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Will Patriots fans ever see a scene similar to the one played out in Indianapolis earlier this year, with Andrew Luck defeating legendary Colts quarterback Peyton Manning?
It seems unfathomable at this juncture to picture Tom Brady leading a different team—let’s say the Vikings for arguments sake—into Gillette Stadium. While I certainly believe that Brady still has some productive years left in the tank—and Ryan Mallett could be the futurehere are some options that the Patriots might consider in the 2014 NFL Draft.
The thought of the Patriots jettisoning Brady at this point in his career are unthinkable, especially by trading up and picking a rookie quarterback. Here are a couple of options, but don’t get your hopes up of having these two talented players on the Patriots anytime soon. Despite some recent struggles, Mariota is challenging for the #1 overall selection, a spot once thought to have only two possible inhabitants—Teddy Bridgewater and Jadeveon Clowney.
With offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels—the man who picked Tim Tebow in the 1st round—likely to have some input on who the Patriots would draft, speed and running ability would seem to be two traits in high demand. With each Oregon loss, the prospect of Mariota returning to school—he is only a red-shirt sophomore—grows more likely. While some fans might shy away from Carr due to his infamous last name, he is very much his own player. Carr is nearly as fast as Mariota—4.5 speed!— and is very precise with the football, especially on the myriad screen and underneath routes that the Bulldogs run.
Carr is adept at making quick reads and placing the ball in locations that help his receivers maximize their yards after the catch. Much like Mariota, the Patriots will almost certainly have to use some draft capital to move up to draft Carr. Mettenberger was highly-touted coming into the 2012 season, but ended up disappointing scouts and LSU fans alike.
Mettenberger has stood strong in the pocket this year and has held his own against some of the best defenses in the country.
There are a variety of intriguing quarterbacks that are going to be available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
McCarron has the name-recognition, but he hasn’t shown the ability to make the toughest NFL throws—deep out for example—on a consistent basis. I can see the Patriots front-office attending one of these players’ Pro Days, having a great interview and workout and snatching them up with one of their day two picks. Looking at the prospects in the upcoming draft, there are just a few I think fit what the Patriots look for in a QB. Aaron Murray will probably drop until the 6th or 7th round due to injury, and basically having to miss his first NFL year.
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In an telephone interview with USA TODAY Sports, NFL Network analyst and former head coach Steve Mariucci answered questions about the Thursday night game (8 p.m.
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) spikes the ball after scoring a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens. USA TODAY Sports: Where does Andrew Luck fall in the landscape of the top quarterbacks in the NFL? New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts after a touchdown by tight end Rob Gronkowski.
USA TODAY Sports: After the New England Patriots lost against the Kansas City Chiefs, there was concern that they may be slipping in the AFC, but a dominant performance against the Cincinnati Bengals made a statement. USA TODAY Sports: Not many expected the Cowboys to be at 4-1, but there are questions about the teams they defeated to get there.
With the draft actually happening tomorrow, this will be the final installment of the 2011 CougCenter NFL Mock Draft. The Seahawks traded up from #25 to grab Bernandez, and all it cost them was Kelly Jennings' broken ankles.

I mean, after he did this to them, I feel like it's an "if you can't beat 'em, draft 'em" kind of thing. In a shocking twist, the town of Oklahoma City has traded their NBA franchise, the Thunder, back to Seattle for the #25 pick in the draft, 5% stock in the Pacific Science Center, and Howard Schultz.
With starting QB Joe Flacco obviously too young to run the team, Ravens go back to the best QB they've ever had. As many of you know, Goldberg ran amok on Monday Nitro during the late '90s for Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling. Also of note, Goldberg actually played professional football at one point for these very same Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots were upset for a little while, and then they realized they have Tom AND Jet Brady. Cutler has been known to be a bit of an unlikeable guy, and since the Bears can't make people like him, they said "screw it" and went full throttle in the opposite direction. The Steelers came oh-so-close to winning another Super Bowl this past year with Ben Roethlisberger at the helm.
I could have made a Brett Favre joke, but I felt the need to acknowledge Aaron Rodgers' awesomeness instead.
As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t discount the possibility of Coach Bill Belichick moving on from Tom Brady before Brady is ready to move on himself. The one thing that Carr could work on is his footwork, which gets a bit sloppy when making quick throws.
He might have the highest upside of the more traditional pocket-passers in the league this year. The only way I see a QB earlier is if 1) Bill trades Millett before the draft 2) Bill trades down our #1 for additional picks this year and intends to trade Millett later.
I’d prefer a pocket passer over the option running type even those who are good to very good passers. I like your old school values but the way colleges are recruiting nowadays and the types of spread and running offensive play, it’s pretty hard to predict who would make the cut at the next level.
But I remembed a few decades ago when the wishbone options were all the rage until the defenses caught up with them it was then the turn of the offenses to to adapt which they did by going pro-style.
He could probably step in as a starter day one, but I think some time to develop would be best for him, and it’d be a big boon for him to do so learning from Brady, Belichick, and McDaniels. I’ve been talking about the importance of the Patriots looking at the QB position in this years draft.
I also think, because the Patriots have other team needs, the 4th round is the place to draft a QB. Some players have never faced their opponents, or have very little experience against them.
Do you think they’re due for a regression, or do you think they’re a legitimate contender in the NFC?
Seattle has only lost one game at home in the past two seasons and they’re just a different team.
I like their new version of the triplets with (quarterback Tony) Romo, DeMarco Murray and Dez (Bryant). If you for some reason haven't read the first two parts of this three part epic mini-series, then I urge you to go back and read them here and here.Today we finish off the first round, and look at picks 21-32.
When his advisers told him Mark Wahlberg is an actor and didn't really play football, he decided to risk it and draft Marky Mark anyways. What the Saints lack is a dominant RB who doesn't have to share carries with five other guys. The city of Seattle rejoiced as their beloved Sonics were welcomed back to town, and the hated Huskies were shipped to the worst state in the US. Dilfer comes in with an understanding of the game no one else has ever possessed in the history of football.

If this were the WWE, Cutler would be turning his back on his tag team partner, costing him the title.
Well he's obviously going to be an offensive lineman the likes of which this league has never seen. Smith and Bortles aren’t widely known, but each has a big-time arm and enough mobility to stay upright in the NFL. Outstanding progression-read quarterback, makes throws to his second and third reads consistently. He did it without a top pass receiver or running back in a number of games over those 4 years.
It’s not like any QB we draft is going to play meaningful minutes for the next 2 years [I sure hope anyway].
Those are three really capable guys in important positions, so I do think they’ll score some points. They felt Jennings' broken ankles were enough to satisfy their need for a below average body part in their secondary. While this cuts into former Washington State practice squad standout Chris Ivory's playing time, ultimately, the Saints couldn't pass up BEES MOW. If you've ever listened to him on NFL Live, you know instantly that he is the smartest man alive, and he is never wrong. Well considering Bears QB Jay Cutler just proposed to girlfriend Kristin Cavaliri, I'd say this pick makes perfect sense. JR would scream "OH MY GOD, THAT'S LC'S MUSIC!" and someone else would come in to save the day and put Cutler over as a bigger heel. Ezekiel Elliott Visits Pot Dispensary While in SeattleDid Ezekiel Elliott get lit before the Cowboys' game against the Seahawks?10 Most Memorable NFL Season Opening MomentsDon't forget these moments leading up to the 2016-17 NFL season.
I do think they’ll try to put Dez on the left side away from Richard Sherman and try to get match ups that way. BB is not going to swap over his current offense as long as Brady is around noe even put in enough special plays for a young guy to fairley evaluate him. He’s got all of the qualities that are the top qualities of these other (top) quarterbacks all wrapped into one.
I think they’re probably somewhere in between: they’re probably not as bad as they were against the Chiefs, but not as great as they were against Cincinnati.
Unless I miss my guess Bill will be looking for a drop back pocket passer to fit the offense rather then a squar peg and try to jam it into the round hole.. Katie Ledecky Turned Bryce Harper Into a Medal ManservantKatie Ledecky makes the NL MVP hold her medals before first pitch.Will Yoenis Cespedes Stay With the Mets?What will Yoenis Cespedes do?
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