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I mean, why would they only release throwbacks in worse quality jerseys?In college football, nike bring out special jerseys for rivalries, kind of like afc vs afc wearing throwbacks.
The price difference between these and the game jerseys doesnt make sence if it is a middle grade jersey.
Why would you buy the game jersey when for thirty five dollars more you can have a better quality one?? Im probably wrong but the pricing has really confussed meBut why would it be so much cheaper if it was a special edition authentic jersey? Why couldn't have just shown them for crying out loud, isntead of making me use question and exclaimation marks?!Now I am gonna sound nitpicky here, but limited sounds kind of silly for mid-tier jersey (it sounds like it's difficult to get one) even more silly than premier (which sounds like a term for top tier).They wouldnt be elite style jerseys, they would just be slightly adjusted game jerseys.

Available to be pre-ordered April 15, the brand new Nike NFL jerseys boast of a revolutionary lightweight and moisture-resistant material designed for high performance. The NFL Nike jerseys come in three styles: Game (formerly Replica), Limited (formerly Premier) and Elite (formerly Authentic). The NFL Game and Elite jerseys will be here April 15 while the Limited jerseys will be here in June. Coming in styles for men, women, and kids, 2012 NFL Nike jersey makes a great gift for any occasion and is the perfect way to gear up for game day!2012 Nike Football Apparel & GearThe new Nike clothing and apparel is perfect for working out, lounging around the house, or going to your next tailgate party. Gear up with Nike NFL t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, and more all showing your team?s colors and logo.

The new Nike men?s shirts, men?s polos, men?s shorts, and women?s tops are the best way to show your team pride! Not going to post the link in here of course but most here have probably heard of the place.

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