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Who were the people that came here and what were their motivations?Most of the people in the Southern Colonies came from England. What was the economy like, and what jobs were there?Because of the great soil, farming was THE source of income in the Southern Colonies. Geography in the Southern Colonies:The Southern Colonies included Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Some sources cite this gap as the dividing point between the northern and southern sections of the Great Valley.
Gap, Swatara Gap, the Susquehanna River Gap, Big Gap, and, farther south, the Potomac River Gap. Holston Mountain in Tennessee, the Unaka Range and the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Gap became the main route for migration west from the southern Great Valley to Kentucky and Tennessee. Valley, its Blue Ridge gaps and nearby Piedmont area, and its northward extension to the vicinity of Gettysburg.

Ray Cyrus on a journey into the hollers and runs of Appalachia to discover the proud legacy of the region's mountain folk. The New England Commonwealth was one of the thirteen commonwealths of the pre-War United States. The Commonwealth is what is left of the pre-War American state of Massachusetts in New England. The New England Commonwealth appears only in Fallout 4, and is mentioned in Fallout 3 and its add-ons The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta, as well as Fallout: New Vegas.
These pages are no longer being updated, however they will remain available for all who are interested. At the time, the Carolina Piedmont region offered some of the best land at the lowest prices. Williams's explanations on many topics are the best presently available from any publication. Created in 1969[1], it was comprised of the former states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

While traditionally called a commonwealth in itself, before the Great War, Massachusetts was also part of the New England Commonwealth of the United States in the alternate history of the Fallout universe. The labor needed to grow these crops came from large plantations in which a lot of work was needed. Most of it is a war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair like much of the rest of the former United States, but it is also where the mysterious Institute is located.
Obviously, people like slaves would be very poor, and the people up top running the plantations would be very rich. However, Georgia was founded on the principles of enlightenment, and the purpose of reaching a utopian society.What was the geography of this region?Most of the soil was very good for growing crops.
Some of the areas in the colonies had their own governments, but King James wanted more power in these areas.

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