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I had never heard of Ronda, Spain until I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, House Hunters International, which highlighted a guy from the UK looking to relocate to Ronda. So when luck would have us planning a trip to Spain a little over a year later, I was insistent that we needed at least 24 hours in Ronda. Ronda has a rich history, with prehistoric rock paintings from the Neolithic Period found nearby, the town was first settled by the Celts in the 6th century BC and later named a city under the rule of Julius Caesar. With one of the main sights being the Puente Nueve, which was in built the mid-to-late 1700s and towers 390 ft above the canyon floor, I knew I wanted to stay in the old town with a view of the bridge. We picked the Marabella Junior Suite, with a pull-out sofa bed for our daughter and a magnificent view of the bridge. Instead, after a quick bite to eat in a cafeteria, we set off to explore the oldest bullring in Spain, Plaza de Toros de Ronda.
After exploring the park and walking along the gorge, we were hot, dusty, thirsty and in need of a rest before dinner.
Since we were really doing it up in Ronda, we booked a hot air balloon ride with Gloventosur Tours to get a birds eye view of the gorge.
The give you some funky straw hats, which at first you feel a little silly wearing but once the flame hits the gas and you feel the heat from above, you are happy to have them to protect your hair from getting singed.
After retrieving our car, we were on to our next destination…Granada to see La Alhambra! Vacation Mavens is a family travel podcast with inspiration for your next trip and tips to get you out the door. Sign up for iBlueYonder News & Deals Get progress updates, be the first to know about new releases, and get email-only special offers.
This scenery encompasses a stretch of the Massachusetts coastline  just below the New Hampshire border and a bit north of Boston in the northeast United States. Here is Ligeia excited about having dragon fruit again after she fell in love with it during our trip to China.

I’m sure we’ve left out several kinds of fruit that we have yet to discover but this is not a bad first week huh? Once under Muslim rule, that changed with the Spanish Inquisition which drove Muslims and Jews out of Spain in 1492. Of course, by the time we were finished with our drive through Andalucia, my husband’s nerves were shot and his fear of heights was on full alert. We were then taken to a local restaurant just outside of town for a late breakfast with the guides and our companion.
Our family of three mixes up a recipe of education, culture, food, and adventure to create fun family vacations. The Hundred Dollar Burger series celebrates those intrepid fliers who put their credit cards on the line every weekend to bore holes in the sky. In this package you’ll find photoscenery covering Plum Island, an 11 mile (18Km) long barrier island, and inland to the town of Newburyport, which is situated on the banks of the Merrimack river. The outer shell is rather hard so you don’t eat that part, but inside has a really nice flavorful white part. This fruit smells so bad that many hotels and public transit in several countries have banned it. Currently based in Florida, we enjoy traveling the world and checking out the vegan scene in each place we visit. We walked off our meal with a stroll through town, where even at 11:30pm, the main square was hopping. We share our best family travel tips, destination info, reviews, and itinerary suggestions that will make planning your next family vacation easier.
Near the middle of the scenery area lies Plum Island Airfield (2B2), the heart of this project. As a rule, what we’ve learned is that all the familiar fruits like mango and papaya taste a million times better than we are used to, making it seem like an entirely new fruit.

They gather for pancake feeds in drafty hangars, tell lies to one another around the avgas pump, and spend their childrens’ inheritance in search of the perfect cheeseburger at greasy spoon airport diners. If you’re arriving by air (what other way?), this tiny airport will be your first impression of the place.
It sat in the corner of our apartment for a couple days waiting to ripen when we just couldn’t take the smell anymore so we opened it up.
We are passionate about animals and animal rights and hope to one day live in the cruelty-free world we envision. They quickly found a place to set up and before long, the three of us, our guide, and one other gentlemen were up in the air. It seemed like they were saying lomo, which is beef, so maybe it was a beef lard or marrow? That’s what this series is all about: small (some might say tiny) airports that are loaded with character, as individual as the pilots who call them home.
We’ve included a highly detailed rendition of the airport based on hundreds of real-world photos. However, if heights are not an issue for you, the extra expense of a room with a view is well worth it. Either way, sometimes you are better not overthinking it and just going with what tastes good. Well, it’s like a combination of rotting garbage and the inside of a hockey bag at the end of the season.

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