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For those who have checked out the YouTube video showcasing his rugby prowess, there’s no escape. If anyone wondered why Bill Belichick would surrender a sixth-round pick on an Ohio State walk-on, a kid who registered a mere three snaps at safety, but was more known for his work on special teams, it’s right there in living color.
With the 197th overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft the New England Patriots selected defensive back Nate Ebner out of Ohio State.
The first thing that you probably heard about Ebner is that he’s a former rugby player in high school as well as at Ohio State—but he obviously still played football while at Ohio State.
The majority of Ebner’s playing time during his rookie season came on special teams but did play safety sparingly. This was the most supriseing draft pick I have ever seen BB make in may years of following Bill’s personel moves!
If you can get someone like that who is raw from lack of football experience, with good coaching maybe they develop into a play maker.
Given Ebner’s lack of football experience, I think he has a lot of potential upside, and could be a great SS. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
It says much about the enduring genius of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning that their rivalry is bracketed with that of Nicklaus versus Palmer, Evert-Navratilova and even Ali-Frazier, when the pair of them are never on the field of battle at the same time.
Nate Ebner posing for a portrait at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., July 21, 2016. After being granted a leave of absence by the Patriots in May to train, Ebner — whose father was the Sunday school principal of Temple Sholom in Springfield, Ohio — made the rugby squad earlier this month. Anthony Ervin preparing for the 50-meter freestyle semifinal at the FINA World Championships in Barcelona, Spain, Aug. Born to an Ashkenazi Jewish mother and a father with both African-American and Native American heritage, swimmer Anthony Ervin has an interesting identity. After winning a gold medal in the 50-meter freestyle at the 2000 Olympics at age 19, Ervin felt burned out. Remarkably he made a comeback at the 2012 Olympics, placing fifth in the 50-meter freestyle.
Eli Dershwitz of the USA celebrating victory over Iran’s Mojtaba Abedini in an FIE Grand Prix match in Seoul, South Korea, March 26, 2016.
Don’t confuse Harvard undergrad Eli Dershwitz with the famous Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz. Dershwitz, 20, of Sherborn, Massachusetts (just a few miles from Aly Raisman’s hometown of Needham), is one of only two U.S. A rising star in this rising sport is Monica Rokhman, 19, who grew up near San Diego and is the daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants. In women’s rhythmic gymnastics, five athletes perform routines with props like hoops and ribbons. Zack Test of Team USA playing at the 2016 Wellington Sevens pool match against France in New Zealand, Jan. Unlike Ebner, who took time off from the sport for his football career, Test has played eight consecutive years of international competition. SPONSORED: "Why Be Jewish?" Edgar Bronfman's clarion call to a generation of secular, disaffected and unaffiliated Jews. He played more ST snaps as a rookie than anyone other than Niko Koutovides, and that’s with missing a game.
Two men are largely responsible for ushering in a new standard of excellence and a new era of the NFL.
He quit swimming in 2003, and as he details in a memoir published in April (“Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian”), spent his 20s experimenting with drugs, playing guitar and teaching the sport in Brooklyn.

But Merrill Moses, a water polo veteran of the 2008 and 2012 Olympics — and now a member of the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame — will do just that when he celebrates his birthday in the middle of the Rio games.
While the latter is a respected lawyer and author, the former happens to be one of the best fencers in the world. Rokhman and her twin sister, Jenny, also a gymnast, have been living in Chicago’s North Shore suburbs to train. The Northern California native and Jewish day school graduate is also one of the best players on the team — he tallied the third most points and second most tackles on the squad during its 2014-15 World Rugby Sevens World Series run.
It will be making a vivid return this year — the only style of the game to be played in Rio will be sevens, a fast-paced version featuring seven players per side and seven-minute halves compared to the typical 15 players and 40-minute halves. He nearly committed suicide by overdosing on the medication he takes for his Tourette syndrome.
The Boston Patriots were one of the original eight American Football League, and the Pats beat the Buffalo Bills in the league’s first-ever preseason game.
In an even more symbolic split from swimming, Ervin auctioned off his gold medal for $17,000 and donated the money to the Tsunami Relief Fund. That year, Boston knocked off the Bills in the divisional round before suffering a 51-10 loss to the San Diego Chargers in the championship game.After moving to the NFL during the merger in 1970, the team became the New England Patriots to coincide with their move to a new stadium for the 1971 season. Look for Dershwitz, one of the youngest saber fencers in the world’s top 25, to seriously compete for a medal.
The team originally wanted to change its name to the Bay City Patriots, but it was rejected by the league.The Pats would only make three playoff appearances from 1964-1984, the first of which came in 1976. In 1985, the Patriots went 11-5, won the AFC East title, and trounced the Miami Dolphins in the AFC title game to earn their first Super Bowl berth. The Patriots would prove to be little more than a sacrificial lamb for the Chicago Bears, who hammered the Pats, 46-10, in Super Bowl XX.New England wouldn’t win another playoff game until head coach Bill Parcells and quarterback Drew Bledsoe led the team to Super Bowl XXXI. Once again, the Pats failed in their bid to hoist the Lombardi Trophy as they fell to the Green Bay Packers.After an ugly situation that included a resignation, an antitrust lawsuit and a compensation package, Bill Belichick was allowed out of his contract with the New York Jets to become the new head coach of the Patriots in 2000. Olympic rugby team?To understand why Ebner politely smiles whenever he's asked that, you have to go back eight years and flip the context:Why would an accomplished rugby player think he could walk on for one of the nation's most prestigious college football programs?
The answers to both questions -- and many others Ebner has faced -- can be traced back to his father."I think about him every day," Ebner, 27, said.
The injury opened the door to the emergence of Tom Brady and was the first event in what later became a dynasty.The Patriots went on to win beat the heavily-favored St. And this, with Manning entering the advanced autumn of his career, is almost sure to be the last.
Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI in what would be the first of three Super Bowl titles in four years. There is a particular needle to this one, too: while Brady is scrupulously polite in public about his adversaries, a recent leak of many of his private emails reflected a need to assert his superiority over Manning.
It developed into a deep friendship rooted in a shared passion for just about everything -- most of all, rugby."I first started playing rugby with my dad when I was 6 years old, and we played all the time," Ebner said. The Pats also appeared in Super Bowl XLII and XLVI, but suffered losses to the New York Giants in each game. In the summers, Nate worked with his dad at the family auto reclamation business in Springfield."Jeff was an awesome father," Nancy Pritchett, Ebner's mother, said. He was named team MVP at the Under-19 International Rugby Board Junior World Championship in 2007 and again at the Under-20 IRB Junior World Championship in 2008.Ebner had an itch to play football while he was in high school, and he nearly joined the team his senior year, but his rugby commitments, which included travel to Wales, Ireland, Dubai and Guyana, came first. Because he wouldn't be able to join the team -- if he made it -- until his third year of college, it wasn't an ideal situation.
Jeff Ebner wanted to make sure it was a long-term endeavor for Nate -- not just a short-term fix to quench his competitive thirst."He said, 'I don't want to see you throw away all the years and potential you have as a professional rugby player just so you can play football at Ohio State,'" Ebner said. He came to terms that if the main goal was to go to the NFL and be elite, then Ohio State was a great platform for that.

Simply, nobody has ever played the game at such a high standard over such an extended period. Similarly, it is too simplistic to say that Manning must by default be inferior to Brady because he has lost two-thirds of their 15 head-to-heads. But Brady’s Super Bowl record elevates him to the company of Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the only quarterbacks ever to have acquired four rings. But for the Patriots’ two desperately close losses to the Giants, in 2008 and 2012, he would have been uniformly anointed as the greatest of all time. Already, he is only man ever to have started six Super Bowls, having eclipsed Elway’s five in Glendale last year. I dropped out of school for the remainder of that quarter, and I was just in a really bad place. Pritchett knew Ebner was in pain, but she couldn't bear to watch him shuffle through the house with his head constantly down, hidden from the world under a hoodie. She decided to reach out to her son."I went up to him," Pritchett said, "and I said, 'Nate, what happened is tragic, and no one should have to go through that, but you're still here, and you have to continue to live your life.
If your dad was here, this would really make him sad to see you not living your life.'""He was my best friend, no doubt," Ebner said of his father.
During a time when he craved emotional support, he got plenty from his new brothers."That whole process is what really brought me through it all," Ebner said.
Midway through his first season, three days after Ohio State was upset by Purdue and fell to 5-2, Ebner asked coach Jim Tressel if he could address the team. Ebner shared the message his father told him whenever he was on the field or in the gym: Finish strong. Those words were etched on a bracelet that his aunt had given him."She wore one, he wore one, I wore one, and he gave them to people on a very limited basis," Pritchett said.
So when he wanted to lay himself open and tell his story to the team and challenge them a little bit, he had, in my mind, earned that right to see if he could impact the people who were there for him when he had some needs. It was very impactful."Ohio State didn't lose another game that season and beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl.
But at 6-foot, 205 pounds with a 4.48 time in the 40, he was a special-teams demon who chased down return men like a heat-seeking missile.
The Patriots took notice and used a sixth-round pick on him in the 2012 draft."I didn't know if I would get drafted or if I would even make the team," Ebner said. A couple of years go by, and you get a grasp of things, and here I am going into my fifth year.
I'm still getting acclimated to that."Ebner didn't completely forsake rugby when he took up football. He continued to play with the Tiger Rugby club in Columbus, Ohio, in the NFL offseason -- for cross-training purposes and also with an eye toward this moment. But if he makes the squad, he'll compete in the Rio Games in August before rejoining the Patriots in training camp.
He'll return to the international rugby scene this week to play for the elite Samurai side in Hong Kong.Ebner's father loved rugby. Otherwise, he wouldn't be here," USA Sevens head coach Mike Friday said during last month's camp. Regardless of what happens, Ebner feels back at home playing the sport he has loved ever since his father handed him a ball two decades ago."It would have meant a lot for him to witness this and be a part of this," Ebner said.

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