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The New England Patriot defeated the Baltimore Ravens and earned their ticket to the Super Bowl XLVI in Cincinnati, which means this year we will be seeing Cheerleaders the first squad to come to us are the Patriots Cheerleaders, Meet the girls!! The Patriots Cheerleaders will be showing off the impressive looks and great cheers at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 5th where their team will face either the Giants or the 49ers, hopefully the 49ers since the Giants don’t have a cheerleading squad, but as the time went by I just found out it will be against the NY Giants! So we will have to worry about that later because today we introduce to you the Patriots Cheerleaders, and here they come. From Andover, MA comes Ashley a University of New Hampshire graduate this is her second year as a cheerleader she is a Developmental Specialist in Early Intervention. On their third year comes Kayla, she went to Bridgewater State College and Kelsey from Pawtucket, RI she attends Rhode Island College.

MA she is pursuing a degree with an Organizational Communications minor from the Northeastern University.
Now comes Asia this is her third year with the squad she got her BS in Biology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Lauren second year in the squad she is from Granston, RI and attends at the University of Rhode Island. And did I mention that Darren Rovell from CNBC considered the Patriots Cheerleaders the best cheerleading squad. Another rookie Alexa from Natick, MA she got her major in dance from Dean College in 2010, Amber another rookie from Norwood, MA she is pursuing her major in communications and dance from Massasoit Community College, Bridgewater State University.

From Gilford, NH comes Britni this is her second tear with the Patriots she is pursuing her major in psychology from the University of New Hampshire. She is pursuing her major in Elementary Education with a minor in Political Science from Rhode Island College. Jodi a sexy rookie, this brunette comes from Lincoln, RI she went to Bryant University also a rookie Kathryn from Dalton, Massachusetts.

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