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Black Friday, Happy New (NFL) Year (Season) and the NFL Free agency these are a few of my favorite things, at least for the time being, enough to get me out of my funk. Love Gun playing in LA with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley bringing a professional football team to a long over due LA market, that’s not including the Trojans. With so many misunderstandings on the NFL Free Agency I thought meriting to show you the cap chart, it may make you understand a bit more on decisions being made. A few quick highlights on the NFL Free Agency in the last few days, Darrelle Revis AKA Revis Island signs 1 year 12 million dollar deal with the Patriots. Little ping pong, Cowboys release number one pass rusher Demarcus Ware  and save $16 million. In less than 24 hours, Pro Bowler Ware signs $30 million contract with Broncos, $20 million guaranteed. After some powerful moves and signings, John Elway is feeling like a leprechaun with a pot of gold.
Lamar Houston signs a 5 year, $35 million contract with the Bears with a lot of excitement!
Mid February, future HOF, Tony Gonzales retires and joined a fortunate and grateful CBS Sports’ The NFL Today crew as a commentator.
However he never officially filed his retirement paperwork and was released by the Falcons, making him officially retired or possibly in the hunt. Newly Ex-Jet, Antonio Cromartie currently negotiating with the Arizona Cardinals as I write. What a week its been, I’ve only touched on a few elements, but definately feel the blood running as this is just the start of another amazing new NFL season. An optimistic realist with intermittent football tourettes all the while searching for the 3rd dimension.
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Backup QB Ryan Mallett is a free agent next year and very well could be traded to the Texans tonight.
Garoppolo had a lot of success at Eastern Illinois as a senior, throwing for 5,050 yards, 53 Tds and just nine interceptions–good for a 66 percent completion percentage. While Patriots fans may be upset with taking a QB this high, I urge you all to take a second and remember this moment. Green Bay (1-2) looks to be bounce back after an awful start, dropping 2 of the 3 early games of its schedule. By scoring only seven points to the Detroit Lions 19 in a loss, the Packers look like they were not in the groove of executing that high-powered offense with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This could be the wake up game for the Packers as they battle against divisional rival in the NFC North. Riding in a two consecutive victories, the Bears are hoping to extend the momentum through the leadership of quarterback Jay Cutler. The Bears outlasted the Jets on the road, 27-19, through Cutler’s 225 yards in 23 of 38 passing and two touchdowns.
Despite a the several number of NBA rumors over the last couple of seasons, the Cleveland Cavaliers have no plans to trade Kevin Love to any other teams in the league. 27-year-old Odin Lloyd was murdered last week, and former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the case on Wednesday. So far, only Hernandez has been arrested in the case even though two others allegedly were with him in a car just before Lloyd was murdered. According to the prosecutor, Hernandez texted two friends and told them to hurry back to Massachusetts that night. After a stretch of withdrawal or possibly depression, from lack of football, I used some diversion by way of the Sochi Olympics, where I had to endure some tacky holiday sweaters which by the way are already available on Ebay. Due to its green color and overall shape, many viewed it as representing rebirth and eternal life.

The LA KISS  will be giving the Oregon Ducks some competition, at least in the uniform department. He is worthy of our greatest respect, and we want what is best for him and his family,” Jones said. That’s what I love to play and being in an organization that embraces that, I think it’s a good fit for me,” Houston told the Bears’ website.
Subscribe to the Pro Player Insiders newsletter for exclusive content, VIP invites and special access delivered right to your inbox. Garoppolo is a smart QB who makes quick decisions and boasts the quickest release of all the QBs in the draft.
The Packers offensive juggernaut is still missing as their quarterback was sacked for nine times already in the season. After the first quarter touchdown to Andrew Quarless, the Packers didn’t score anymore. Furthermore, Alshon Jeffery had eight receptions for 105 yards to lead the all the receivers.
Statements from the prosecutor indicate that Hernandez was with Lloyd around the time the semi-pro football player was murdered. My heart was filled with a Happy New Year, the NFL season commenced along with a new Rock and Roll arena football team in LA, a little #flashbackfriday and some free agents coming out big and the appropriateness of St Patrick’s Day approaching.
Green is also the color of growth and spring; it renews and restores depleted energy, a nice parallel with the NFL starts. The Bears are 14th in passing offense as they average 236 yards per game but 31st in rushing with only 64 yards per game.

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