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Our New England Patriots Super Bowl Banner is a high quality keepsake for the New England Patriot fan and is perfect for your den, rec room, office, or bar room.
All team products are officially licensed NFL products and are manufactured under authorized agreements held by their respective licensees. In what can only be described as a speechless moment, the Seattle Seahawks literally gave away the game with 20 seconds left. On the next play Seattle handed the ball left to Marshawn Lynch who took the ball to the two yard line setting up a 2nd and goal with just over 20 seconds remaining. The question was and will remain, why throw such a pass that close to the goal line with the best short yardage running back in the NFL? Just prior to the game it was announced that the Seahawks had extended an offer to Lynch who is an impending free agent.

The Super Bowl lived up to all the hype that has been generated for the past two weeks and literally came down to seconds but that play, much like the David Tyree helmet catch that ultimately ended the New England Patriots attempt at a perfect season, will forever be questioned…or at least scrutinized. The Patriots came back from 10 points down to take a 28 – 24 lead with two minutes left in the game to become the Super Bowl XLIX champions. Russell Wilson with only seconds remaining hit Jermaine Kearse on a deep pass that seemed to seal the victory for the Seattle. Then it happened.┬áNew England, holding on to a slim four point lead opted to not use their timeouts but instead Bill Belichick left the game in the hands of his defense.
Yet when the game came down to the final push, a two yard push, they opted to go elsewhere. The ball was deflected by the receiver and hit off the coverage defender but landed in the arms of Kearse to set up Seattle first and goal from inside the ten yard line.

On that 2nd down, Russell Wilson took the snap and instead of handing it to Lynch, he threw a slant route pass that was intercepted at the goal line securing an improbably victory for the Patriots. The replay does show that contact with the receiver was made well prior to the interception, in fact the defender Malcom Butler knocked the receiver to the ground without ever touching the ball. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox.

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