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The team was formerly known as the Boston Patriots until they renamed to the New England Patriots in 1971. Since the turn of the century, the Patriots have owned their AFC East division – winning it 11 of the last 14 years. Gillette Stadium has become one of the most well known football stadiums in the United States – largely in part because of the Patriots dominance playing in that stadium.
It is surprising to see that the Patriots only have 4 members who are currently in the NFL Hall of Fame. The Boston Bruins & The Boston Celtics it is only our beloved Patriots that lay claim to all of New England! The New England Patriots face off against the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon as they work their way through the NFC East this season. The Patriots have to be aware of not dismissing the Redskins and looking ahead to the Giants and Buffalo Bills who make for challenging opponents as head coaches Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan have had success against the Patriots in the past.
While seeing mild success in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the team took off in the early 2000s with the hiring of Coach Bill Belichick.

The College football championship is on monday, and we have another great week of NFL football coming up. Having defeated the Tony Romo-less Dallas Cowboys and with Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles and geographical rivals the New York Giants still to come, the Patriots have had to work hard to get ready to face a team they see infrequently. At the end of the month they have the currently undefeated Denver Broncos in Denver to close out November. It has a capacity of just over 68,000 for football, but it also has the capability to transform into a soccer stadium. Everyday for the rest of the week I will be analyzing one of the 4 playoff games that will be played, and making predictions for those games. Louis Rams, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while losing to the Miami Dolphins, the New York Giants, the Atlanta Falcons (in overtime), and the New York Jets. The team is currently a member of the AFC East division along with the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets. The Patriots kick off a nightmare lineup of quarterbacks as the Redskins will face Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Eli Manning, and Tony Romo in the coming weeks.

Coming into the game, the Patriots were undefeated at 18-0, and the Giants ended their quest for the perfect season – winning 17-14.
New England Patriots (-7)Keys For The Ravens:The biggest key for Baltimore will be their ability to utilize Justin Forsett. The Patriots returned to the Super Bowl again in 2011, but once again fell victim to the Giants.
This is the first time in a long time that New England's defense is more talented than the Patriot offense.
If New England shuts down Forsett, they will be in great shapeIf any team is going to beat New England in these playoffs it will be the Ravens.

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