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Patriots New England Patriots favorite time of year Brady FTW Pats Sterling Moore Strips the Ball in AFC Champ.
The New England Patriots have seven wins through nine games for the fifth time in the Brady-Belichick era. New England has had to deal with numerous injuries to key players this season, most notably on defense. With Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork sidelined for the rest of the season, the Pats will be counting on several young players to step up as the playoffs approach. Aqib Talib hasn’t played since the win over the New Orleans Saints and his status is still up in the air. The Patriots’ offense was justifiably called in to question throughout the first half of the season.
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have a tendency to win games down the stretch of the regular season, when it matters most.
The New England Patriots finished the 2015 regular season with a 12-4 record for the fourth straight season. New England Patriots Stock Watch: Everyone Sucks… by Cyrus GellerHow Did The New England Patriots React To Losing To Dolphins?
I absolutely love that first Saturday slot in the divisional round, and it is actually the second year in a row the Pats snagged that spot.

The Pats will either play the Bengals, Chiefs or Texans in that first game, depending on how the wild-card round plays out. I personally think the best scenario for the Pats this upcoming weekend would be if the Texans and Steelers win on Saturday.
However you never know what will happen in the playoffs, and Bill Belichick knows he has to be prepared for all three teams.
LeGarrette Blount #29 of the New England Patriots celebrates with teammate Tom Brady #12 in the end zone after scoring a 2 yard touchdown in the first quarter the Indianapolis Colts during the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Gillette Stadium on January 11, 2014 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.
Three of the previous four seasons they accomplished this, the Pats went to the Super Bowl. New England is currently ranked 30th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game, which is directly related to the injuries of those defensive captains.
Ridley, Blount, and Bolden have not been able to replace the pass-catching and screen play skills that Vereen has.
If the offense continues to progress the way it has, New England should have every opportunity to compete in the playoffs. The Patriots clinched a bye in 2015 for an NFL-record sixth-straight season and lead the NFL with 11 first-round byes since the current NFL …. We get to watch our team do their thing, hopefully get the win, and then sit back and enjoy three more NFL playoff games the rest of the weekend with no worries about the Patriots.

I don’t feel like any of the potential opponents for the Patriots will give them much of a challenge once New England gets their key guys back, but playing Houston again this time in Foxboro would be a fairly easy win. Sit back and enjoy wild-card weekend, and then get ready to put your best foot forward in the divisional round, and hopefully beyond. Clearly the Patriots are in a good spot, with a two game lead on the New York Jets in the AFC East race. In the next six games Talib would cover Steve Smith, Demaryius Thomas, Andre Johnson, Josh Gordon, Mike Wallace, and Torrey Smith. The Patriots have been missing Shane Vereen since he suffered a wrist injury week 1 against the Bills.
He is eligible to return for the Monday night game against the Carolina Panthers, and has been practicing.

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