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However, it was later reported that Edelman should be fine, and the injury was in fact just a scare. Just days after Edelman finally returned to practice, it seemed like the shifty wideout would be sidelined once again with a foot injury. Watch postgame press conferences from Bill Belichick and more following Friday night's preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. Perhaps one of the best stories out of training camp, Denver Broncos wide receiver Bennie Fowler fractured his elbow in Thursday’s game against the Chicago Bears and will miss a few weeks. Other than Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, it has been interesting seeing the wide receivers battle it out for the few roster spots available. Bennie Fowler was one of those players who was doing well and was going to secure a roster spot. However, the wide receiver competition for the Denver Broncos might have gotten a little more interesting. According to Gary Kubiak, the third year undrafted wide out from Michigan State will miss a few weeks due to a fractured elbow that he apparently suffered during Thursday’s preseason matchup with the Chicago Bears. Perhaps his two biggest receptions came during the post season, when he recorded a catch in the AFC Divisional Round game against the Steelers on a big third down conversion. And Bennie Fowler will be remembered as the receiver who caught Peyton Manning’s final pass in his career when he caught the two point conversion in Super Bowl 50 against the Panthers.

The other wide receivers have a chance now to make their presence known in the offense to perhaps make their case for a roster spot. The New England Patriots wide receivers will be instrumental in the team’s overall success in 2016. Early on in training camp, Bill Belichick raved about the competition at wide receiver, saying it was the best he’s seen since joining the Patriots 16 years ago.
Mark these words: Patriots wide receivers will be a top-five unit in the league, maybe even top-three. Scully Fringe Leather Mountain Man's Shirt - Men's - BourbonFringe leather shirt worn by trappers.
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Other than Brady and Gronkowski going down, this would probably be the worst injury that could happen to the Pats, so it really is a relief Edelman is going to be fine. Hopefully we won’t see him in any preseason contests this year, and hopefully he is very limited in padded practices going forward in training camp. He also recorded a blocked punt as he was able to get a hand up on a punt just before the end of the first half and the block was recovered in the end zone by Zaire Anderson for a touchdown. Edelman is too important to this team to risk losing him in August, especially with Jimmy Garoppolo starting the first four games of the year.

However, the injury means we most likely will not see him for the remainder of the preseason. It looks like this group of Patriots wide receivers is going to be an integral part of the team’s success, especially through the first four weeks without Tom Brady. The young Garoppolo will really need the services of Edelman as the season begins, as his ability to get open against 1-on-1 coverage can make any quarterback look good. The leather not only gave protection and warmth, but in the mountains where rain is almost a daily occurrence the fringe coat or jacket would offer maximum protection. Each product is hand crafted with every posssible concern for detail and a sincere regard for longevity. Scully is recognized as one of the leaders in reproductions of vintage Western wear at affordable prices.

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