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The State of the Union 2016: Watch the Live Stream and Republican Response Webcast a€“ What will President Obama cover in his final address to the nation? The NFL released their full schedule for the 2013 regular season on Thursday, one that will see several big games taking place in the first week of the regular season. Kicking things off, in Week 1, Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco and the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will take on Peyton Manning and the retooled Denver Broncos, who upgraded their firepower significantly this past offseason by adding in Wes Welker to their offense as the teams meet for the first time since their epic double-overtime AFC Divisional Playoff game in January.
Renewing one of the NFC's great rivalries, the New York Giants will take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 action, while the Philadelphia Eagles clash with the NFC East champion Washington Redskins-a game that could draw huge interest and ratings if injured quarterback Robert Griffin, III makes his return that game following ACL and LCL surgery he underwent in January. Week 2 will feature a high profile sibling rivalry as Peyton Manning's AFC West champion Broncos visits MetLife Stadium to take on younger brother and two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning's New York Giants. In Week 3, coach Andy Reid makes his return to Philadelphia since being fired, coming back as coach of the Kansas City Chiefs when the Chiefs take on the Eagles.

Thanksgiving Day will feature wide receiver star Calvin "Megatron" Johnson and the Detroit Lions hosting former NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. New Orleans Saints 2016-17 schedule provides the date, game time, national TV channel and printable schedule for the NFL regular football season.
Disclaimer: This site is not in any way affiliated with, endorsed or licensed by the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, FIFA, and NASCAR. The Giants are coming off one of their worst seasons in recent memory, but are buoyed by a totally revamped secondary.
The Giants' new secondary will face another tough test on "Thursday Night Football" against perhaps the fastest offense in the NFL, led by RGIII, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. A rematch of the 2011 NFC Championship Game, when Kyle Williams' two muffed punts were key in sending the Giants to the Super Bowl.

I began the illustrations in 2003 - you can find the links to the 2003 - 2006 seasons below. Week 16 will feature rematches of the conference championship games as Tom Brady's New England Patriots take on the Ravens and NFC champions the San Francisco 49ers take on Tony Gonzalez and the Atlanta Falcons.
The Giants have their bye in a nice spot -- Week 8 -- but then must face the Colts, Seahawks, 49ers and Cowboys in a stretch that will loom large for the team's playoff chances.
Please note that MLB owns the rights to everything, and while I'm free to talk and paint about Cubs on the blog, MLB will not allow anything I do (with Cubs, Wrigley, etc) to be sold by anyone but them.

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