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In Mel Kiper's latest mock draft, his second so far, he projects the Patriots to draft Michigan WR Devin Funchess with the 32nd pick. The Patriots already have two players that are very similar to Funchess' size and skill set in Brandon LaFell and Tim Wright.
Overall, while I think the Patriots will take a shot at a WR at some point in the draft, I don't think it will be here with Funchess. A distinguished small-school college QB, Garoppolo has performed well in a backup role and is also so good-looking that you just can't believe it.
Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the Patriots' season, thrusting backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo into the spotlight. Garoppolo's ability to fill in for the future Hall of Famer could be critical: if the Pats stammer out of the gate in their first four games, their playoff hopes could be in jeopardy. Led Panthers to back-to-back conference championships in junior and senior years, including 8-0 2013 season. But only for cases of emergency, like if Tom's phone is dead and he needs to update her about plans, or if Tom's practice is running late and he can't pick up the kids. With a 6'5" frame packing 230 lbs of muscle, Funchess is a rare package of physical traits in a player that plays WR.

Both are bigger guys, with above average athleticism, that aren't big enough to be a TE, but not fast enough to be a burning WR.
Once the combine comes and goes, his name will likely be brought up more for his athleticism, but in terms of playmaking ability he underwhelms.
A QB with a quick release, Garoppolo played spectacularly at Eastern Illinois and filled in just fine in limited action for Brady as a rookie. But there still are four more weeks of football and, as Patriots fans have learned, things can change quickly.
The Patriots very well could go best player available here, but it needs to be the right fit, not a question mark that doesn't fit the skill set they are lacking on offense.
Here's everything you need to know about Garoppolo, and what that means for the Patriots' success next year. Despite his size, Funchess has the flexibility and athleticism to be a smooth route runner. I don't believe the Patriots liked any of the TEs in last year's draft due to their inconsistent hands, and Funchess is no different at WR. Don't fall for the same thought processes that made teams reach for TEs in last years draft that didn't pan out in similar roles that Funchess would fill.

Along with that size is his ability to bounce off of smaller defenders that lack the size necessary to bring him down. He is a good player, but to be a 1st round pick, he needs to show improvement in his hands and attacking the ball in the air.
Using his experience as a TE and as a WR gives him the comfortability to play inside and out. He is rather underdeveloped and doesn't have the completeness that the Patriots look for at WR.
If he is able to do that, expect a team to reach for him before the Patriots pick, making him landing with the Patriots a long shot at this point in time.

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