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If all of this Charger Girl goodness can’t put you into the holiday spirit, well you must be named Ebenezer Scrooge.
So, let us begin our special holiday coverage of the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS CHARGER GIRLS with the Captains:  Katelyn, Natalie, Ariel, and Kara.
Alexa, a New England Patriots cheerleader, and her teammate Brianna Kounelas are the Miss Septembers in the pep squad’s 2012 swimsuit calendar.
Alexa and Brianna“I have to say, the regular uniform you see on the posters is a favorite,” Alexa told the Track.

Flutie said it was her girlhood dream to be a Pats cheerleader and one day cheer for her dad.
Alexa said she’s not cheering over the fact that the siss-boom-bah squad will be at home Sunday when Tom Brady [stats] & Co. In fact, the Flutie family popped into the Buffalo diner a couple of weeks ago when Doug, wife Laurie and Alexa traveled up to London, Ontario, to watch Alexa’s BF, Everett homey Peter Giannikopoulos, play wide receiver for the University of Western Ontario’s Mustangs. And while Dougie’s daughter said the bathing suit shoot in Aruba in April was a real day at the beach, she’s more of a fan of the pompom gals’ game uniforms than her purple bikini.

Because, as you know, her dad was the Bills’ QB, and she has a few fond memories of Buffalo — especially Doug’s local fave, Uncle Joe’s Diner.

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