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To make our tropical nail colour pop even more, we like to layer a white nail polish (like ORLY Mini Nail Polish in White Tips, ?5) underneath, as this really helps to bring out the bright hue.
I remember way back in 6th grade, everyone would RAVE about the Patriots; it was like a home tradition or something. Using the vertical line you just made, begin drawing out the actual side profile of the patriot's head and face. You will use the technique of in-lining to create the face of the patriot from a side view profile. When you color in the solid area's black or blue, you should have a face or logo that looks like the one you see here.

It's a great idea to use this under neon polishes too.So now we've got J.Lo's nails, maybe we can bag a glittering music career and fancy LA lifestyle?
I know there's a lot of you who totally dig sports, but I find it a bit too boring and risky to slam your bodies into one another, cracking necks or spines.
Let us know by commenting below as the best comment across the site each week wins ?50!Reveal is now on Google Plus!
But you know, it's like the modern day Colleseum games I guess, riskin' lives here and there, haha. For all you New Englanders, you'll totally get a kick out of this tutorial because you will be learning how to draw The Patriots, or Patriots logo.

Thank you so much for viewing and odn't forget to post your rendition of the Patriots logo.

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