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Anticipating this Saturday's enshrinement ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame got me wondering: Who among today's players is a virtual lock to eventually join the Class of 2015 in Canton? Below, listed in alphabetical order, are 13 current players who are, as I see it, a lock for the Hall. Manning's career -- 17 years, one Super Bowl ring, five MVP awards and a host of passing records, including the single-season mark in yardage (5,477, set in 2013) and the career mark in touchdowns (530) -- speaks for itself.
Peterson is coming off a lost season, having spent almost all of 2014 either suspended or on the Commissioner's Exempt List after being indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child, but when you look at what he's done on the field, he's been the most dominant running back since Eric Dickerson.
Critics would ding him for having a relatively short tenure (seven seasons) as the Packers' starter, but what he's accomplished in that time is off the charts. In his first pro season, Roethlisberger won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award; in his 11th, he racked up 4,952 passing yards, notching a career high and tying for the most in the NFL.
Suh is an excellent player, an athletic competitor who would get in on the strength of his overwhelmingly dominant impact on the field.
It is hard to shine on a losing team, but that is exactly what Thomas has done for most of his eight-year career.
He's only been playing professionally since 2011 -- but in that short time, the two-time Defensive Player of the Year has proven himself to be the most dominant defensive lineman to come into the NFL in many years. Tight end is a tough position to play with the kind of longevity Witten has, but I don't think he's slowed down at all heading into his 13th season. To help pass the time until the New England Patriots open 2015, I’ve put together a list of the six most valuable players on the roster. From this, we can tell that the Patriots view Butler in higher regard than those other corners, all of whom are fighting for roster spots and playing time. Possible Nike NFL UniformsThis is a discussion on Possible Nike NFL Uniforms within the Pro Football forums. I was listening to a pre-game interview with Brady on the radio and the reporter asked him about Gisele, pointing out that Brady had yet to win the Lombardi in her time. That is to say, who, if they stopped playing today, could engrave a future trip to Northeast Ohio on their calendar? Keep in mind that this list is based not on what a player might do in the future but only on what he has accomplished thus far. The two-time MVP worked hard to turn himself from a sixth-round draft pick into a feared quarterback who can never be counted out. It's no coincidence he got within a carry or two of breaking Dickerson's single-season rushing record in 2012, racking up 2,097 yards while pushing the Vikings to the playoffs.

Don't forget that he came in and replaced someone who was basically a Green Bay god in Brett Favre -- and did it extremely well. In between, he became one of just 11 quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl rings, capturing two to date. He doesn't have much in the way of team success to point to, but for much of his time in Detroit, he was the defense, steamrolling opponents despite drawing double- and triple-teams. The eight-time Pro Bowler has started 16 games per year since the Browns made him the third overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft.
Woodson seems to have a sixth sense for success in the secondary; he's got a knack for making big plays at opportune times and capitalizing on them. NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated.
24 Bradley Fletcher by Connor FultonNew England Patriots kick-off in 23 days: profiling No.
Based on the number of snaps a player gets, we can tell how valuable he is to the team in September and beyond.
Let’s take a look at the six most valuable players the Patriots have on their roster right now.
In this day in age, if the NFL plans on moving into the new age of football, this is definitely where they need to start imo.
I’ve always, always enjoyed how tactile, gentle, and affectionate Brady is with his sons. The ongoing ball-deflation drama and four-game suspension has not changed what I think about him.
The knock against him is the Saints' spotty performance -- two losing seasons and a 2-3 playoff record -- following their Super Bowl run in 2009, but I think that has had more to do with the salary cap than Brees' performance. Defenses do everything to try to stop him -- double-team, triple-team, knock him around -- to no avail. Sure, some will knock him for his 11-13 playoff record (including a 1-2 mark in Super Bowls), but by and large, the body of work here is one of the best of all time. Peterson has really transformed himself into a complete player over the course of his career, becoming a much better pass protector and receiver than he was as a rookie.
Big Ben is a classic passer with unbelievable arm strength, and he's almost impossible to tackle.
We get to see real football on our televisions, but it’s meaningless in terms of who wins and who loses.

Now I don't know if it was a rumor that Nike was taking over NFL uniforms or if it's actually gonna happen.
Yes there are a few gruesome ones, but then there are some pretty nice ones on the flipside. So f-cking handsome (does anyone look better in a close-up with no makeup and sweat all over his face?).
I have never, ever been able to get over how f-cking CRAZY it is that these two genetic marvels found each other. I just don't see ball deflation significantly impacting the outcome on the field; consider Brady's brilliance in the second half of the AFC title match, when the balls were properly inflated. Last season marked a downturn for him, and he still got within 48 yards of cracking the 5,000-yard mark again.
The thing you'll hear about him is that he's only been to the playoffs twice and hasn't won, but he also hasn't had the benefit of consistent quarterback play throughout his career. He has a tremendous ability to find the ball and recognize the route, and he's got great athletic skills. He might have been the third quarterback to come off the board in the 2004 NFL Draft, but he's rewarded the Steelers handsomely for their decision to take him at No. But instead of looking for a way out of town, he's stuck it out and played at a high level. He's not just a sack machine, either; Watt is good against the run, forces turnovers that lead to touchdowns and can even score on offense. It's very tough to complete a pass against him, and so quarterbacks just don't throw in his direction.
What impresses me the most is that he seems to be as excited to play for a Raiders squad coming off a 3-13 season as he was to play for a Super Bowl heavyweight in Green Bay. When you can take away a percentage of the field, as Revis does, you change the way your opponent operates.
Even the most casual observer can see the amazing talent on display when Watt takes the field. Yes, Revis helped the Patriots capture the Lombardi Trophy last season, but the fact is, he'd be headed for the Hall even if he'd never won a ring.

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