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If you haven’t heard by now, the New England Patriots have traded backup quarterback Ryan Mallett to the Houston Texans in exchange for a 2016 conditional seventh-round pick. Ryan Mallett would be gone in 2015 anyway, so it was smart for New England to try and at least get something in return. By trading Mallett, the Patriots had some extra room on the 53-man roster, which they have (at least initially) filled up. All of the Denver Broncos QB’s played well, but Brock Osweiler in particular needs to prove to the Broncos that he can be a starting caliber QB in the NFL.
The Broncos need to be confident he can be a starting NFL QB, and his play against the 49ers on Sunday gave the Broncos every indication that he is progressing nicely towards being a player capable of just that. He made quality passes all over the field and showed great poise and awareness in the pocket. The Denver Broncos have to be very pleased with what they have seen out of Osweiler thus far in the preseason. Garland, and the backup offensive linemen in general, had a rough go of it in their first preseason action against the Seahawks. The Broncos were eager to see Marshall in his first live action since replacing injured starter Danny Trevathan, and he did not disappoint. Looking to build on a stellar effort in his first preseason game, Thompson failed to carry the momentum into the 2nd game gaining only 10 yards on 6 carries. It’s hard to pick too many players who played poorly after a 34-0 shutout, and Unrein played pretty solidly.
While Sanders certainly isn’t fighting for a roster spot, he is missing valuable live game action with the starting offense, while at the same time WR Cody Latimer is oozing talent and begging for playing time. Last week the New Orleans Saints went up against the New England Patriots and came away with a loss.
The Saints come into this game following a tough week in New England, and a long week of practice in West Virginia, followed by a trip to Texas for joint practices with the Texans. The preseason results may not be the most important, but seeing improvement and production from certain players is, so against the Texans, we hope to see improvement in certain areas. The offense needs to be more careful with the football by making sure they don’t give the other team good field position or points off of turnovers. Red-zone interceptions, pick sixes, fumbles leading to touchdowns and dropped interceptions shouldn’t happened against the Texans and hopefully they will not. After the first preseason game, Sean Payton pointed out that the run defense wasn’t what it needed to be. This week, every player on the defensive unit will have to work hard to keep the yards per carry number down and show they have what it takes to improve the awful 4.9 yards per carry they gave up last season. This was a hard week for most Saints fans, as they learned Sheldon Rankins will be out around 6-8 weeks with a broken fibula. Replacing Sheldon Rankins will not be an easy task for this new Dennis Allen defense, but they have the pieces to make it happen and we’ll get a chance to see how they plan on doing it tonight.
Just like the first preseason game last season, the Saints had way to many penalties against the Patriots. The defensive backs needs to be physical, but know the limit, and the offensive linemen have to hold their blocks and not give up a free 10 yards to the defense. All eyes will be on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo when the New England Patriots host the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night in the club’s opening preseason game at Gillette Stadium. With Tom Brady’s future hanging in the balance, the team will look for the second-year man to show some positive progression. With that said, the Patriots have no option but to play Garaoppolo early and often against the Packers.
If Garoppolo’s recent struggles in practice are an indication of things to come, the Patriots could be in for some rough sailing.
Garoppolo has been taking the majority of the first-team reps in practice, but has exhibited some growing pains. Unfortunately, I’m ill-equipped to write about training camp: such coverage, in my opinion, carries the risk of “prisoner of the moment” analysis. Then—following a nationally televised, blow-out loss, at the hands of the New Orleans Saints—nothing was expected.
If ever there was a single play that could encapsulate an entire season, then the 83-yard touchdown run surrendered by the Patriot defense—at home, in the playoffs—to Ray Rice was just that. How—after hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in 2001—did the Patriots fail to make the playoffs in 2002?
The truth is, the 2002 Patriots served as a reminder that—in the NFL—the margin for error is small. Long-winded explanation aside, little separated the 2001 Super Bowl team and the 2002 team that failed to make the playoffs. Is there anything that sets the 2012 team apart from any of the other 10+ win Patriot teams? I could dig deeper into the 2012 season, but the truth remains the same: the 2012 Patriots—like many other post-04’ teams—were incapable of pushing back when faced with resistance. I rank the 2010 Patriots slightly ahead of the 2012 team, simply because of Brady’s play throughout the 2010 season. After losing Danny Woodhead, Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, and Rob Gronkowski, Brady was devoid of elite talent at the skills positions.
Strip away the Super Bowl appearance, and the 2011 Patriots start to resemble the aforementioned 2010 and 2012 teams. Admittedly, it’s difficult to keep the 01’ team out of the top three; the next three, however, are the best Patriot teams I’ve seen. The Patriots victory over the Carolina Panthers tends to get overshadowed by the other two Patriots Super Bowl wins.

In 2003, the Patriots defense surrendered both the fewest points per game in the NFL (14.9), as well as the fewest total points in the regular season (238). With a dominant defense leading the way, the Patriots went 14-2, winning their second consecutive Super Bowl.
Determined not to rest on their laurels, the Patriots added Pro Bowl running back Corey Dillon to an already talented Super Bowl roster.
One devastating loss aside, the 2007 New England Patriots were like no other team I’ve seen in the NFL. The list of accolades goes on and on, but the truth remains: the 2007 Patriots will forever be remembered as the greatest team not to win a Super Bowl.
Enjoy amazing Denver Broncos tickets for cheap from OnlineSeats to see the beginning of the Tim Tebow era. Check out expert sports picks where you'll find other info such as latest Superbowl odds and complete college football tv schedule along with exclusive sportsbook bonus codes. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved back into Round One, trading the Broncos the 36th and 101st selections for the Broncos’ 31st and 126th (part of the New England trade).
That is some strait up disappointing shit… So much for taking the best available instead we are going to get a bunch of 4th round crap.
Only Denver could trade down (TWICE) and end up with one more pick than they started with!!!! McDaniels drafted Thomas, Decker, Beadles, and Tebow (he may have been a first round and off the team, but he sure as hell made the Broncos relevant). According to research by Nielsen Scarborough, only 16 percent of adults living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are NOT fans of the team.
This move is something that apparently has been a long time coming, although a lot of people thought it would go down back in May, rather than a week before the regular season begins.
Yes, a conditional seventh round pick is pretty much nothing, but it is better than absolutely nothing. They signed defensive lineman Kelcy Quarles, as well as defensive tackle Bruce Gaston (had to release linebacker Chris White as well). He has worked hard in his time with the Patriots, he has a terrific arm, and he deserves an opportunity to perform in a meaningful situation. Perhaps his best throw of the day came on a 33 yard TD pass to Cody Latimer down the right side of the end zone. He looks substantially more comfortable, poised and confident in the pocket and has a much greater understanding of what it takes to be a successful QB in the NFL. Thompson was poised to perhaps take over the 3rd RB duties from CJ Anderson with another great outing, but Anderson played fairly well and Thompson wasn’t able to seize his follow-up opportunity. However, he is firmly on the bubble, battling for a roster spot, and really needs to turn in a great performance to make the roster at this point. Sanders will get his fair share of looks this season, but may have a slow start, and could lose snaps to Latimer, after not receiving a target in the first preseason game and not playing the second. There were plenty of things to be optimistic about, but there are also some things that need to be corrected. There was several plays last week in which the secondary dropped the ball when they had the opportunity to turn the game around. That means both ripping it out of the ball carrier’s hands and securely catching the ball when you get the chance. The Saints gave up 5.0 yards per carry, which is a very high number that needs to be worked on. That means shooting the gaps and pushing the linemen back into their own backfield; that is something we will hopefully see against the good offensive line the Texans possess.
It was thankfully better news than many would have expected after he was carted off the field, but it’s still serious enough to keep him out for some time. The Saints already had one of the best young and upcoming defensive backs in the league with Delvin Breaux, but outside of that, the position looked really thin. If they can do that against the Texans, we should see the penalty number drastically decrease.
If Brady’s suspension is held up, the team’s only other option is the recently-signed Ryan Lindley.
In the team’s final padded practice ahead of the Packers tilt, Garoppolo completed 12 of 20 passes and tossed two interceptions in 11-on-11 drills, according to the Boston Herald. He seems to be looking their way more often than not in practice though, those targets will most likely be sitting out against the Packers. For example, during Patriot’s training camp last year, much was made of the emergence of rookie tight end Zach Sudfeld.
Two weeks ago, I analyzed all facets of the team, hoping to shed light on why the team’s gone a decade without a Super Bowl title.
It wasn’t because of turnover in the roster: absent Bryan Cox, Terry Glenn, and Jermaine Wiggins, the roster remained intact.
In 2001, the Patriots needed a week 15 win over the Dolphins to win the AFC East; in 2002, the Patriots and Jets finished with identical 9-7 records.
To that end, the fact that the 02’ team ranks second to last on this list is a testament to the team’s success over the last 12 years. Forever burned into my memory is the image of Joseph Addai scoring the game-winning touchdown with a little over a minute left in the AFC Championship. After contemplating, for what now seems like an eternity, I keep arriving at the same, simple conclusion: the 2012 Patriots were forgettable. Like the two previous Patriot teams, the offense was excellent and the defense was an unmitigated disaster.
Thus, the Patriots were ill-equipped to keep up with Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver offense during the AFC Championship game.

After all, their path to the Super Bowl included Tim Tebow and a missed Billy Cundiff field goal. Dominance ensued; the Patriots went 14-2 during the regular season en route to a third Super Bowl in four years. Filling the void left at cornerback: second-year cornerback Asante Samuel, rookie Randall Gay, and wide receiver Troy Brown. What the 2007 New England Patriots accomplished was that of lure. An offensive juggernaut that saw 50 Tom Brady touchdown passes, 23 Randy Moss touchdown receptions, and 110 Wes Welker receptions. We also have an extensive inventory of Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets and San Francisco 49ers Tickets.
Enjoy watching other teams live, including San Diego Chargers tickets at Qualcomm Stadium, Kansas City Chiefs seats at Arrowhead Stadium, and Oakland Raiders tickets at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.
On the first trade with the Pats I was pissed, on the second I wanted to throw my remote through the damn TV. Judging by hats, T-shirts and car decals, we still have way more Packer fans here in AZ than Cards fans. In addition to this, rookie Jimmy Garoppolo has proven that he is capable of leading this offense if Tom Brady went down, so there really was no need to carry three quarterbacks.
It was unlikely that he would ever get that opportunity in Foxboro, and on top of that, his vertical passing style doesn’t fit the Patriots offensive system.
Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox. Osweiler put the perfect amount of loft, touch and accuracy on the throw to allow Latimer to run underneath it and make a nice catch for the TD.
He blew one early block that lead to a QB pressure, but was very good from that point forward.
Wanting to step up and show he can be the guy trusted to fill in for Trevathan, it would have been understandable if Marshall were over-hyped and played a little too fast; however, he did nothing of the sort.
There is still time for Thompson to prove to the coaches that the first preseason game wasn’t a fluke, but he certainly lost a little momentum. He is a versatile player with a high motor, but the Broncos are just too deep and have too many more explosive players.
To be fair, most of it came on big plays, where the defense failed to hold their gap and make the tackles, so they were not consistently bad.
We’ll find out Thursday,” Garoppolo said when asked about how much he expects to play in the opening tuneup. With a better record against common opponents, the Jets won the tiebreaker, thus eliminating the Patriots from playoff contention.
However, there’s a reason why Jake Plummer and the Denver handed Tom Brady his first postseason loss. Unlike the 2011 Patriots, though, the 2012 and 2010 teams folded like a lawn chair when faced with adversity.
Evidenced by the string of late game victories (see New Orleans, Cleveland, Atlanta, Denver), the 13’ Patriots had a fearlessness about them. New rules were put in place after the 2004 season to better protect wide receivers; this coming after a Colts loss at New England in which Peyton Manning threw four interceptions.
The Patriot secondary—referred to as “the replacement secondary” by Eagles wide out Freddie Mitchell—intercepted Donovan McNabb three times in Super Bowl XXXIX.
On defense, the Patriots finished 4th in the NFL in team defense, featuring 3 All- Pro defenseman (Vince Wilfork, Mike Vrabel, Asante Samuel).
I watched every snap he played and he was active, aggressive and effective on nearly every snap.
He flowed to the ball nicely, didn’t over pursue his gaps and responsibilities and made several very nice run-stops. Unrein did force a fumble but 49ers QB Josh Johnson ran right into his arms and Unrein was able to muscle the ball out.
Guys like Nate Stupar, Tyeler Davison, James Laurinaitis and Kenny Vaccaro showed they can make a difference in stopping the run. Fittingly, the “replacement secondary” finished with more Donovan McNabb receptions than Freddie Mitchell. Explain to me how Baltimore can get a 2nd and 3rd for there late first round and we have to swap fourth round picks with a team that WANTED to get back in!!!! I think Mallett could thrive down in Houston, and I hope he has a successful time down there.
Garland is trying to make the team after several attempts as both a defensive lineman and offensive lineman. While Trevathan is a dynamic player who will be hard to replace completely, the Broncos seem to have a very good option in Marshall. Outside of him, guys like Bobby Richardson and David Onyemata will most likely get more playing time than we initially expected.
He needs a few more quality games to secure a roster spot as a backup Guard on the 53-man roster. Despite all the aforementioned losses, the Patriots still found a way to win 10 games during the regular season—tip of the cap to you Bill. He took a step in the right direction Sunday against the 49ers and gave himself a real shot at making the roster.

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