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Wes Welker is one of the remaining free agents hoping to get a call from an NFL team to head into minicamps and training camp. According to the Boston Herald, Welker would be very open to a return to New England in 2015. Right now, Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are in charge of helping backup Jimmy Garoppolo take the place of Tom Brady for the first four games of the season. On Saturday NFL teams had to trim their rosters down to 53-men as we change gears from preseason to regular season. Some players are released, some are waived and some players that they want to hold onto but are injured have other options. Of course the New England Patriots roster cuts was headlined by the release of quarterback Tim Tebow. The jury is still out whether the Tennessee Titans will pull off a successful trade, and be able to deal that first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, but what Marcus Mariota was able accomplish during his first year in the NFL should provide teams a blueprint in which to work from.
Depend on which draft analyst you listen to, both North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz and Cal’s Jared Goff may require a year with a clipboard in their hands in order to come up to NFL speed at arguably a teams most important position. Unfortunately, most teams who are picking close enough to the top of the draft and needing a quarterback are not in a position to wait for that quarterback to develop. They will need to let their young signal callers learn under fire much like Mariota in 2015. Marcus showed everyone that if you are somewhat intelligent, and can learn quickly, you can convert from a collegiate spread quarterback into a pocket passing star in the National Football League. At least now that Mariota has shown the league that he could go from a pure spread offense where he did not operate from a huddle, to a full-blown NFL quarterback in one year, they now know that it can be done. With a quarterback-needy ¬†Cleveland Browns team expected to take one of the two top quarterbacks with the second pick, Mariota’s success should ease teams minds when thinking seriously about trading up to that first pick.

Although protecting Mariota in his second season has been mandated by controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk, I’m not sure the answer lies in Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil.
I tend to agree with Delanie Walker that the Titans do not need another rookie offensive lineman. So trading out of that first spot becomes the best option for general manager Jon Robinson, and head coach Mike Mularkey. Marcus Mariota has proven the model, they just need to be sure one of the two players available are as intelligent and  are as hard working as the 2015 HeismanTrophy winner out of Oregon and the number two pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.
The Cleveland Browns have been reported that they have called Julian Edelman’s representatives, and interested in trading for Patriots back up QB Ryan Mallett. Sign up to receive our daily Patriots Gab newsletter, and keep up to date with all the latest New England Patriots news. Celebrity Seats has all the best New England Patriots Tickets, Boston Red Sox Tickets, Boston Celtics Tickets, and Boston Bruins Tickets!
With eight minutes left in the first half, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman went across the middle for one of his patented slant routes. Welker was once the safety blanket of Tom Brady, but a bitter divorce from the New England Patriots and two roller coaster years with the Denver Broncos have dropped his stock. Welker departed the Patriots due to money reasons as he wanted more than the team was willing to offer.
Unfortunately that means the end of a lot of talented players dreams at making an NFL roster. The Browns really like Mallett, so them being interested in a trade for the young QB makes sense, especially for a team like the Cleveland Browns.
Still a quality slot receiver, Welker is trying to promote himself out to teams, but do not expect the Patriots to come calling.

There were rumors of a feud with head coach Bill Belichick and play-calling confrontations. That could cause the Patriots to go out and get one more offensive weapon, but they would have to try and grab someone like Reggie Wayne or even a two-way running back like Pierre Thomas for a cheap contract. Some will get opportunities on practice squads, some will see that chapter of their life come to an end, at least until possibly next season. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox. Center Dan Koppen has full confidence in the current players on the roster including Garoppolo.
Edelman had a good 2012 season for the New England Patriots, and the Browns are intrigued by the young prospect. The Patriots will not offer anymore more than the minimum due to huge contracts assigned to Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola for 2015. Edelman is injury prone, suffering 3 injuries last year, a reason why I hope New England lets him walk. The Patriots would not eat $4.1 million of dead money just to release him in favor of Welker. I could see Browns and Patriots discussing the trade for Mallett, the Patriots need more draft picks, and could get a few for Mallett, but Cleveland would have to be willing to give up a 3rd or 4th round pick for a guy who has not played in a real game. The chances are medium, depends on how badly Browns want Mallett and how desperate they are.

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