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The world has been waiting for this new Patriots scandal since, well, the last Patriots scandal. The world loves Patriots scandals. DeflateGate, aka Ballghazi, aka the best thing for memes since the last best thing for memes. VICKSBURG -- Vicksburg city planners have confirmed the parade to honor Super Bowl XLIX hero Malcolm Butler will be Saturday, Feb. The Bengals defensive lineman has fought for a roster spot while his daughter, Leah, 4, has battled pediatric cancer. Stilla€™s Bengals lost to the New England Patriots Sunday, with Still recording two tackles. During the third quarter of the 43-17 New England win, the Patriots cheerleaders donned No. Cincinnati added the Penn State graduate to its practice squad during the off-season, in part to help him keep insurance to pay for Leaha€™s treatments, but he has since been named to the active roster. Coming into the 2013 NFL season, the Patriots seemed to be short changed with receivers when Wes Welker left for the Denver Broncos. The final stat line for Edelman's 2013 season reads as follows; 105 catches, 1056 yards and 6 touchdowns, all career highs. As he was: Malcolm Butler in his number 7 shirt for the Gators, the Vicksburg High School team.

New car: Malcolm Butler was driven through Disneyland for the traditional ticker tape parade given to Super Bowl winners - and also given Tom Brady's MVP truck.
In action: Malcolm Butler was a defensive back for the Gators in 2008, his senior year, helping the Gators go 9-1 and come within a game of the state championship. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. Proceeds from the sales of Stilla€™s jerseys a€“ nearly $1 million a€“ have benefited the Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center.
Considering that All-Star tightend Rob Gronkowski would be coming off injury and safety blanket pass-catcher Aaron Hernandez was incarcerated, Pats fans instilled their faith in the newcomer Danny Amendola.
He played in every game this season, a feature that has become so much more valuable considering the injuries to Gronk, Amendola, Shane Vereen, Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins.
Malcolm Butler's nephew Kareeme is also determined to do well at football after playing for the Gators and has achieved a football scholarship to Hinds, where his uncle broke through'He had to work for all he's got. Amendola came into the Patriots offense and played really well, but has not been Tom Brady's go to guy. The guy who was dubbed as Wes Welker's 'mini-me' for his similar style play as a slot receiver. Edelman is now one of three Patriots to ever record over 100 catches in a season, joining legends Troy Brown and Wes Welker.

Once looked at as a solid back up to Welker, #11 topped his former mentor in multiple significant stat categories this season including receptions and yards.
All of Edelman's potential has become reality and the future seems bright for this young player. Edelman this season has earned the new nickname as 'Minitron', a play on Calvin Johnson's 'Megatron' nickname, because he has cemented himself as a featured receiver in this offense. He was originally known to be a hard-nosed football player that simply bought into the Patriot way, but now Julian Edelman is so much more than that; he is their X-factor. She would always tell us to stay in school and stop us from hanging about with the wrong crowd. I think that's very noble.'A Donald will also receive a warm welcome at his former workplace.
He mostly worked as a cashier but he made his way up to become a batter fryer.A 'He was always on time, I was really pleased with his work.

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