coming for this star-studded class of juniors that they have there that are coming off the board and more to come. Q: With the way the league is throwing the ball, is it almost a necessity to have three guys who can play corner? Q: You joke about that, but how much of a concern is it when you draft a kid who is that young? Q: What was the experience like for you watching everything happen in the nine picks before you?
A: We planned to pick the highest guy on the board and Eli is a guy who is an outstanding young man, high character, good football player, his best days are ahead of him as a player and we are excited to have him. Q: When you have a young guy, do you give him a little bit of a longer leash when you coach them up because they may not be as developed as a 22 or 23 year old? Q: Was there any temptation from you to maybe roll the dice based on how crazy those first nine picks were?

A: We had a variety of looks at him at a variety of different locations and he made a great impression. Q: How does it feel to be part of something that’s absolutely historic right now going on at Ohio State? Q: You had a couple of sort of weird controversial things come up in your pre-draft process back at the Combine and then again yesterday. Q: They joked about your name a little bit as being suited for being here, obviously with Eli Manning but also the Big Apple. Q: The NFC East has a lot of elite receivers—you’ve got Dez Bryant, you’ve got Jason Witten, you’ve got Pierre Garcon, you’ve got Jordan Reed, you’ve got Jordan Matthews. A: That definitely will prepare me a lot, just going against great guys, especially in practice as well, like Michael Thomas.
Edwards was invited as tryout player to the team’s three-day rookie mini-camp that concluded on Sunday. Edwards lacks ideal size and timed speed, but he is a quick receiver who plays faster than he times. The Giants signed him to the Practice Squad in September 2014 and the 53-man roster in December 2014. The team waived Gordon in August, but re-signed him to the Practice Squad in December 2014.
98 tackles (career high), two sacks (career high), six interceptions (career high), a forced fumble and the acknowledgment as the third-most dynamic safety in the league. A former NFL player himself, Brooks has found the NFL’s top blind-side blockers, complete running backs, clutch quarterbacks, hybrid tight ends and players with the best hand-ball skills. His work has been heard on WMCX, WBZC and Lenape District Television, while read on the pages of The Star-Ledger and The Burlington County Times. It’s not the end all, but kids that come from big programs are usually more ready to jump in and play at this level. We thought he was a better player. We had him ranked higher, we thought he was a better player.
When you have two corners in this league, you’re short one because the offensive teams throw the ball so much and you’ve got to have three quality corners to really get out there and function at a high level, I think.
He was the MVP of the 2016 Fiesta Bowl, he has a Big Ten championship, he has a college football national championship. I mean it is like anything else, you go through the process, trust your board, you see how things come off and you hope you have somebody sitting up there you like when it comes time to pick, and we obviously did and we are excited we have Eli. He showed that in the interview where he could — he did a great job communicating with us about football, about things that weren’t about football, about his personal life.
We will take a look at him everywhere and we are not going to pencil him into any role right now. He may like to press a little bit more but I think he is a — I’m not going to compare him to anybody at this point but I think he is a young, combative, physical guy.
Where did you meet him, where did you talk to him and did you send someone to go work him out at Ohio State? We viewed him in a bunch of different situations and at a bunch of different locations and he made a great impression on us. It’s kind of crazy to see myself on the screen (at) like number 10 and all that stuff, but I’m excited. Who have you talked to so far and how confident are you that you can contribute immediately to this team?
My sister was telling my all the different stuff, my parents were telling me all this different stuff…you never know. Have you given yourself an opportunity to look over the depth chart, look at the names, see the guys who are here? How do you think playing in the Big Ten against some pretty good offenses prepared you for that?
A lot of the guys in the Big Ten, they’re physical and that’s how the receivers in the NFC East are.
Since then he has played for the Rams (2009), Texans (2011), Browns (2011-13), and Panthers (2014).

People say they knew or thought something was going to happen in front of us, you don’t know that, nobody knows until the name is turned in. We just know that he’s a terrific young player with a huge upside, highest guy on our board, and a need pick. People can say, “Yeah, we knew or we thought something was going to happen.” There were some possibilities that it could happen, but it happened and we’re not looking back.
This guy gives us three quality guys that we think we can play with anybody around the league with these three kind of guys.
People might say, “Well, they could have moved back later and got him.” Nobody knows that…nobody knows that.
So your third corner is essentially a starter now and that’s the way you’ve got to look at it. We are going to get him in here, get a feel for his skill set — he will be in here for two weeks in phase two after this week. He was very well read, he knew football, he got ball and that was important to us, and he seemed like a high character young man and I’m sure he is and we look forward to getting him in here.
I’m excited to get with those guys and really get to work and try to build a great secondary and be legendary, that’s the goal. As long as I’m out there on the field playing man or playing anything—just playing corner, playing football—I’m cool. Changing my name coming out of high school and now being drafted by the New York Giants, going to the Big Apple, it’s definitely going to mean a lot.
His versatility allows defensive coordinator Perry Fewell to use him in a variety of roles in the Giants’ sub-packages to keep quarterbacks guessing in the pocket. He can jump on the board and communicate that way, so he is a mature young man who comes from an outstanding program that has a lot of great players and he shined there. It is tough when you are playing press man coverage to intercept the ball if you are playing a man not with vision. We will get him in the rookie minicamp and he will have an opportunity to get out there versus Frank Air in phase two and work on his skills that way, without anyone across from him, and then we will get a chance to look at him there.
He is aggressive in the run game and again, it is hard to find guys of that size, that young, that have his skill set.
I was like, “Oh my goodness, this is probably one my friends trying to prank call me.” My mom was like, “Yeah, don’t pick it up.” My coach was like, “What you mean? I can’t wait to start playing football and do something I actually love to do, so I’m excited. Rolle is a proven playmaker with a knack for picking off passes (23 career interceptions, including six in 2013) and creating disruption on the second level. He demonstrates very good aggressive man coverage skills and makes plays on the football (22 pass defenses the past two seasons). We like his size, we like his length, good ball skills — that showed up, which is something that he is working on, and we are excited to get him in here.
When you play with vision, it is a lot easier to intercept the ball than it is when you are playing press man. Whereas you have some corners where balls just fall on them and they could be standing there and balls fall on them. He played at a high level on a quality defense with a lot of other playmakers and guys that were going to be drafted. When he learns to catch the flash of the ball a little bit better, which he will and he showed he improved on, he will have more opportunities for picks, for sure. We just felt this guy would come in, and with the cornerback group we have, fit in right away and give you some versatility.
We think (Eli’s) production was more so shutting people down as opposed to getting interceptions. It’s easy to second-guess and pick and say get everybody’s pick right and tell them what they should do, but you’ve just got to put in the work and trust what you do.

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