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First, the Bengals lose their star quarterback (Carson Palmer) to retirement, now their big name receiver is Audi 5000 too…. As I said regarding Albert Haynesworth’s addition to the Patriots early this morning, Bill Belichick is not for play, so while Marvin Lewis gave Chad a little rope to be his charismatic self, only time will tell how he will fit in at Foxboro.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Iverson was one of the most beloved stars during his playing days in the NBA.If you hear the name Allen Iverson what is the first thing that pops into your head?From his days at Georgetown we knew that Allen Iverson was destined for greatness, he was a 6'0 guard that had the heart of Lion, The speed and quickness of a cheetah, could score on any and everybody on his way to the lane or from the perimeter.

Iverson would play 2 seasons at Georgetown and help the Hoyas to an Elite 8 apperance during the '95-'96 season.
He won rookie of the year that season, but his time in Philly was full of ups and downs but Iverson being the player that he was made the best of every season in his 10 years there. One of my fondest memories as a sports fan was this move he put on the greatest of all-time Michael Jordan.Allen would become a household name after a couple of seasons in the NBA but still he wanted more as a player and after an MVP season in '00'01 his 5th year in the NBA, he lead an average Sixers team to an NBA Finals appearance were they would take game one after Iverson scored 48, but come up short against one of the most dominant teams of all-time in the Los Angeles Lakers which featured Shaq and Kobe, led by Phil Jackson.
Iverson played with mostly mediocre teams after missing the playoffs twice in a three year stretch, Iverson became frustrated with how things were going in the Sixers organization and demanded a trade which ended with him landing in Denver with young phenom Carmelo Anthony.

His days in Philly were done as he would leave with the highest scoring average in team history (28.1) second in points scored (19,583) and becoming one of Philadelphia's most beloved sports icons. Two of his last three seasons in the NBA were in Detroit and Memphis, before returning home to the Sixers in 2009 and playing his last game of his NBA career in February 2010.

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