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Wondering how the Patriots could possibly top last year's record-setting championship ring? With a total of 124 diamonds and an approximate weight of 4.94 carats, these rings pack plenty of bling. The center structure of the ring is a football-shaped motif with three Lombardi trophies and the Patriots team emblem embellished with a red and blue translucent simulated stone background. The center section is sheer-ice beading and pave-set with seventeen round brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling .14 carats. This is identical to the ring issued to players except that it is not made of gold and the diamonds are CZ's. Offered is a high quality replica of the Super Bowl ring awarded to owner Robert KRaft his New England Patriots emerged victorious from Super Bowl XXXVIII. New England Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft recently hosted another Super Bowl ring ceremony at his home in Chestnut Hill last Sunday. The top of the ring displayed Patriots’ Emblem with their four Lombardi trophies representing their four Super Bowl wins in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2014.
Robert Kraft promised a very rich and sweet dessert, and this was when the Super Bowl rings were formally presented.

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX last February 1, 2015 after catching up a 10-point lead by the Atlanta Seahawks in the fourth quarter. The border of the Patriot emblem contains twenty-one .01 carat round brilliant-cut pave-set diamonds representing twenty-one straignt wins.
The face of the ring reads "World Champions" around a Patiots logo & 2 Lombardi Trophies crafted from and surrounded by high quality cubic zirconia.
The rings were handcrafted and casted in white gold by Jostens and smothered with 205 diamonds. It also had the player’s number sitting on top of the Gillette Stadium logo and has 01, 03, 04 on the side and 2014 under the logo. A party ensued after the formalities of the ring ceremony and New England Patriots players and coaches were present.
There is one .005 carat round diamond set in the simulated sapphire helmet reflecting the vision and focus of the organization.
The 29 baguette diamonds are of H color and VS1 clarity, and equal 2.755 carats total weight. Below is a raised New England Patriots helmet with colored logo surrounded by the dates 01, 03 and 04.

MEARS Auctions will work with you to determine authenticity, current value, and the marketing strategy which will help you maximize the value of your item. The left panel of the ring reads "Kraft Owner Patriots Undefeated at Home" while the right panel reads "15 Straight" above a Super Bowl XXXVIII logo and the score from the game. On the other side was the logo for Super Bowl XLIX and the final score of the game with 28-24 (left side) and the team’s overall record with 15-4 (right side). Ring is a size 11 and as a high quality reproduction crafted by a professional jeweler has some real density to it.
On the top was the team’s signature, “Do Your Job,” noting that when people do their part they can achieve greatness. The base of each trophy is also bead-set with four round brilliant-cut diamonds for a total weight of .05 carats. The center trophy has a 2-millimeter square .05 carat princess-cut diamond of H color and VS1 clarity.

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