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New England Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft recently hosted another Super Bowl ring ceremony at his home in Chestnut Hill last Sunday. The top of the ring displayed Patriots’ Emblem with their four Lombardi trophies representing their four Super Bowl wins in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2014.
Robert Kraft promised a very rich and sweet dessert, and this was when the Super Bowl rings were formally presented. The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX last February 1, 2015 after catching up a 10-point lead by the Atlanta Seahawks in the fourth quarter.
If you want a fun story that everyone can jump on, how about Alex Rodriguez training with Barry Bonds.
Tom Brady will attempt to propel himself to the highest pedestal with a fourth Super Bowl victory.
Before Revis signed with the Pats, he and Sherman had a beef after Sherman was running his mouth.
Rob Gronkowski may go down as the greatest tight end to ever play in the NFL, but perhaps his most endearing quality is that he’s still a middle schooler at heart. Gronkowski returned to the field in a big way Sunday, catching four passes for 86 yards and a touchdown in the Patriots’ 27-6 win over the Houston Texans. Gronkowski wasn’t on the field for his usual load of work Sunday, sitting out on 27 of 69 Patriots offensive plays. Gronkowski, like any bro who’s worth his salt, thinks occurrences of the number 69 are just about the funniest thing ever. Just like watching Gronkowski manhandle overmatched linebackers and defensive backs, the joke never gets old. Boston magazine partnered with The New England Board of Higher Education to teach readers about the vast educational options in the area.
The rings were handcrafted and casted in white gold by Jostens and smothered with 205 diamonds. It also had the player’s number sitting on top of the Gillette Stadium logo and has 01, 03, 04 on the side and 2014 under the logo.
A party ensued after the formalities of the ring ceremony and New England Patriots players and coaches were present.
If LeGarrette Blount (for example) came out in gold cleats, no one would say anything and he’d quietly be fined during the week. With Four championships, two more AFC championships and most playoff records, he would be more accomplished than Joe Montana as a playoff QB. It seemed like just a lot of noise at the time, then Sherman backed it up and Revis wasn’t as elite last season in Tampa after tearing his ACL the previous season.
He led all QBs in rushing this season and uses the read-option as one of his most lethal weapons.

He had his way with the Colts in the AFC Championship game, rushing for 148 yards and three TDs on 30 carries. If the Pats decide to spread out the Seahawks and throw it all night, he could have a monster game. He tends to line up on the left sideline which means he most likely will not have Sherman on him. And if he is at all productive, the Pats will just put a second guy on him and take him away. You’re better off taking a chance on a mid-level WR being covered by an injured Sherman than a healthy Revis. Though Julian Edelman is still out with a broken foot, the Patriots’ offense is nearly back at full strength. We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. On the other side was the logo for Super Bowl XLIX and the final score of the game with 28-24 (left side) and the team’s overall record with 15-4 (right side). The clear-cut two best teams in each conference are facing off for their chance at history.
As we know, the commissioner is always diligent in protecting the integrity of the NFL and only focuses on what really matters. Not the way he plays the game, but his accomplishments and the way he is viewed by the masses. Sherman will be playing with torn ligaments in his elbow and Thomas has a dislocated shoulder.
Darrelle Revis will most likely take away Doug Baldwin and Brandon Browner will be on Jermaine Kearse. Much like Lynch, Blount is a punishing power back and if he can get going in this game, the Seahawks may be in serious trouble. Byron Maxwell is no slouch, however, he is the guy that most teams attack on the outside of the Seahawks’ secondary. While Baldwin is better than all the other Seahawks pass-catchers, he is not better than Revis.
On the top was the team’s signature, “Do Your Job,” noting that when people do their part they can achieve greatness. Let’s be honest, how many people really knew that a football needed to be inflated to at least 12.5 PSI before last week? That must be why he threatened to suspend Lynch from the NFC Championship game for wearing gold cleats.
Both guys are expected to be a full go, nevertheless, the assumption is they will be at least somewhat limited.

The issue is the whole crew just isn’t overly talented, especially compared to the Pats nine-deep secondary. You have to go back to October to find the last time he didn’t catch at least five passes in a game. ESPN reporter Josina Anderson brought up both of those points with Gronkowski postgame, but it’s difficult to determine whether he was paying attention to the questions. They will be taking on a dynasty led by the greatest head coach and quarterback combo in NFL history, and now, they have a defense for the first time in a long time. While Lynch is not the most cooperative player in the league, Goodell’s ego is clearly getting the best of him.
After facing Collins twice this season, Andrew Luck declared him the most underrated defender in the league.
The Legion of Boom will do all that they can to slow down a future Hall of Fame QB and the three time champion Patriots. This is a case of a polarizing team having a seemingly silly “scandal” get blown out of proportion during a time when little else is going on. Now-a-days in our social media age, people would rather be negative than positive so everything is a “scandal”. It will be hard to say anything negative about the young QB if he can add a Super Bowl MVP to his trophy case.
We know he’s great, but on the other hand we also know that Bill Belichick will do all he can to take Lynch away. On the other side of the ball, the newly revitalized Pats’ defense will try to find a way to at least slow down Beast Mode and contain a blossoming young QB in Russell Wilson.
The two top trending things in the world of “sports” this week were DeflateGate and Roman Reigns. If he scores a touchdown, he’s still probably going to grab his crotch and deal with the ramifications.
How tremendous will it be if he wins the MVP and Goodell has to hand him his trophy, then he grabs his crotch and only says one word for the entire interview.
Since the only fantasy leagues left at this point are playoff challenges, we will also let you know who you should roll with.
He is literally capable of saying anything and there is no one I want to see win the MVP more.

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