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Signed in silver marker on both shoes with JSA authentication, this pair of Under Armour cleats was game-used by future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. Carolina began their turnaround in 2013 against the Vikings, and will be looking for a little more of that confidence today. The Minnesota Vikings will trot rookie Teddy Bridgewater out against an improving Panthers’ defense.
The Vikings’ offense is hard to gauge, though Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson have potential to do some damage.
The Vikings pass rush has not been the same since Jared Allen departed, but they are solid at defending the pass.
The prey will look to use its’ frigid environment to turn the tables on the predator. The predator has had two weeks to figure out what is not working, and get it back on track.
The Panthers’ running game has been practically non-existent all year, but does face a team that is vulnerable against the run. Mike Remmers was signed to the practice squad earlier this season, and will get his first start in a Panthers’ uniform. Remmers plays nasty and could be hungry enough to prove that he is a decent offensive tackle.
The Vikings’ running attack is clouded right now due to the injury of Jerick McKinnon.
The rookie-RB was establishing himself as a viable option in the backfield before the injury. Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson have been minimal threats this year, only combining for five total touchdowns between them.

It’s hard with a rookie quarterback to get any kind of continuity, but the Vikings are definitely moving in the right direction. The predator will have to play smart football today and battle the weather conditions in order to pull out a win.
Patriots Rumors: Tom Brady Seeks Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson Trades After Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson Struggle? Aaron Dobson put together a very successful rookie campaign with the New England Patriots last season. Dobson started the year off injured but managed to get on the field for the final preseason game.
According to Shalise Manza Young of the The Boston Globe, Dobson has been riding the bench after "mouthing off" to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Until Dobson returns, the Patriots will continue to scratch their heads at the issues with the team. According to Globe, there is a belief that Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson could be on the team's radar for a mid-season deal.
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Minnesota Preview, Kalil Brothers Facing Off by Bryan PalmeseCarolina Panthers vs Minnesota Vikings Game Recap by W.B.
The wide receiver found himself being an immediate starter after the team lost players like Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez and managed 519 yards and four touchdowns. Things looked hopeful that he could continue the momentum he had coming off his rookie season, but Dobson's stats do not read as such.

The wide receiver has been inactive for the past two games despite looking healthy at practice. Certainly the offensive line and run game are to blame while Tom Brady has not looked his usual elite self either. Making marquee deals in the middle of the season is 100 percent out of Bill Belichick's nature, but the offense needs something and that might be it. Considering the overall weaknesses of the Patriots' offense last season, that was considered a success. There is no word on what the receiver's status is heading into Week 5, but there is no doubt that the Patriots are in desperate need of him. The quarterback believes New England simply does not have the talent to be a high-flying unit this year. If the Patriots remain in contention when the trading period begins, New England could make some calls. However, this year Dobson has barely been seen on the field and as the Patriots offense once again struggles to get started, many fans are wondering where he has been.
He could be the best downfield target on the roster which is a huge weakness for the Patriots at the moment.
If the two can mend their issues and Dobson returns to the field, it might give the offense the jumpstart it needs. Both receivers would give Brady that elite target he believes the offense is lacking at the moment.

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