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EXCHANGES: All exchanges will require the buyer to pay a 25% restocking fee PLUS our return shipping costs. Things begin with Lea Black having a birthday party for her eleven-year-old son RJ Poor Fembot no likey, luckily her face is too frozen to express much displeasure. Eli Manning may not be in the Super Bowl this year but the quarterback for the New York Giants has a lot to celebrate. A rep for Manning confirmed the news to US and revealed that the pair named their newborn - a girl - Caroline Olivia. You don't have to be a booze hound to enjoy the travel adventures of Jack Maxwell, host of "Booze Traveler" on Travel Channel. Louise Harrison, the elder sister of George Harrison, had a front-row seat to musical history. Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, has released a new album, "Something Real," with his roots rock band Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real.
A written note on a cigarette paper can be easily eaten, balled up and dropped, or hidden in clothing seams. Experienced monkeywrenchers generally agree that the best and surest way to cripple heavy equipment is to introduce abrasives into the lubricating system.
Most security guards work for only about minimum wage, and bring little enthusiasm to the job with them.
These are all rated “relatively nontoxic.” Clinical dosages for sedative effect would be less than 100 mg for a large dog.
It’s easy to break into and damage the instrument panel of any aircraft, but don’t neglect the radios. In 1996, while Majel was going through some of Gene's old papers, she came across the pilot and format for a series he had developed in the mid-70s at CBS, which was to become the basis for Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict. Dave Foreman, one of the editors of Ecodefense, was arrested in 1989 as the target of a major FBI operation to “send a message” that monkeywrenching wouldn’t be tolerated.
If the engine compartment is padlocked, remember that the hood is both hinged and locked to a panel that bolts on. If there was water flowing through the culvert, it should now be backing up and forming a little reservoir. Force method — Using this technique, an intruder dresses and arms himself to meet the dog head on, if necessary, and frighten him off. The use of a small “tractor light” as a secondary headlight is a good way to navigate after dark at slow to moderate speeds without using the headlight switch, which usually runs the tail and marker lamps as well. A claw hammer is useful for pulling nails out of trees or pavement, and even makes it simpler to remove nails from soft ground. Among Nimoy's most recent endeavors, has been his fascination with the creation of fine art photography and the release of his new book of poetry, A Lifetime of Love: Poems on the Passage of Life, published by Blue Mountain Press. Sudden blockages of chemical plant cooling water intakes may result in dangerous conditions inside the plant. The importance of taking precautions to avoid leaving fingerprints on both message and envelope cannot be overstressed. The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi and Tye have also worked on charitable 3D and satire endeavors with many notable SF personalities including Richard Hatch, Claudia Christian, Grace Lee Whitney, BarBara Luna, Michael Forest, Linda Harrison, Erin Gray, France Nuyen and Paul Carr, among others. Editor’s Note: The precautions enumerated here seem worthwhile, with one exception, and that is the propriety of keeping shoes that have left a print at a “hit” anywhere around one’s dwelling (or place of employment or whatever) no matter how well hidden.
Apparently, grit inserted via the oil filler hole doesn’t show up on the dipstick until after the engine has been running, and even then could be missed by a careless operator. According to a recent report from UPI, utility companies are warning the public that small, metallic balloons, such as those sold for birthday parties and Valentine’s Day, have been implicated in several recent power failures. After a while, it will be easy for the police to recognize the “hand” of a single sloganeer. Such craft may be most safely approached from the water by someone with snorkel, fins, and mask, or with SCUBA gear. High-voltage powerlines are extremely dangerous and monkeywrenchers could be easily killed trying to sabotage them. Video surveillance of a residence by cameras hidden in parked vehicles’ or nearby buildings. If a member of the group is contacted by the police, for whatever reason, that member has an obligation to inform the group leader or organizer. To return the material, collect empty boxes from behind your local supermarket and fill them (not quite to the brim) with the offending matter. Instead of using a drill larger than the pin, try using one the same size and then driving the pin in. Another effective method, where noise is not much of a problem, is to shoot out the insulators holding the power cables themselves. Although this system allows only one-way communication, a system of repeated transmissions can be used as a crude form of sending two or three different messages (pre-arranged). Effective sabotage may require nothing more than a handful of sand on the spur of the moment. Maximum effectiveness of “super pins” might be achieved by sending a warning letter and a pin sample (so they will believe you!) after the spiking.
If you happen across a line of flagging in the woods, you may have encountered a road in the earliest stages of survey. The use of initials, such as the initials of a clandestine organization, can also convey a strong message of resistance.
For the less sophisticated among us, computers do not like to be dropped onto hard surfaces.
More complex messages may be your only way of being quoted in the media (which likely will be staunchly opposed to your illegal actions). The weight of these spikeboards makes them suitable for use in desert canyons where Monster Trucks like to romp and frolic.
The point is, the offenders are always vulnerable somewhere, and if you keep hitting them where they’re most vulnerable, sooner or later it will affect their operations. Devise a system for keeping track of your tools in the dark — a fanny pack or a tool belt with holsters.
Phoenix Systems, Inc., POB 3339, Evergreen, CO 80439 (303)277–0305, also has a mail-order catalog offering bug detectors and other security devices.
Maritime monkeywrenchers as well as terrestrial monkeywrenchers should remember what anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “never depend on government or institutions to create change. Rojo A Chilean talent show in the mold of "American Idol," "Rojo" became a huge hit the moment it hit the airwaves.
During the summer of 1989, when the Burr Trail in southern Utah was being widened and paved, bait equipment was left out on the side of the road to lure monkeywrenchers. Since most trappers prefer to drive instead of walk, many trap lines are found along rural roads, powerline easement roads, ranch roads, and roads that dead-end at abandoned mines and such. The most vulnerable portion of the industrial infrastructure is the transportation network. Instead of worrying about hardwood shims for jamming locks, try flat toothpicks: Stick one about halfway into a lock, break it off, and jam it in with a piece of wire or another toothpick. Trapping is a mere hobby for most of its practitioners, yet one fourth of trappers surveyed by a major trapper’s magazine boasted that they would disobey any law that banned the leg-hold trap. Defensive Tactics: Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection Learn core defensive tactics with this step-by-step program from self-defense expert Jim Wagner. When Shatner was cast to play Captain James Kirk in the ‘Star Trek' TV show, his small-screen immortality was assured (even though no one knew it at the time). Stock tanks and water troughs — Previous editions of Ecodefense suggested puncturing stock tanks with a hammer and large nail. If a monkeywrencher is contemplating spiking trees in a remote roadless area long in advance of a timber sale, the chances of encountering cops are relatively slim. After a 7 year absence from film and TV, Mary Linda was back in the 1979 mini series, "Blind Ambition" (1979) (mini) playing Sen. Since activists may be unable to attend to all timber sales well in advance, much monkeywrenching will occur at the last possible minute; so it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of timber marking practices.
Driver’s licenses are probably the last thing you should check, since if an undercover agent has a phony license, she may have set it up so that if anyone checks on her license, it will trigger a warning to the appropriate police agency.
One of these added provisions is of interest to monkeywrenchers, for it specifically targets tree spikers who operate on the public lands.
Conveyors — Construction and mining operations frequently use conveyor belt systems to move and sort material. As discussed elsewhere in this chapter, all telephone communications have the possibility of being monitored or instantly traced. For a major spiking operation, you may wish to stash a box of spikes in the woods in the summer (when access is easier), and then ski in during the winter and do the spiking. A general rule on when to spike might be, “the earlier the better.” If one waits until just before the timber is sold, security problems are greater, and it will be easier for the authorities to locate the spikes. Much of the work done by Federal agencies is contracted out to private individuals and small businesses, generally on the basis of competitive bidding. Also, don’t neglect to visit the stores found in most large cities that specialize in novelties, jokes, magic tricks, and the like (look in the yellow pages under “novelties” or “costumes”). Since appearing as Tongo Rad in "The way to Eden" episode of the original Star Trek, Victor Brandt has made many appearances in film and televison, from The Boy in the Plastic Bubble to Sliver. After repeated sabotage of heavy earth moving equipment, some companies have mounted heavy steel plates over engine and cab access points and secured them with padlocks. Removing snowmobile signs will serve to discourage the cult by decreasing the accessibility of trails, eliminating the “advertising value” of sign posts, and siphoning away at least some of the funds that would otherwise go to trail expansion.
First, slide back the metal guard to one side, revealing the black magnetic film within the tough plastic casing. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.

Mama Hochstein waltzes in and this is going to sound mean, but I bust out laughing The one of a kind spot that specializes in doggie birthday parties plans to mobilize their organic gourmet menu, parking a stand beside the likes of other Miami food truck favorites along with other cold delights like frozen macaroni and cheese PROVIDENCE, R.I. According to US Weekly, his wife Abby McGrew gave birth to the couple's third child on Thursday, Jan. Manning and McGrew are already parents to two girls: Ava Francis, 3, and Lucy Thomas, 19 months. In fact, she was spotted walking around New York City with the football star earlier on Thursday.
If quantities of salt could somehow be introduced into cement bags or sand piles for making concrete, foundations and the like would be weakened.
Flight instruments are more costly than engine instruments, but radios are much more expensive than either.
Gene had put it aside when Paramount asked him to begin work on the first Star Trek theatrical motion picture. As long as your frame can support the weight, this lake should grow until it washes over the road. Tractor lights are low intensity lights commonly used on farm and construction machinery and can be bought at most auto parts stores. Recently a gang of arsonists in Boston was caught because part of a single fingerprint was uncovered by the crime lab on the inside (gummed portion) of a postage stamp on an envelope used to send a bragging message to the authorities. If you are operating in a rural area or small town, mail communiques from some nearby large city, so as not to tip off your location. If you are suspected by the authorities, they may well tear your house completely apart looking for “evidence.” You should weigh the cost of a cheap pair of shoes against the cost of months or years behind bars, and choose accordingly. The first edition of Ecodefense was a compilation of articles and letters sent to the Earth First!
Police, security guards, and beer-guzzling posses will be alerted and may stake out possible targets in the hope of apprehending you. You can drop off a lookout in nearby brush to quietly observe for about ten minutes and make sure no witnesses are about. This is soft annealed steel that is usually worked into shape then made hard by heat treating. Suppliers, like those mentioned above, will charge anywhere from $3,000–12,000 for units that vary from relatively compact hand-held scopes to goggle-type units that strap on to one’s head. Probably the best known technique is pouring sugar or Karo syrup in the gas tank or oil system.
Vary the look of your work to make it appear that your slogan is being used by many people and represents a broad constituency.
Remote video surveillance has become especially popular in rural areas where the physical presence of officers may stand out. Billboarding is excellent preparation and training for more advanced forms of monkeywrenching.
If your message could be construed as threatening in any way, you should avoid using the U.S. Although returning illegally dumped garbage is probably not illegal, you should take all the usual precautions. Driving the pin into a drilled hole requires much less force and noise than hammering into undrilled wood and still eliminates the need for caulking if you plug the hole with a wood dowel the same size as the pin and cut it off flush. This in itself may be enough to deter logging in the spiked area; if not, at least the mills will know precisely what is behind the destruction of their expensive blades and won’t make the same mistake again. Should you remove the flagging, you have probably cost the developers a couple of days’ work at the most. First, however, they must be presented repeatedly with the full name spelled out until people and the media begin to make the association. This comic series puts a fictional spin on all the backstage drama: the backstabbing, the ruthless competition and the passionate abandon. Armed men were hidden in the equipment, and one of the most expert and notorious trappers in the Southwest was hired to trap a monkeywrencher. The ecodefender can safely, securely, cheaply, and effectively disrupt it — and save wild country.
Based on military and police methods, this course covers threat zones, angled arm blocks, conflict stances, Wagner's own piston arm strikes and more. These are used for aligning hunks of machinery, like the two halves of a Volkswagen engine.
2 Swamp Thing (Dick Durock) continues to protect innocent people from harm and to thwart his nemesis, Anton Arcane (Mark Lindsay Chapman), in these first 25 installments from the third (and final) season of the series based on the DC Comics character. The solidly built, handsome actor had previously worked on Broadway and in live TV before making his movie debut as Alexei in The Brothers Karamazov (1958). Conversely, if a highly controversial timber sale is involved, especially one in which monkeywrenching already has been committed or at least threatened, the danger to the monkeywrencher is very real. Each time I settled down in some city, the first thing I did was to enroll in the local college or university. The less you carry, the less likely you are to drop something which might later be used as evidence.
This subsection is entitled “Hazardous or Injurious Devices on Federal Lands,” and amends existing law (Chapter 91 of Title 18, US Code). The belts are similar in composition to automobile tires, with thick rubber reinforced by fiber cords. The only absolutely certain way to avoid this danger is to not use the telephone for any illegal activities or to discuss any illegal activities. Be sure to hide the spikes where you can find them even if they are buried under several feet of snow. If one spikes several years in advance of a sale, nature has time to disguise the work by growing completely over the spikes.
Recent work includes the animated series Superman (1996) and voices for Babe: Pig in the City and the narrator for the recent The Cat in the Hat major motion picture. Lock jamming methods described elsewhere in this book can create lengthy and costly delays when operators arrive for work.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Later that night, the Democratic Party of Miami-Dade County is having a bash hosted by North Miamia€™s . Back in June, Manning told US that Ava was already starting to development an interest in sports, especially tennis.
A surprising number are ex-cons and wackos who want to carry guns but are too unstable to be hired by police agencies. The effects will be noticed within 15 minutes of ingestion and include ataxia (loss of coordination) in the hindquarters, drooping eyelids, and eventually, lying down. The phenomenal success of that film led to the production of additional theatrical features and the syndicated series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Two, Peg Millett and Mark Davis, were still in the federal penitentiary when this edition went to press.
You might want to let some water continue to flow through by poking holes in the bottom of the plastic. It’s best to hit several signs in an area one night and wait at least a few weeks before hitting the area again.
Cut the rod up into three to six inch pieces with a metal cutting band saw (or have it done in a machine shop). Next time, pick him up again where you left off last time and follow another short distance. Cameras may be hidden in brush and trees, with coaxial cables run to a monitoring post (perhaps in a neighbor’s house). The evidence you leave on this type of endeavor may lead investigators to other, more illegal, activities. If the vane is folded and the windmill is unable to turn, they pull up on the lever to open it up and hope for a good breeze. They proved particularly effective in Forest Service offices and more than a few were found in police paddy wagons and jails.
It would be better to wait until the surveying has progressed further, when monkeywrenching would have a greater effect. The single letter “V” (for Victory), for example, was used by the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation during World War II. Surveillance is expensive to maintain — too expensive for months of fruitless waiting in a potential target area. They also offer a variety of lock picking tools, tear gas and pepper sprays and grenades, smoke grenades, caltrops (about $2 apiece), and books and videos on lock picking and surveillance. Further blurring the line between fantasy and reality, several of the show's big stars -- including Monserrat Bustamante, Mario Guerrero and Yamna Lobos -- appear as pseudo versions of themselves. This is as effective as hardwood shims; since the typical person will not be able to remove the toothpicks, a locksmith or pair of bolt cutters must be summoned.
The course also covers proper head-butting techniques, leg strikes and counters, stopping power and the legalities of the use of force -- all strategies that are easy to learn and teach.
Dowel pins are sold in the common fractional diameters (see your Yellow Pages under Fasteners).
In this set of episodes, Ann Fisk (Janet Julian) discovers Swamp Thing's true identity and tries to find a way to transform the creature back into scientist Alec Holland, her former boyfriend. Shatner alternated film appearances with episodic TV work; his other early features include Judgment at Nuremberg (1961). For this reason alone it is preferable to spike trees preventively, rather than as a last-ditch effort to save a seemingly doomed grove.
It took me thirty years to get my Bachelor's Degree and nine months to do my Masters." He holds a Masters Degree from North Texas State University where he also taught as an Associate Professor for five years.
Timber markers generally use spray paint, although sometimes flagging (or flagging and paint) is used to mark the boundaries of the area (the “unit”) within which cutting will take place. Of course, if the Freddies have already marked the boundaries of the sale area (or even the individual trees to be cut), the spiker knows exactly where to work without any guessing. It is possible to obtain information about many such projects by getting on lists to receive announcements of projects as a potential bidder.
A series of lock jammings, randomly occurring over a long period of time can cause the company to abandon this security measure or employ more costly and time consuming methods, such as extra guards, fenced and lighted compounds for overnight parking, or complete removal of all equipment from the site each night. You probably won’t need all of these tools on any one job, but with a tool kit like this, you can move anything that is practical to move without machines.

Make a note of the vehicle’s description, including make, model, color, and distinctive features. Such prints do not produce leads on suspects, but they do constitute physical evidence that might be matched up later when other means produce a suspect. Another suitable paper type is the edible paper made of starch fibers that quickly dissolves in water.
You never know what type you’ll encounter, so always be cautious if you suspect they might be in the area. The worldwide appetite for further Star Trek adventures prevented him from continuing development on the show.
Even the most sympathetic observer would have to admit that all of the people involved in this case violated numerous security guidelines discussed in this chapter as well as common sense in their dealings with undercover FBI agents and informants. This way, your efforts are more likely to remain unnoticed until after the next big rainstorm or until snowmelt. There are usually four vibes on a crew, most often trucks, but tracked vibes are used by some companies that work off the roads a lot.
This Third Edition has over two dozen major contributors and at least one hundred other contributors. Have the short lengths of rod heat treated by a company that does that and tell them to draw the rod lengths back to Rockwell 49–50.
In this way you can gradually determine his trap line route without betraying your interest.
All must be willing to study, learn, and discuss the essential issues facing all Earth defenders. However, if you are simply sending a matter-of-fact statement of some action that has already occurred, you are probably not incurring any additional legal penalty. Besides, you may inadvertently return some garbage to the chief of police or the county sheriff. The pager-type receiver cannot be relied on to receive transmissions inside a building containing large amounts of metal in walls or frame. Since most of this mechanical work will be conducted under the cover of darkness, a good flashlight for each team member and rigid discipline in the use of the light are critical.
Because of additional criminal penalties attached to crimes where firearms are used, and pollution by the oil, monkeywrenchers should be very reluctant to try this. During the 1983 Bald Mountain road blockade in Oregon, silent agitators were a constant means of psychological warfare against Freddie bureaucrats. Incidentally, “flagging” is what surveyors call the brightly colored plastic tape that they use to mark their work and make it easy to locate.
Or on rivers where the ORVs will be charging down rather than simply across a stream, look for narrow spots in the canyon where vehicles will not have much choice of route.
Where feasible, avoid using roads and trails to approach the target as these are more likely to be watched. Because of this, you should be suspicious of any slow vehicles cruising these types of roads. After meeting up with them, they wanted to give her the screen test for the role of Faith Kipling on the soap "One Life to Live" (1968). One color will be used to mark the perimeter, while another color will be used to mark individual trees to be cut within the unit. Nevertheless, with proper intelligence monkeywrenchers can have a good idea of where future timber sales will be long before the marking stage. Any additional security precautions impose financial burdens on the opposition and therefore help to accomplish the monkeywrencher’s objectives. All of these items can be purchased cheaply at flea markets, and anyone who works in a construction trade can easily obtain the bars, come-along, chokers, and such. License plates are regularly shuffled by law enforcement agencies and are not a sufficient description by themselves. Cheap tennis shoes that can be thrown away after a major job or series of minor hits are ideal. Item(s) MUST be returned in its original condition with all contents, including attached tags, bags, etc. Continuing her late husband's love of space, Majel sits on the Board of Governors for the National Space Society, which recently opened the Gene Roddenberry Center for Aerospace Medicine in Galveston, Texas. Although dozens of FBI agents were employed and over two million dollars spent trying to entrap the Arizonans, poor attention to security gave the G-men the openings they needed. In this edition, we have given aliases to credit all articles and significant field notes where the author did not offer her own alias. If necessary, one person can hop out and dump the boxes that the other hands to him or her. There are better — and simpler — ways to “decommission” that piece of heavy equipment threatening your special place.
Tires on boat trailers can be flattened as well, but that will make it difficult to haul the damn thing off to a less inappropriate play area. Pick up your grocery store boxes after dark (in the early, not suspiciously late, evening) and always wear gloves when handling them and the garbage. The District Ranger finally began locking the rest room in the District office because he was tired of having to look at a silent agitator reading “No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth” every time he took a leak. If the bottom is rocky, simply place the spikeboards where the water is deep enough or opaque enough so they won’t be spotted by the oncoming drivers. Favorite trapper vehicles include pickup trucks, assorted four-wheel drives, and station wagons. It possesses about the same soft mechanical characteristics as spikes and rebar — until heat treated. It can also be purchased from mail-order outfits like Johnson Smith Company, 4514 19th Court E (or PO Box 25500), Bradenton, FL 34206–5500. However, the narrowness of this access point limits the volume of abrasives one can introduce; and an experienced operator’s quick check of the oil level first thing each morning may reveal signs of grit on the dipstick. You can hit anything else if the master switch is off, but if it’s on, sparks begin to fly.
In the previous editions, Dave Foreman and Bill Haywood compiled, edited, and arranged the contributions. Even on a clear night, a starlight scope may be ineffective under certain conditions, as, for example, when the observer is on a hill looking down into a dark valley. Forest Service personnel had to get the key to the bathroom from him and he would check afterward to make sure nothing had been stuck on the wall. Exploiters besides surveyors may use flagging; timber crews frequently use it to mark sale boundaries, although they usually favor blue, yellow, or striped flagging.
It then acquires the strength of the jaws of the bolt cutters that can be used to trim the heads off spikes!
She left, to go to "As the World Turns" (1956) and played the beautiful Maggie Crawford for 5 years.
A given timber sale will usually have several units within it, and they may be widely scattered or close together.
In (C) is a typical radiator cap, in (D) we see a filler cap on a small hydraulic reservoir, and (E) illustrates one of many styles of fuel tank cover, most noticeable for their large size. We have retained their names as editors for the Third Edition since it is largely based on the previous editions. But like David against Goliath, a little ingenuity and moxie can go a long way toward stopping a monster. Breaking 70 to 90 percent of them in one string is usually enough to ground out the conductor. There must be enough resistance beneath the spikeboard to drive the spike firmly into the tire.
Sometimes a peek into the back of a camper shell will reveal traps, chains, and other indicators.
Unlike most stars, after those 5 years the spotlight didn’t leave her, she left the spotlight.
Some of these gems are available through mail-order houses like Funny Side Up, 425 Stump Rd., North Wales, PA 19454. If you find the legitimate owner, avoid suspicion by asking how well the car runs and whether they’re satisfied with its performance. Claiborne’s party, to which 200 guests Maida Heatter came north by car from Miami with a score of cakes and desserts, 700 cookies and a basket of meringues, all frozen for the trip. The Walkman-type units with headsets operate in either push-to-talk mode or VOX (voice-activated) mode. A cheap acrylic artist’s red paint (B) will do in a pinch, as will some red cellophane, if you can find it. Some trappers don’t bother to clean off the telltale bloodstains on the backs of their vehicles. You may think that shooting metal tanks full of holes during hunting season is a good idea.
Now she is back, with that same determination to make it, just like that little girl all those years ago.
A team of three shotgunners, each taking a string of insulators for one conductor or conductor bundle, is best for a typical AC line. As always, wipe clean of fingerprints all parts of the flashlight, including the lenses, bulbs, and batteries. It is not inconceivable that some mail-order addresses given in Ecodefense are fronts for law enforcement agencies hoping to ensnare monkeywrenchers. The lines themselves seldom are shot through and thus fall, but be alert for this possibility.
When you leave your fencing work, do not leave a trail that someone can follow back to your home, camp, or vehicle.
There is also a serious danger in ricochets; even a high-powered rifle won’t penetrate thick-walled tanks.

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